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Lieutenant Commander Theo M. Whittaker

Starbase 118 Operations
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Theo Whittaker
Position First Officer
Rank Lt. Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236610.18
Age 27
Birthplace Tucker's Landing, Archer IV
Featured Bio of StarBase 118
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SOTFA Ship Commendation
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Gilora Jemet
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Theo Michaelangelo Whittaker is a Terran Starfleet officer, currently serving as the First Officer aboard Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Columbia, which he had previously served on as Chief Engineer.

Basic Information

Whittaker Mannor, Theo's childhood home.


  • Height: 5ft 7in (1.7M).
  • Weight: 150lbs (60kgs).
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Build: Toned
  • Face: Typically serious, but relaxed when off duty.
  • Eyes: Bright, have been known to cast withering glances
  • Mouth: Prone to smiling when off duty and/or around friends. Tendency to bite his lower lip when working on a problem
  • Carriage: Walks with a stiff sense of purpose
  • Poses: Places one hand on his hip if he stood listening to somebody/working on a problem
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Smart-casual. Shirts/waistcoats/polo-shirt teamed with casual trousers and shoes. When visiting tropical locations (usually on the holodeck) will go shirtless and wears knee length denim shorts
  • Shoes: Typically well polished Starfleet issue boots. Off duty he is usually barefoot when in his quarters but when he is socialising he typically wears comfortable shoes such as laced plimsolls or espadrilles.
  • Voice: Well spoken and eloquent English aristocratic accent. Usually non confrontational, but can add a steel to his voice in situations requiring it (disciplinary, hostile events etc)
  • Handedness: Right.

Tucker’s Landing, Archer IV: Theo’s home city.
  • Quarters: Theo's Quarters Extremely neat and tidy, books alphabetised by author. Engineering projects can usually be found on cabinet surfaces/desks but always in an orderly fashion. Grooming products kept on the left side of the sink while towels and flannels kept on the right hand side. Bedsheets changed once a week without fail and clothes are stored in drawers, broken down into categories (shirts, t-shirt, trousers etc)
  • Favorite Room:
    • His apartment
  • Habits: Places a single hand on a hip while he is listening to somebody speak, smiling. Making wry or sarcastic comments when a situation calls for it.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Used to hike as a teenager and at the academy where possible. Has a hiking programme in Columbia's holographic database although this is rarely used. He enjoys classic Earth literature as well. Expressed an interest in swimming. He is also known for his personal engineering projects carries out in his spare time
  • Likes: Food and drink (especially cocktails), classic Earth literature, art, technology, music, fashion and holography.
  • Dislikes: Discussing his painful childhood, not being shown the respect that he has earned.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Attaining Chief Engineer's position (achieved four months into his service aboard USS Columbia), making his late father proud despite his disapproval of Theo's career choice.
  • Achievements in Life: Becoming Chief Engineer, forging interpersonal relationships at the academy and aboard the Columbia after struggling as a teenager, making first contact with a previously unknown lifeform on his first mission out of the Academy ("Between the Rock and a Hard Place")
  • Disappointments in Life: His strained relationship with his father which led to a four year estrangement that was not resolved at the time of his father's passing.
Theo's quarters on the USS Columbia were always fastidiously tidy.
  • Temperment: Calm and collected, although prone to over thinking and introspection when dealing with issues of a personal nature
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Following an assault at the hands of a being claiming to be a Iconian, he finds himself startled and jumpy in unexpected situations (such as people speaking behind him when he was unaware they were there or loud, unexpected noises) ("Paved with Good Intentions")
  • Physical Limitations: Although not a limitation in the strictest sense, Theo views his small stature (for a human male) to be a personal handicap and he often suffers 'height envy'.


