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Player Characters (PCs)


Having enjoyed the life of a Betazoid socialite, Rivi takes on the challenges that come with being Chief of Mission for Amity Outpost.
Growing up, Roshanara dreamt of reaching out to the stars above, a dream for which she has worked tirelessly and sacrificed much to achieve. Yet does her destiny lie elsewhere?


Having spent the last few years amid the daily routine of a starbase, Zhou Tai-Sheng heads back to a starship looking for adventure.
Hardened by his experiences from the Dominion War and a life on the front lines, Joseph faces his greatest challenge when he's reassigned to Starfleet's Invicta Expedition, a supposed return to Starfleet's exploratory roots to renew the Federation's soul and perhaps his own.
A former resistance fighter who survived the Vaadwaur Occupation, Msafiri never forgave those in command whom he felt had acted cowardly and left others to die. Now as he dons the red collar, he learns the true courage necessary to lead.
Eitan, a Dominion War veteran and career Marine officer, returns to deep space duty, away from his family and the safety of home.
Charlie, a young physician, reports to his new assignment, only to suddenly find himself as its new CMO. With the position comes a host of new challenges as a department head, leader, and mentor.
The death of Veralise Jessop early in his Starfleet career haunts Zhou as he continues to deal with the separation from his wife Yasmin.

Personal Non-Player Characters (PNPCs)


My first NPC whom I later adopted into a PNPC.
  • Maravosh: A Risian pilot previously stationed on Starbase 301 and close friend of Zhou Tai-Sheng.
  • Dre'lith Chaun: An Andorian helmsman who needs to learn some new pick up lines.
  • Reez: A Denobulan engineer, whose life was saved by Roshanara Rahman during an accident aboard the USS Tempest.
  • Lidia Ivanova: A human security officer and a close friend of Tenzin Zhou.
She was previously posted to the USS Pioneer. In a message to Zhou, she mentions meeting a "kid doctor" aboard that vessel who later is revealed to be Charles Sampi.
  • Xio: A Rodulan engineer.
  • Javier Montanez: A decorated human engineer working at Starfleet R&D who served as chief engineer of the USS Tempest during the accident in 2383.

Retired/Inactive Starfleet PNPCs

Ayelet tries to return to a normal life in the aftermath of the Vaadwaur Occupation, but her greatest struggles lie ahead.
  • Graham MacNeil: A human assistant chief engineer of the USS Mercury, killed in action in 2389.
  • Pok: A Ferengi medical student who completed a clinical rotation aboard the USS Tiger-A.
  • Grishols Mol: A seasoned physician and observer from Starfleet Medical. He was sent to evaluate Charles Sampi.
  • Veralise Jessop: A human medic who was killed in action in 2387.
My first PNPC (and the first character I killed off).


Yasmin holds the distinction of having my first sim written in the first person voice: "Prelude to a New Chapter"
Reza holds the distinction of having the second: "The Face of Treason"
  • J. Cowens: A human professor and astrophysicist aboard the USS Mercury, on sabbatical from the Orion Institute of Cosmology.
  • Pasht-Nos: An Orion who served as first officer of the FTU K'Tarkin.
  • Peress Dolsan: A Romulan scientist and refugee on Bilire VI.
  • Ivorsk Ketas: A (not quite) retired Romulan Tal Shiar agent on Bilire VI.
  • Eres: A Bajoran freedom fighter/terrorist and member of the Scarlet Brotherhood.
  • Ayelet: An odd human woman from the Mirror Universe.
  • Efili: An AI of unknown origin running loose within the Mercury's computer. It uses an Arkenite crewman as its holographic avatar.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Though I created the following NPCs, I highly encourage other writers to use them in their SIMs as they wish and to expand on their back stories and characterizations.

  • Renia Lenai: A Haliian research assistant aboard the USS Mercury.
  • Faryul Nishal: The Bajoran head nurse of the USS Tiger-A.
  • Karaav: The EMH aboard the USS Independence-A and USS Tiger-A.
  • Durrell Taylor: A human engineer and friend of Danielle Vistain.
  • Mitul Shah: A veteran human nurse in his late 40s.
  • Bhavin Vyas: Another human engineer.
  • Franklin Hsu: A human security officer.

Notable Mission-Specific Personal Non-Player Characters (MSPNPCs)

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