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Privacy Policy

See also 118Wiki:General disclaimer

Information you share with us, such as email addresses and instant messaging nicknames and information shared by you directly or indirectly via any part of the Starbase 118 website including the 118 Wiki may be stored and made available to other members (some or all) on the understanding that this information is not abused. No liability is assumed for the actions of any member or members, though we may take action if we believe these terms have been violated. While Starbase 118 adheres to strict legal, physical, and technological guidelines to protect your information, please keep in mind that no method of online information transmission is completely safe.

Starbase 118 will not disclose information submitted by you for any reason other than the purpose of the site and in the normal operation of stated business. This means that we will not sell or trade your information and we strictly prohibit members from sending unsolicited mailings (spam). Mailings of this nature can include, but are not limited to the advertisement of other RPG games or services, any advertisement in any form, or the dissemination of obscene or illegal information or materials.

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