Josiah Whittaker.
Captain Madeline Whittaker.
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Josiah Bartholemew Whittaker (dean of Tucker's Landing University, Archer IV - deceased)
    • Mother: Madeline Christina Whittaker (neé Lawson) (Commanding Officer, USS Orb Of Prophecy)
  • Siblings: None

Personal History
Born on October 18th 2369 in the city of Tucker's Landing on the Federation colony world Archer IV, Theo was the only child of Josiah and Madeline Whittaker; an academic and a Starfleet officer. Due to her career with Starfleet, Theo was largely raised by his father who was determined that his son would uphold the ancient Whittaker family's tradition of a life in academia.
Theo relaxes at a holographic beach party organised by Antero Flynn in 2392.
However Theo, not wanting this life and inheriting his mother's rebellious streak, spent much of his childhood and teenage years fighting against what was expected of him. Often disappearing into the nearby mountains or the tunnels beneath the manor house in which he grew up in, he continually defied his father- culminating in his decision follow his mother into Starfleet when he was sixteen. Seeing this as a personal betrayal and a complete disregard for the family Josiah disowned his son and sent him to live with his mother aboard the starship Sparrow. This estrangement was never resolved when Josiah contracted and succumbed to Meenok's Disease when Theo was 20 and in his second year of Starfleet Academy.

As a child, Theo learnt about Starfleet history and recalled later during his first assignment with Starbase 118 Ops how learning about James T. Kirk defeated a Klingon Bird-Of-Prey that could fire while cloaked. The idea that such technology existed gave him nightmares of being stalked by a silent and invisible enemy for months. They only ceased when his mother took him to see her CMO aboard the Starship Sparrow who was an expert in sleep therapy. The nightmares returned following the events of the Battle of The Bassen Rift in late 2379. Once again undergoing sleep therapy, it was due to this that Theo made the decision to apply for the academy when he was of age to help combat such technology.

Because of his troubled background, Theo was never popular with his peers and while his social skills were well developed, he struggled to make friends. Complicating matters further was his significant interest in technology- brought on by the relative lack of 24th century comforts within his house. This led to those his own age seeing him as being a loner and 'geeky'. At the Academy, however, he found himself surrounded by like minded people from all across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and he began to forge interpersonal relationships for the first time. When his father passed away, he struggled to deal with his guilt at never repairing their fractured relationship. He was referred to counselling staff and while he made progress, he has never been able to fully come to terms with his father's passing.

Undoubtedly it was his assignment to the USS Columbia that has led to the greatest personal change in Theo. He found his confidence growing as he was given important responsibilities and found a good friend in fellow engineer and academy graduate Nuvia Oori who quickly became a willing confidant for him.

Theo is omnisexual, meaning that is attracted to individuals rather a specific species or genders. Prior to his assignment to Starbase 118 Ops he dated the Columbia's helmsman Antero Flynn and is presently in a relationship with Mission Specialist Baylen Anders.

He is also noted for his love of an old Terran cocktail known as 'The Cosomopolitan' (or 'Cosmo' for shiort) as well a penchant for red wine. He once commented to Baylen Anders that he was descended from British ancestors and they knew how to drink without getting drunk. At a housewarming party he threw after moving to Starbase 118's Commercial Sector, most of the gifts he received involved alcohol.

Professional History

The Nebula-Class USS Columbia, Theo's first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy.
Following his final academy exam (over seen by Lieutenant Commander's Tyler Kelly and Sal Taybrim) he was assigned to the Columbia as an Engineering Officer. During this period he served under Captain Ben Livingston and Commander Brek and was involved with the Prometheus Incident on two seperate occasions as well as dealing with both the Romulan Republic and Romulan Star Empire amongst others.

Following the decommisioning of the Columbia, Theo was transferred to Starbase 118 Operations and was involved in the following missions:

Starbase 118: Theo's current assignment where he serves as Executive Officer.

