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Starbase 118 Ops
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Rustyy Hael
Position Engineering
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236803.27
Age 26
Birthplace Grayling, Alaska. Old America, Earth
Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up
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Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael, Chief engineer of Starbase 118 Ops, has the heart of a child and a mind stuck in the 80's.

"I'm not crazy I swear, I was just born in the wrong time"


  • Full Name: Rustyy D Hael (Pronounced Hail)
  • Race: Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: None


  • Height: 5'5" (and 3/4's)
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Length of Hair: Blessed with a full head of big curls, he is known for his constant bed head look.
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Skin Tone: He has a reasonable tan, one that was achieved through practically living outside at the academy.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: His Hands and arms have a fair share of scars from tools slipping out of his hands. His knuckles have been roughed up through his constant knocking of them against whatever is nearest. Recently got a tattoo on his inner arm, what it is has yet to be shared.
  • Build: Thick but muscular. His broad chest makes it difficult to climb into tighter areas, but he finds a way to do it anyways.
  • Face: Smooth at the edges but not a baby face
  • Eyes: Observant with a hint of teasery
  • Mouth: Thin lips that seem to have a mind of their own. They can be seen constantly moving even when he's not talking.
  • Arms: Broad shoulders and large forearms. Has big hands and thick knuckles.
  • Legs: Slightly bow legged.
  • Carriage: Carries himself as though he's not interested in what's going on around him. Almost a lazy stance. But is confident when in the engine room, you could say he stands a little taller than.
  • Poses : More often than not, he can be seen leaning against something or standing with a hip lean.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Below casual standards. He always wears long sleeves, even if it means sweating to death. His mama bought him old styled jeans for his graduation, which he wears all the time. two of the three pairs support rips. Uses suspenders to hold them up.
  • Shoes: Lace up steel toed boots. Never know when you might need to kick something and not hurt your toes.
  • Voice: Baritone with a hint of southern drawl. Tends to butcher the standard language. The more hurried he is the worst his speaking gets. Sings like Tom Waits.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Quarters: A mess. Clutter everywhere. Stacks of schematics; old trucks, muscle cars, and starships. Best of luck finding anything.
  • Favorite Room: Tucked away where no one can see him. Usually close to the Warp Drives, the hum makes him fall asleep.
  • Habits: Runs his hands through his hair, never making it any better. Grunts at everything. At the Academy he was called the "Noisemaker" for all the strange noises he makes. The most interesting ones come out when he's focusing. Singing 80's and 90's, if not older, songs under his breath. A guitar or drum solo is also not uncommon. Uses chewing tobacco when he can get a can.
  • Mannerisms: Stand off -ish, due to his sense of humor. His mind runs on slapstick and tongue in cheek skits. His blunt honesty it matched only by his constant need to 'lighten the mood'. He has been told that he is most like his father when it comes to his humility. His father always use to say “Humility is just how individual’s become an individual.”
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Pulling things apart and attempting to put them back, emphasizing on 'attempting'. Humming songs and drumming on anything close by. A raised eyebrow had only ever encouraged him to be over dramatic in his air guitar skills. Looking through old truck and muscle car pictures and schematics of ships.
  • Likes: Big dogs. refurbishing old things. Arguing and bickering commonly called debating. Drinking, it makes him even more out going. Chewing tobacco
  • Dislikes: Selfish people and those who take themselves too seriously. Big bugs, found that out during his final test at the academy....
  • Ambitions and Goals: Not to die because of his mistakes. It would only take one set of bad wiring, and life support shuts down....
  • Achievements in Life: Graduating school, (all of them)
  • Disappointments in Life: None... Yet
  • Temperament: He has a short fuse and can get angered quickly, but he covers it up with a unique sense of humor that bats at people around him.
  • Mental problems: To many to list, but just to name a few; he has been known to talk to himself out loud, he is his own music playlist and entertainment. He considers inanimate objects to be alive, with their own personalities and to have feelings of their own.
  • Physical Limitations: Humidity, heat does not bare well with the arctic tundra land lover.




