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The purpose of our Wiki is to give the members of UFOP a collaborative space where they can create and learn about our universe. This is different than the "TrekWiki" in the works by UFOP: StarBase 118, as "TrekWiki" is used to collect an encylopedia of information on Star Trek's Canon Universe. 118Wiki is a place where the StarBase 118 Universe is compiled.

The difference between the "Main" UFOP website and 118Wiki is that the main website is in a state of change. There are plans for a complete site overhaul by August of 2004, which means that we're loathe to really continue creating and updating pages we're going to have to change real soon. In the interim, 118Wiki functions as a place where we can collect and refine information that will eventually make it to the site.

118Wiki aims to be comprehensive but not redundant, meaning that we want 118Wiki to cover as MANY things as possible, but we DON'T want it to cover things already on our main website.