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Multiple Badge Policy

Badges are similar to our Community Awards in that they are awarded for OOC participation and achievement. However, while Community Awards are bestowed on a yearly basis in December to recognize long-term achievement and outstanding performance among a peer-group, badges are reserved for incremental achievements or singular contest wins.

Players can receive more than one badge at a time, and can also receive a badge multiple times through enhancements -- a marker on the wiki that denotes repeated achievement. Similar to the star system used on the service ribbons, a gold tip represents each repeated citation, and a silver tip represents five additional citations (and therefore five gold tips).

This template lets you call up any badge just using the name of the badge itself. It also allows you to display multiple citations of a badge.

For Staff: Adding newly created badges

Make sure the file name of the badge is in the format

File:Badge-NAME OF BADGE.png

Such as File:Badge-FWPA Plotmaster.png

Then edit Template:Badge List to update the green box of badge names displayed in the instructions below.

How to use this template:

{{Badge|name of badge|width in pixels|number of times awarded (optional)}}

So for instance, just type in

{{Badge|Graphic Contest Winner|80}}

and you will get the Graphic Contest Winner badge returned at a width of 80 pixels:

Graphic Contest Winner
Badge 1.png

If you won the Graphic Contest three times, you'd type in

{{Badge|Graphic Contest Winner|80|3}}

and you'll get the appropriate arrangement of tips added to the badge to mark your multiple wins. If you put your cursor over the image, the name of the badge will be displayed.

Graphic Contest Winner
Badge 3.png

Use the following badge names:

Halloween Avatar Contest Winner Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up FWPA Plotmaster
Featured Bio of StarBase 118 Featured Bio Team Member Graphic Contest Judge
Featured Bio Nominee Graphic Contest Runner Up Graphic Contest Winner
Top Sim Judge Top Sim of the Year Top Sim Round Winner
Top Sim Set Winner Excellence in Training Silver Excellence in Training
Gold Excellence in Training 118 Wiki Gnome 118 Wiki Admin
Awards Chairperson Awards Committee Writing Challenge Judge
Writing Challenge Winner Writing Challenge Runner Up FWPA Facilitator
FWPA Staff Sciworld Team Podcast Team
Academy Commandant Deputy Commandant Cadet Steward
Chief Statistician Statistician Publicity Team
Executive Council member Captain at Large Captains Council Magistrate
Team Facilitator Team Facilitator - Silver Team Facilitator - Gold
History Team Member Image Collective Member Community Ambassador
Donor Commandant's Citation SOTFA Ship Commendation
SOTFA Taskforce Commendation 20th Annual Awards Attendee Captain's Citation
FNS Team Member Facilitator Citation JCSE Author
SFMJ Author To boldly go Pioneer
Appreciation Forum Nominator Appreciation Forum Nominator Elite 25th Annual Awards Attendee

Link Options

The badge will automatically link to the corresponding page for the contest, team, etc. Edit Template:Badge-link to add new page links for future badges.

Example: The Top Sim badges link to the Hall of Fame index.

Top Sim Round Winner
Badge 1.png

Custom Link

To make a custom link (for example, linking a Top Sim badge to the specific sim in the Hall of Fame instead of the Hall of Fame index, add link= and specify the URL:

{{Badge|Top Sim Round Winner|80|link=http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php/topic/8914-ltcmdr-rahman-lt-chaun-falling-away/}}
Top Sim Round Winner
Badge 1.png

To link to a wiki page, just use the page title:

{{Badge|Featured Bio of StarBase 118|80|link=Velana}}
Featured Bio of StarBase 118
Badge 1.png

Multiple Citations

The template currently supports up to 9 citations of the same badge. You can use this template to display a single citation of a badge by leaving off the last number or putting a 1.

Reference Table

Here's how they all look at a width of 100 pixels:

Citations Badge Wikicode
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 1.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 2.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|2}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 3.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|3}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 4.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|4}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 5.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|5}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 6.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|6}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 7.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|7}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 8.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|8}}
Top Sim of the Year
Badge 9.png
{{Badge|Top Sim of the Year|100|9}}

Displaying Badges in a Badge Rack

And here's how it looks in a badge rack you can put in your sidebar, using Template:Badge Rack.

Silver Excellence in Training
Badge 1.png
FWPA Plotmaster
Badge 1.png
Graphic Contest Runner Up
Badge 2.png

The code used for that:

{{Badge Rack
|Silver Excellence in Training|1
|FWPA Plotmaster|1
|Graphic Contest Runner Up|2

Problems or Questions?

Let Rich know!