Dish Served Cold: Several weeks after the decommisioning of the USS Columbia, Theo was assigned to Starbase 118 Operations as its Chief Engineer. After reporting in with Acting CO Commander Sal Taybrim, he barely had time to get some rest before he was called to the report to the USS Albion to assist in the efforts to stop Captain Haz Arrhimen, the crazed Captain of the USS Stormcrow from launching an attack against the Imperial Romulan colony world of Valdis. Arrhimen's brother had been killed by Romulan terrorists who attacked Starbase 118 and the freighter SS Annabelle's Lament. After securing the Albion for an expedited departure, Theo reported to sickbay for a physical and then sought out Taybrim for more orders. He visited Engineering Laboratory 6 where he met fellow engineer Lieutenant JG Cadfael Peters as the Albion entered the Valdis system's dense asteroid field. Shortly afterwards, Albion was attacked by the Stormcrow in a vicious assault. Although Stormcrow was destroyed, Albion had already suffered extensive damage. Baylen Anders called him to the torpedo control room to diffuse an overloading torpedo, that failed to explode. A plasma fire broke out shortly afterwards and Theo and Anders had to escape by crawling through the underspace of the torpedo room. Following their escape, the two officers made it to the bridge- after Theo applied makeshift bandages to Anders' hands- where they soon discovered a bio hazard contaminent was airborne on Decks 1-4. He then joined Anders again to make modifications to the deflector array to allow them to locate a cloaked Romulan ship. He was present on the bridge when the warbird was uncovered and then left the area.

Tribble & Strife: As Operations' Executive Officer, Theo was required to attend the innaugral dinner of the Tribble Fanciers Association's commencement dinner due to the station hosting the annual convention. Uncomfortable, largely due to his aversion to the Starfleet dress uniform and because he knew nothing about tribbles, events took a turn for the worse when the key note speaker collapsed on stage having been knocked out and poisoned by a modified tribble. Shortly after unsterilised- and undetectable- tribbles began to breed, requiring the station's convention centre to be quarantined. Theo remained on site to co-ordinate, and witnessed somebody fleeing from the scene but he could not identify who it was. During the course of the evening he revealed to Commander Taybrim that he was dating Lieutenant Commander Anders and had an unexpected and fleeting reunion with best friend, Mirra Ezo. Once the quarantine was lifted due to the arrival of probes designed to home in on the purr of the tribbles, Theo proceeded to co-ordinate the evacuation of Deck 1075 with security officers Rocko and Anderson, selling to the civilians living there as an unscheduled drill.

All Time High: When Boris Malinov, who fled the station after the release of his weaponized tribbles with the help of Madame Lurtz, is found dead on Tilanna V, the crew of Operations are tasked with assisting with a beleaguered and disillusioned police officer in a murder investigation as well as helping to stop the flow of a powerful narcotic call All Time High. Theo is tasked with leading an away team to the planet and, after making sure preparations for the journey are complete, is present when the Starship Aegis departs the station. He adopts the identity of a young police officer called James Deveraux since Starfleet officers are not trusted on the planet and works with the newly promoted Police Commisionner Gilora Jemet. The investigation leads the away team to a club called The Factory where Malinov was seen in the hours before his murder. There he meets an alluring Orion woman who attempts to decieve him using her pheremones although he eventually sees through it and begins to interrogate the woman. A firefight between her lackeys- working for the Jenatris Confederation- ensues and Theo has to take several lives. He is also present when the woman is shot dead by the partner of Jemet, who also murdered Malinov. He is then returned to the Aegis where he finds it difficult to process recent events. He is also surprised when Baylen returns with a six year old boy- Mase Parker- and then announces he will foster him until his next of kin can be found (Mase's person were recently killed in an explosion).