PapaHael.jpg Steve Hael
Age: 45

Rustyy’s pa is a charismatic and outgoing man. Though an uneducated bartender, Steve is known for his generosity and ability to manage repairs with little to nothing in the way of tools or parts. He taught Rustyy all he knows about the benefits to improvising. Steve spends a great deal of time at small social gathering or in council meetings when he is not working the bar.
MamaHael.jpg Sabrine Hael
Age: 43

Rustyy’s mama is a light hearted waitress, who knows and remembers everyone from town. Whether they lived there or simply passed through. She is sort of the town’s counselor, as everyone has at some point, sat down in her diner and talked with her over pie and milk. Though she could as easily be called a mama bear over her cubs, being as defensive and aggressive as a rattlesnake to those who would see to change their way of life or criticize their way of living.
JacksonHael.jpg Jackson Hael
Age: 23

Jackson is Steve and Sabrine’s 2nd son, right after Rustyy. He and Rustyy had been close ever since they were little. Giving each other hard times. Jackson was never as keen on repairing things, but showed interest in joining Starfleet when he was old enough. Last Rustyy knew he had just taken his entrance exam.
VivianHael.jpg ’ Vivian Hael'
Age: 21

Vivian is the third born and mentally slower than the rest of those her age. She is quiet but curious, known to wander off to explore new or old areas. Rustyy has always felt the need to be overly protective of her. Vivian was the most sadden when Rustyy left for the Academy and promised to write him everyday.
ColtHael.jpg Colt Hael
Age: 18

Colt is the fourth born.
HaelTwins.jpg Lily Hael
Age: 15

Lily is the fifth born, though only by a few hours. She is Sebastian’s identical twin.
HaelTwins.jpg Sebastian Hael
Age: 15

Sebastian is the sixth born and is Lily’s identical twin
DieselHael.jpg Diesel Hael
Age: 14

Diesel is Rustyy’s youngest sibling. He was 7 years old when Rustyy left for the Academy, so they know each other very little.

title=Hael Friends
Wyn Foster.jpg Shar'Wyn Foster
Wyn is one of very few Rustyy has allowed to get close to him. A best friend of sorts. They are still in the early stages of friendship, but it looks to be one of Rustyy's better choices. Plus Wyn-wyn makes tummy aches and hangovers go away.


Little Rustyy and Biscuit

Rustyy was born in old Alaska in Grayling, a one horse kind of town. In that kind of wilderness you have to be tough or you wouldn't do well. Rustyy was always short for his age, so he grew up fighting. In most cases just for fun, in others it was defending his younger siblings. Rustyy would always get a fair share of broken noses and bloody lips.

His sister Vivian was slightly slower than the rest and many of the other kids made fun of her. Rustyy never had a problem with hitting a younger boy. Vivian was Rustyy's favorite sister. Fighting is what got Rustyy into so much trouble. Fearing the influence Rustyy had on his younger sibling, his parents sent him to Starfleet, to make something of himself.

When he was about 16 years old Rustyy almost died from hypothermia. He and his younger brother Jackson had gone outside during a blizzard to check out why their mother’s gas stove had stopped working. he had left the younger brother alone for mere seconds to retrieve a part. But when he came back, Jackson was nowhere to be seen. His brother had chased after their sister Vivian, who he later found had fallen through cracked ice. As foolish as it might have been Rustyy plunged in head first after her, sending Jackson to get help. The instant cold sent his systems into shock, but still he fought on. The amount of time that had passed was unmeasurable. But relief warmed Rustyy’s heart went he finally pulled Vivian from the unwelcoming depths. His father arrived just in time to catch Rustyy when he went unconscious. He spent almost 6 weeks in Anchorage’s main hospital after being airlifted from Grayling.

Yet still to this day, the cold is his preferred temperature.

His mind wasn't ever focused on popularity... No one could be popular wearing at least five layers of bulky insulated coats. Or wearing lovely red or tan long johns that could be seen when you bent over and your thick layer raised up. Or by wearing heavy boots that took real effort to move and you could only wobble when you walked.

That, and everyone looked the same. Most people had beards, women included though not at big, filled with crumbs, crusted with dip and booze, and iced over from the howling wind of the day. No one shaved, their natural hair helped to insulate and keep warm.

