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Hi! My name is Emma and I play Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, the commanding officer of the USS Gorkon. Quinn has been my primary character since I joined the fleet in the February of 2007, and I've gathered a small posse of PNPCs along the way. I'm currently one of the cadet stewards, so if you're new to the fleet and have any questions, please drop me a message!


Active Characters

Primary Character
Insignia Rank Portrait Character Name Gender and Species Current Position Current Posting
DS9style-fcpt red.png Fleet Captain Roster-reynolds.jpg Quinn Reynolds Female Human/Deltan Commanding Officer USS Gorkon
DS9style-cmdr red.png Commander Roster-Brunsig.jpg Walter Brunsig Male Human Commanding Officer, USS Triumphant Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce
DS9style-ens teal.png Ensign Roster-Sienelis.png Valesha Sienelis Female Romulan Science Officer USS Gorkon

Inactive characters can be found here.

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