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Last Stand, Part II

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(( Deep Space 17 - Just beyond Docking Port 14 ))

:: Things were not going well. Though Whale had been joined by a DS17 security officer he didn't know, it was still just two against two dozen. The attackers were relentless - it was just a matter of time before they overran the two Starfleet officers. Where the hell were those Marines? ::

Pitik: Sir! We can't-

:: He ducked as an energy beam hit the bulkhead above him. ::

Pitik: we can't stay here anymore - we have to get on that ship!

:: The kid was right - this was a losing battle and with no sign of the reinforcements he'd ordered in, whale knew that within minutes the Vaadwaur would muster up the courage for a real charge. When that happened, Whale and his compatriot were as good as dead. ::

Whale: All right. I'll lay down covering fire and you...

:: Wait, what was that noise? Was that screaming? Both Whale and the security officer swore as they saw a group of around fifteen civilians appear out of the smoke BEHIND the attacking Vaadwaur. Just civilians. Without a Marine escort. ::

Whale: Damn it! Keep shooting! Give those people some cover - give ME some cover!

:: As the security officer fired away with his phaser, Whale darted out from behind the upturned crate he'd been using as cover and began firing the DRX into the Vaadwaur. Luckily, he caught the first rank off guard and had taken out three before the rest realized what was happening. the smoke caused by the firefight was burning his lungs and Whale suddenly felt a searing pain in his left arm. He knew he'd been shot, but he didn't have time to be shot right now, so he did his best to ignore the pain. The security officer (Whale really needed to learn the kid's name, assuming they survived) was doing a good job with the covering fire and Whale was relieved as three of the civilians ran past him and continued on, presumably - hopefully - into the waiting transport. ::

Whale: Come on! Keep running!

:: Whale took out another of the attacking soldiers then reached out with his injured arm to help a man who had been clipped in the calf by a stray Vaadwaur shot. As Whale was helping the man to his feet a fresh barrage from the Vaadwaur hit whale square in the shoulder and took the civilian in the back of the head. The man dropped to the floor dead, and Whale's left arm dropped limply to his side. ::

Pitik: Sir!

:: Before Whale could answer, he fell heavily to the deck plates. He tried to lift the DRX to continue the fight, but only got the barrel a few inches off the ground before he lost consciousness. ::

(( SS Achille Lauro ))

:: Though her hands were still shaking, Shelley did her best to patch what wounds she could. Thankfully, as a long-range passenger liner, the Achille Lauro had a decent inifrmary as well as a full-time doctor and two full-time nurses. they'd all been immediately pressed into duty and had eased some of the burden on the Starfleet medical staff. Regardless, some of the patients were going to need an actual sickbay - or hospital - soon if they were going to remain stable. Or in some cases, simply survive. ::

Shelley: Okay, you're done.

:: She waved the man off the bench that was serving as an examination table and looked at the next person in line. She was about to call the woman over - it looked like she had a broken arm - but Shelley stopped and looked over to the airlock door when she heard a commotion. ::

Pitik: Tell the captain to go! Everyone's aboard that's getting aboard!

:: Standing, Shelley rushed over to see the young security officer dragging something into the ship before locking down the hatch. ::

Shelley: Oh my god.

:: She dropped to her knees beside the seriously wonded chief of security and held his head in her hands, gently lifting his eyelids with her thumbs. Her hands were still shaking and now the rest of her was, too. ::

Shelley: David? David, can you- can you hear me?

:: There was no response. He was breathing, but barely. Shelley turned back to the passenger hold that had been turned into a treatment centre and yelled at no one in particular. ::

Shelley: Clear a table! And someone give me some help!

(( SS Achille Lauro - cockpit ))

:: Sherry Gibson, who had been keeping an eye on things in the passenger area, stepped quickly back into the cockpit. ::

Gibson: Go! Airlock's closed and locked down - go!

Uger: Okay. going.

:: He fired up the thrusters at full power and pulled away from the station as quickly as he could without risking hull damage. ::

Uger: =/\= SS Achille Lauro to USS Tiger. We have everyone we're going to be able to get. Have disengaged from Deep Space 17 - please tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do now. =/\=