Once More, With Feeling: Sal throws Baylen a surprise party for his birthday on one of the station's many holodecks. The programme is a recreation of the Starship Armstrong at the turn of the 24th century. Theo signs on to play the role of the ship's Chief Engineer. Within moments they are thrust into Klingon space in a time when a Federation starship inside Imperial borders is seen as an act of war. Theo detects a surge of neutron radiation- a tell tale sign of a cloaked ship- and suggests that the Klingon's may have been experimenting with tele-capture technology which results. He quickly jury rigs the navigational deflector to emit an ionic pulse which would disable any cloaked vessels nearby and then proposes the idea to 'Captain Anders'. Theo is subsequently intoxicated by an aerosolised form of Golden Dew and begins to sing spontaneously. As the effects of the Golden Dew wears off, Theo begins to suffer the effects of a hangover, although he works through them to suggest that they rewrite the errant holodeck program so they can reactive the holodeck program and does so with the help of new engineering officer Carter Greyson. Eventually the program is shut down and he is present when Chennel materialises on the holodeck to warn the crew not to interfere with her operations. After she disappears, Theo is put is in charge of a team to work out what happened Lieutenant Trellis Vondaryan, who did not materialise with the rest of them once the program ended. They realise he has been somehow phased slightly out of normal vision and Ensign Greyson finds an old log from the Enterprise-D and works with the other members of team to implement it- while Theo feels out of sorts, since he is used to being in the thick of it and not delegating. Once Vondaryan is phased back, Theo is then tasked with investigating a goth club in The Dungeon with the newly arrived tactical officer Lieutenant Diego Beyett, a former shipmate from the Columbia. They are refused entry by the bouncer and are forced to make a covert entrance via a malfunctioning ventilation shaft, where Theo expresses his distaste with goth music. The two meet up with Lieutenant's Trel'lis and Zinna as well as Marine Captain Raymond Hughes and discover a hidden access tunnel to an unmarked area of the station known as 'The Below'. Shortly after, they encounter a Pelian who traps them in a slaver's courtyard, where the weapons emplacements kill Hughes. After disabling them via an overloaded phaser, Theo captures the Pelian again. Returning to the now abandonned goth club, he has to stop Major Tatash from acting rashly to avenge Hughes.

The Show Must Go On: Theo expresses excitement at the prospect of Lady Shadonna- his favourite singer- performing on the station and arranges for most of the senior staff to attend the concert with him. When Shadonna's transport breaks down on the independent world of New Scotland, Taybrim orders Theo to lead an away team to bring the diva to the station. Arriving at the New Scotland colony, the XO is dismayed to realise that reports of her diva-like behaviour have not been exaggerated. Shortly afterwards, the away team, Shadonna and her manager- Basil Hobbs- are attacked by Orions using a Ferengi vessel and are knocked out by a boarding party. Coming to, Theo quickly makes sure that everyone is alright and when the leaders of the Orions suggest torturing the Lady Shadonna, he nobly volunteers himself instead. He is tortured repeatedly by an Orion woman known as Yillara Khante, who he deliberately provokes and calls a 'second rate Chennel'. Despite his agony, he manages to break free thanks to rusted pipe and regroups with his away team- who have also managed to escape. They eventually end up in the Krayvet's computer core, where Theo assigns Ensign Taelon to sabotage the ship as much as he can. During a firefight with the Orions, he is injured further and witnesses Lieutenant Commander Kaitlyn Falcon killing Khante in a bloody and brutal fight between the two women. He has to force himself past his injuries to remain conscious- finally suucumbing to them after they are rescued by a team led by Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan. He comes to in the USS Albion's sickbay several hours later where it becomes obvious that he is struggling to come terms with what has happened. In a conversation with Captain Taybrim, he expresses his desire to the resign from Starfleet life- but agrees to hold off on a final decision until he has thought it through with a clearer head. To make matters worse, upon returning to the station- Theo discovers Baylen has terminated their relationship and has taken Mase to raised on Risa, believing Starbase 118 to be too dangerous. After embarking on a wild night out with Mirra Ezo, Tatash and Lady Shadonna as a knee-jerk response, Theo visits T'Sai Reyes- a member of the station's counseling staff- for advice on how to deal with his problems.

