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How do I get my wiki account?

Your wiki account will be created by your ship's staff (CO or FO). You should receive your account within 72 hours of being placed on your ship. Check your spam/junk email folder if you don't see your login information.

How do I create a sandbox or subpage?

  1. Go to your user page and click edit
  2. Add a link on the page like this: [[/sandbox]]
  3. Preview the page and click on the link, or save the page and then click the link.

How do I upload an image?

There are two ways to upload an image on the wiki. The first and foremost is to head to the Upload file link found under "Tools" in the wiki sidebar. Follow the prompts, and your image will be uploaded.

The second involves leaving a file link on a page. So, for example, if you wanted to upload File:FAQ-images.jpg, you would leave [[File:FAQ-images.jpg]] on your page. Click the redlink, and you will be taken to the same upload page as listed above — but this time, some of the file details, such as the file's name, will already be input for you. Return to your page, and your file should be where you left your image code. Please note that if your new image doesn't appear to have uploaded, and you did not receive an error message, you may need to clear your browser cache, to reflect an uploaded or re-uploaded image. Give the wiki some time before attempting to upload again.