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'Ordering' History (USS Eagle)



The USS Eagle assists the Cardassian Democratic Union recover an artifact.

Important Characters

  • Gul Simor - Commander of the CDS Efri
  • Sotia Dano - Lead Archeologist on Edrov VII.3

Plot Summary

Part 1

The Cardassian Democratic Union has a problem. An artifact was discovered 25 years ago on the third M-class moon orbiting Edrov VII, a Jupiter-like gas giant in the Edrov system. The USS Eagle, on orders from Starfleet, has been dispatched to help retrieve the artifact believed to be sought by the now supposedly defunct Obsidian Order. Lieutenant Junior Grade Kayla Drex and Ensign Quentin Collins have found an unusual energy pulse being directed from the third moon to the core of the gas giant. What this means, is anyone's guess as information about the artifact was sparse and vague. What will the crew of the Eagle find and what will it mean for the Aavaro Wilds, the Federation, and the Cardassian Democratic Union?

Part 2

Upon arrival in the Edrov system, the USS Eagle encountered an unusual relationship between Edrov VII and its third moon. A beam was connecting the two bodies, emitting a strange energy signature that appeared to be temporal in nature, causing a storm on the gas giant to shrink in size. This beam was pinpointed to a pyramid like structure and an away team consisting of Lt. Commander Pavlova, Doctor Shar'Wyn Foster, Lt. Junior Grade Hal Mika, Lt. Commander Randal Shayne, Lt. Prudence Blackwell, and Ensign Quentin Collins to investigate. A Cardassian Galor class ship, the CDS Efri, soon appeared and an uneasy tension permeated the interactions between the two ships. Coinciding with the appearance of the Efri, the beam seemed to weaken, causing the atmosphere on the moon to start to deplete. Lt. Junior Grade Kayla Drex, Ensign Chloe Waters, and Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn are attempting to piece together what is causing this and to acertain whether the Efri had anything to do with the sudden change in the beam.

On the moon, the away team encountered the lead archeologist, Soita Dano, whose team has been on the moon, studying the structure and the beam. However, it was learned that there is a time difference beten them and the orbiting ships, in that the Cardassian team believes only a month has passed when indeed 25 years had passed and they were looking for an artifact called 'The Heart'. When the beam's intensity weakened, powerful changes in the atmosphere caused the away team to retreat towards the structure. Lt. Junior Grade Hal Mika Had gotten injured in a fall as they climbed up the interior of the structure. Could the artifact called the Heart be the source of the beam?

Part 3

Tensions between the Efri and the Eagle continue to rise as the beam kept firing at the planet. The shuttle Condor was dispatched ostensibly to scan the chroniton beam, but actually to make contact with the away team and retrieve the Heart from under the Cardassian's nose. However, as the Condor drew near the moon, it was apparently targeted by the Heart, almost destroying it, and sending the Eagle 141 years into the past. The Efri, not wanting to be sent to the past with the Eagle, abandoned their own scientific team along with the Federation team and fled the system. The Condor, however, did manage to land and retrieve the away team, with Lt. Commander Pavlova managing to retrieve the Heart, which they then used to open a rift to the past and bring the Eagle back to the present. With both ships damaged, and a few personnel needing Doctor Foster's attention, the Eagle proceeds to a place in a region called The Spike and Lightside Station for some needed R&R.