Dig Two Graves: Theo reports to the Albion as First Officer-putting aside his doubts on the future of his career. He learns that Haz Arrihman has captured a Romulan warbird and is launching attacks on Klingon border worlds in the hopes of triggering an instellar war between the empire and the fractured Romulans. He is assigned to work with Valdar Sorna, Ziron Antraydin to ready the engineering and science departments and subsequently orders a two pronged plan to detect Arrihman's warbird in and out of warp. The battle with Arrihmen is brutal, the starship Avalon is destroyed almost instantly and Albion suffers extensive damage, which requires Theo take over the engineering repair efforts. He and Antraydin put out an electrical fire in the torpedo control room before he works with Taelon to modify torpedoes to ignite the Jenatris Cloud. He oversees the evacuation of Main Engineering and is the only officer left in the room when the shockwave rips apart the secondary hull. He narrowly escapes death yet again and then has to eject the core when a core breach begins before assisting Taybrim into activating the self destruct system. Theo watches the Albion's destruction from a Klingon battlecruiser on which returns to Starbase 118 on but not before personally meeting a Councillor of the High Council and attending the Klingon equivalent of a wake. Several days later he is overjoyed to discover that Starfleet have assigned the USS Columbia as a replacement for the Albion. He also confides in Ensign Aitas that his doubts over his career were unfounded and felt as though he belonged with Ops.

Theo is stunned and elated to find that Starfleet have assigned the USS Columbia to Starbase 118 to replace the lost Albion and then joins the crew on a trip to Raskor I to confront Commodore Allan Kinney with whom they clashed a number of times. En route Theo discovers that the Commodore has been spreading lies about them- with him calling Theo a 'hyperactive child'. When they beam down to Raskor, Theo is tasked with investigating and proving a link between Kinney and a known Orion Syndicate boss known as Nacien Rixx. On his away team is newly assigned Doctor Phrik, with whom Theo has clashed with. Members of the away team are given intelligence by an undercover Starfleet Intelligence agent before being arrested for a bar fight triggered by grieving relatives of the USS Avalon. They are shortly released, after an assassination attempt on the Commodore. Theo returns to the Columbia, just in time to greet Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti who has been assigned to Starbase 118. Once Taybrim gets a confession out of Kinney, Theo joins his shipmates on shoreleave at a private Raskorian resort.

Terminal Velocity: In early 2394,a freighter is destroyed after faulty engine parts were purchased from traders linked to the Jenatris Tri-Star Racing Confederation (who are believed to be another front for the Orion Syndicate) and the crew are assigned to go undercover to trace the faulty parts to their source to prevent anymore lost freighters. Theo is assigned to command the Columbia and remain in contact with the ground teams, led by Captain Taybrim. Theo objects to the idea of his CO placing himself in danger, but his objections are overruled. Columbia conceals itself within the Azaris Nebula, which masks it from prying sensors. However, the ship then receives a distress call from a striken Klingon battlecruiser which has ran into trouble in a nearby star system. Aware that regulations mandate that a ship must respond to any distress call, Theo orders the ship to render aid, but is extremely suspicious given that the Klingon ship is apparently in a system flooded with a kind of radiation that renders Columbia's sensors virtually unuseable. Arriving at the source of the distress call, Columbia discovers that a derelict Klingon freighter is emitting the radiation and they are attacked by three Orion vessels. They disable two while one makes their escape. Theo then learns of a mole aboard the Columbia who may have compromised the mission, who escapes from sickbay, causing the XO to lead a team to apprehend him. Theo convinces the mole to come in quietly, but refuses to guarantee a request for political asylum, assigning the interrogation to Major Dal and Counsellor T'Sai Reyes. When the mole- revealed to be a Romulan operative called Dhiov is murdered by a second infiltrator- who is also killed due to his use of experimental and dangerous technology, Theo orders the ship back to Geneva VI. In order to get there as quickly as possible, he orders the Nebula-class ship to drop out of warp within the atmosphere, and is assisted by a new science officer, Ensign Thaddeus Peril. At the conclusion of the mission, he asks Chief of Science Lieutenant Taelon on a date, having developed feelings for him.

