103 (Amity)

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  • Stardate 239812-239901

<Shore leave summary>

Mission After-Effects

The end of the Providence mission had included the Halwat's Rite of Trust. a ceremony that included drinking Angel's milk as a new friendship and connection was formed. Ikaia Wong and John Carter both participated in the ritual on behalf of Starfleet and the Diplomatic Corps, and while there were no lasting effects for Carter, Wong had less luck as a headache and misery stuck with him for the beginning of shore leave.[1] Reasoning between both men participating in the ritual was originally caused by Wong's wish to participate himself rather than let his Commander be at risk initially.[2] The disagreement was professionally addressed by Carter during a quiet stroll, although both men (while not admitting) still held firm to their decisions.[3] Shortly after, Ikaia Wong paid a visit to Counsellor Katy Toliver. After handing over some referrals, he eventually opened up about his regret and self-deprecation of what felt like a failure of command. Toliver understood and sympathised with Ikaia, but she stuck for both sides of the situation.[4]

2260 Match Making

Lieutenant Wong was most definetly running a training program when Keehani Ukinix entered the holodeck, greeted by the Lieutenant falling to the ground nearby with a thud.[5] After being ensured that the program running was definetly a traning program and definetly not something Wong was doing for fun, Keehani decided to join in, ever so casually directing the program from a great escape to a water balloon fight via horrible flirting and Amity's CMO giving up on trying to fix what the "training program" had become.[6] Unfortunately, the program wanted a phaser fight rather than a balloon fight, but after Keehani's ingenious edits to the main antagonist "Amy Pearson" (notably making them "Andrew Pearson") the problems were solved, and Ikaia got a date in the process - one that continues throughout 2398.[7]