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Training Team

Academy Commandant

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The Training Team is responsible for training all new applicants to prepare them to be posted to a ship within our fleet. The team is further subdivided into two divisions: Operations and Admin.

  • Training Operations conducts the actual training groups.
  • Training Admin deals with approval of applications, processing of cadets after training, and the posting of ensigns to our fleet.

Members of Training Ops can proceed to the team member's website.

Why should I participate in the training program?

Training officers are on the track to command with our group. The two primary goals of acting as a training officer are:

  • Assist the program by bringing your enthusiasm and experience to training groups, and helping to foster new officers into our fleet;
  • Complete the requirements of Bylaw 2 to become an officer of Commander rank.

What does a training officer do?

Upon acceptance to training, officers will be posted to the training officer Yahoo! Group list. This list is used to request training officers for upcoming classes, and to discuss issues related to training. All training officers must be subscribed to this list.

All officers are required to ghost two training classes that are led by an experienced trainer. “Ghosting” is simply watching the list, and reading all the sims. This allows you to re-familiarize yourself with the training process. (An experienced trainer is considered to be an officer who has trained more than two classes on their own.)

After completing the ghosting requirement, officers are required to assist an experienced officer with an incoming cadet class by acting as their First Officer for the duration of the class. This means posting all Training Tutorials to the list and simming in the position of First Officer during the mission. ALL training officers are required to sim a minimum of five times during the seven day period that training will last.

After assisting an experienced officer, the Novice trainer will take a cadet class with an experienced officer assisting. The Novice will conduct the class as commanding officer. As the class CO, the officer introduces themselves, and the FO of the session. The CO begins the class, introduces the cadets to simming, and gets the ball rolling. From there, the CO answers the questions of cadets, sims on a regular basis, moderates the actions of the cadets, and the completes the training program by submitting the end-of-session paperwork to request placement for cadets in the fleet.

Training Officer Requirements

  • General Prerequisites
    • Attained the rank of Lt. Commander (we sometimes accept Lieutenants who sim exceptionally well and have shown strong OOC abilities);
    • Been an active simmer for at least 120 days since graduating from the academy;
    • Demonstrated good simming ability with good spelling and grammar skills;
    • Demonstrate budding (or developed!) leadership skills;
    • Demonstrated the ability to interact with others responsibly and communicate effectively;
    • Full time aboard primary ship/installation, and additionally able to sim full time (3 per week) over the course of a training session;
    • Interested in advancing to the rank of Commander;
    • Desire to bring more new blood to our group.
  • Requirements for Lieutenants
    • Submission (by your CO) of an example of your simming ability;
    • Certification statement that you are prepared for this responsibility.
  • Requirements for Lieutenant Commanders
    • Request from your commanding officer.

How do I get started?

Contact your captain and ask them to use our Request Form to submit your information to the Academy Commandant. He or she is aware of the process and should know the location of the form. E-mail-only requests will not be honored.

What happens once I'm done?

Once the trainer has completed their training requirement, the Academy Commandant will e-mail the Captains Council and notify them that the officer has met their training obligation. This information will also be added to the admin notes in their permanent record with the group.

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