The Edge Of Glory: Theo is placed in temporary command of Starbase 118 when Captain Taybrim and Major Tatash are called to testify against Renzon, one of the suspects from the previous mission, at the Embassy of Raskor I. Three weeks later, he discovers that the station will be hit by an unusually powerful neutronic storm and that its civilian population and most of the Starfleet contingent will need to be evacuated. He and the senior staff are also tasked with studying the storm while inside it and to play host to a group of scientists. The evacuation goes off without a hitch and all the remaining crew are inoculated against the radiolytic isotapes inside the storm, Theo included. Three hours after the station is 'swallowed' by the storm, he discovers an undamaged Orion dreadnought riding in the storm currents. The crew do not have time to respond before they are boarded by a team of pirates led by Chennel. She claims the station for herself, but thanks to Lieutenant Aitas's quick thinking, the senior staff are beamed from The Hub into an Industrial Refrigerated Unit in the Commercial Sector. Once they escape, Theo splits the staff into group, instructing them to begin foiling Chennel's attempt to control the station. He tells Major Ishreth Dal and Lieutenant Commander Trel'lis that they will attempt to buy some time and attempt to negociate with the self styled pirate queen. Using the Commercial's Sector subway station to evade capture, the trio are almost killed when Chennel activates one of the maglev trams and attempts to run them over. Making for Theo's apartment where he plans to use it's holographic communicator, they are foiled again when his apartment is destroyed in a powerful explosion- Chennel already foreseeing what he was going to do.

Personal Relationships

Josiah Whittaker : Perhaps the most defining relationship of Theo's life is the frought and complex one with his father. A staunch traditionalist, Josiah Whittaker intended for his children to follow him into a life of academia as had 19 generations of Whittaker's before him. Being the main caregiver for the infant Theo while his mother served in Starfleet, Josiah had Theo accepted into all the best schools and was relentles in his education. What he had not counted on was Theo inheriting his mother's rebellious nature. He did not want to follow in his father's footsteps and as a result the relationship detoriated over time. The younger Whittaker would often test his father's patience by refusing to study, disappearing off into the nearby mountains for days at a time or even hide out in the tunnels underneath Whittaker Manor. When Theo turned he announced to his parents that he wanted to enter Starfleet Academy and, naturally, Josiah forebade it. Over the next twelve months, their relationship eroded completely and the last time Theo spoke to his father was the day he left to join his mother aboard the U.S.S. Sparrow. During Theo's first year at the Academy, Josiah contracted Meenok's Disease and sucuumbed to it a year later. Neither father or son made an attempt to repair their relationship- the guilt of which has stayed with Theo ever since.

Madeline Whittaker : Theo's relationship with his mother was a stark contrast to the one he shared with his father. Warm, loving and accepting of Theo's life choices, Madeline arranged for her commanding officer on the U.S.S. Sparrow to sponser Theo's admission to Starfleet Academy. Although she tolerated her husband's strict methods and his expectations, she wanted Theo to lead his own life wherever that might have taken him. She attempted numerous times to engineer a reconciliation between father and son to no avail. While a firm, but fair, mother- Theo remains very close his mother, writing to her often aboard her current assignment, the U.S.S. Orb of Prophecy.

Baylen Anders:
Theo and Baylen on their first date.
Within hours of reporting for duty aboard Starbase 118, Theo was thrust into a dangerous mission to track down a renegade Starfleet officer and spent several hours working with Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders- the station's Mission Specialist. The two had an instant rapport with one another, which rapidly escalated into flirting. Theo was not sure whether it was because the man reminded him of Antero Flynn or not- but the two made it through a plasma fire and a journey through the Jeffries Tube and finally realligning the deflector dish. On their return to the station, the two visited Kael's Old English Pub where, on leaving, Baylen kissed Theo on the cheek. Despite denying that nothing was going to his friend, Tatash- Theo was not entirely convinced. The following morning, the two went for a morning walk after posing as a couple to stop a Tellarite baker from attempting to accquire Baylen's dog Baxter, in order to turn the canine into a pie. He was present when Baylen returned from a brief sojourn into the Mirror Universe and was the one to call for medical assistance. He visisted him the following morning to ask him some question and found himself holding his hand. That evening, after Baylen was discharged, they went on their first date. By the end of January 2393 they were a couple and after a soiree at Theo's new apartment in the New York District, where Baylen gave him images of every military vessel called Columbia as well as plaque made from the Columbia's hull plating, the two spent their first night together. After the events of 'All Time High' the two agree to foster a child, Mason Parker, found orphaned on Tilanna V which further cements their commited relationship. However, the relationship ends when Baylen takes Mase to raise him on Risa, away from the 'dangers' of Starbase 118. He pre-records a mesage to Theo.

Mirra Ezo:
The best of friends.
During the Hemix mission, the two became fiercely protective of each other as they faced the threats of Chennel, the feral Nugra and the deadly environment of the planet. Theo shielded Mirra from the energy vampire moths and Mirra stunned Chennel aboard her raider when she threatened Theo's life. Upon returning to the Columbia, the two of them began sharing meals together and a deep friendship developed. Mirra was the first person that Theo told about his feelings for Ensign Flynn. The two have quickly established themselves as fast friends have been known to indulge in shipboard gossip with one another. Two months after Theo's transfer to Starbase 118, Mirra also transferred to the station's medical department and reunited during the Tribble crisis on New Years Day 2393. She helped Theo move into his new "palace in the sky", located in Starbase 118's Commercial Sector and brought him a monogrammed cocktail shaker as a moving in present. He has been known to "borrow" Mirra's beauty producs for his own use. Mirra was the first person he called when his relationships with Baylen Anders ended and despite her professional doubts- she got outrageously drunk with him and Tatash.

Antero Flynn: Meeting several weeks after Flynn's assignment to Columbia, Theo was instantly struck by the Risian's laidback and carefree nature as well as his striking eyes. Flynn left an indelible impression on naive Theo, which swiftly led to him developing feelings for the pilot. The two became fase during shore leave when they both attended a Risian beach party on one of Starbase 118's many holodecks. After the mission to Hemix the two went hover surfing on Columbia's holodeck, which culminated in the two kissing briefly before Antero left quickly, shocked by his actions and leaving Theo feeling humiliated. They patched things up the following day after an honest talk, with Antero agreeing to cook dinner for Theo as a date. With the decommissioning of the Columbia, their burgeoning relationship came to a mutual- if abrupt- end. Theo was reunited with Antero in early 2393 when the helmsman transferred to Starbase 118 Operations. After an uneasy and awkward first encounter, they agreed to be friends but both acknowledged that it would be awkward, especially since Theo was now dating Antero's chilhood friend- Baylen Anders. He purchased the XO the ingredients to make his favourite cocktail, the 'Cosmo' as a moving present. The two work well with one another and trust each other implicitly.

Tatash: Tatash was one of the first people on aboard Columbia that Theo met, having been required to check in with him on arrival. Their first mission together saw them combating a powerful and dangerous AI programme and saw the beginnings of their friendship. They served together for several months before Tatash transferred to the USS Avandar. They did not see each other until Theo's assignment to Starbase 118 Ops where Tatash had also been assigned. They reaffirmed their friendship and celebrated Tatash's coming in to a large amount of latinum thanks to his brother. Much like his with Mirra Ezo, his friendship with Tatash seems based around mutual trust and light sparring with Tatash often "throwing shade". He also sneakily gave the XO a bottle of Romulan Ale he had "confiscated" from a fellow marine. The two are know for their adversarial but lighthearted banter and for the fact one will walk across fire for the other. Tatash was present during a wild night out thrown by Theo following the end of his relationshp with Baylen Anders.

Service Record
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank From To Position
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png
Cadet 1st 239203.16 239203.23 Engineering Officer
USS Columbia-B
Engineering Division
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239203.24 239208.06 Engineering Officer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant JG 239205.03 239207.26 Engineering Officer
DS9style-lt gold.png
Lieutenant 239207.26 239211.16 Chief Engineering Officer
Starbase 118 Ops / USS Albion
Engineering Division
DS9style-lt gold.png
Lieutenant 239211.16 239212.14 Chief Engineering Officer
Command Division
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png
Lt. Commander 239212.20 Present First Officer
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