Those without facial hair had to wrap layer upon layer around their head, face and neck to keep as much of the chill off. Leaving only a shadow over their eyes and their button noses an almost silly cherry red.

So he never paid much attention to girl either. He figured it wasn’t worth the drama.

The only fun things Rustyy ever did were winter sports. As many as he could as often as he could. It was what caused him to forget his other responsibilities. From dog sleds to snowmobile races. Even playing Hockey on the school’s playground, which was almost always iced over. They played Hockey for the sport as much as for the fights. Once a fight had gotten out of hand, every player was involved, and someone had slipped sending their ice skate across Rustyy’s forearm. He had never seen so much blood spilling out of a person, let alone himself.

Steve Hael...Rustyy’s Father far left

When it comes to his light heartedness and the ability to be so outgoing, it was obvious it came from Rustyy’s father. A man known for his more outrageous behavior. If it wasn’t for cameras no one would have ever believed the tale of when Steve Hael, Rustyy’s father, and the small group of city councilmen having way too much fun. Every year almost like clockwork, when the sun shined all hours of the day and a great deal of the ice melted off. Folks from neighboring towns would come together for a bit of fun and to celebrate surviving the winter and the wish good luck for the hunting season. There were always much drinking and food, children playing in what snow was left. They all would come to where the ice was broken up to go swimming. Now the men swear that there was no booze involved, and those that knew them might believe them. But the four councilmen came out onto the ice, ballad music playing in the background, in white tutu’s, hand in hand. They proceeded across the ice to the open water and jumped in roughly all together. It was quite a scene for all those present, some even scarred for life.

Hael Family swimming in the summer

But not three years early, during the same event, Rustyy had gone out in a blaze as well. With nothing but a pair of old boots and a winter cap. He ran across the ice, fell, and slide all the way to the open water and went in with a splash. It was plain to see that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Before Rustyy had left Alaska to travel to the Academy, he decided to stop off at a shabby tattoo parlor. Without his parents knowing of course, Rustyy gave himself and parting gift. A tattoo on his left inner forearm. Ink wasn't common on campus and it was something rather personal for him. So even during the scalding heat, Rustyy would always wear longs sleeves.

At first Rustyy didn't know what to do when he got to the Academy. He was good at combats and thought security/tactical would make him feel right at home. But tinkering seemed to get the better of him. So long as it wasn't theoretical tinkering.

Rustyy joined the Academy and excelled in propulsion engineering and components engineering. He showed a good understanding of things that existed and how to repair them. The Engine room was just a big thing for him to tinker with.

Rustyy's instructors, on more than one occasion, caught him calling the main engine room a "Chop Shop". When asked why he simply said, "Because all we do is chop it up and piece it back together."

His interest in such things came long before the Academy though. Rustyy spent most of his free time rebuilding snow machines and the local replicator. If he was lucky, and someone else not so much, he got to work on newer models of landlocked shuttles.

The Academe brought many things to Rustyy’s attention. Mostly that not all girls had facial hair, and some chose to not wear so much clothing. They were indeed a distraction. However he was never one to ‘get lucky’ or even go out on dates. But it never kept him from trying.

Once, right before a school dance, Rustyy stood out in front of the main stairs to the school and asked every girl that past him to go to the dance with him. Each one said no. Even his history teacher turned him down. Rustyy shrugged it off and took himself…. Straight down to the local billiards pub, where he lost money on betting games, drank too much, and ended up in only one fight. All in all, a great evening.
Academic Transcript - Official Copy
Starfleet Academy Office of the Registrar
Student Name: Rustyy D Hael
Student ID: A239202RH0
Commissioned: 239202.17
Transcript Issued: 239312.07
  • Dates of Attendance:
  • Campus: San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
  • Major: Components Engineering
  • Minor: Material Engineering and Propulsion Systems
  • Cumulative GPA: 2.68
  • Total Credit Hours: 51
Year 1
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG221 LCARS Programming 1 C+ 1.0 2.3
ADMIN101 Starfleet Operations B 1.0 3.0
ENG202 Introduction to Warp Systems C- 1.0 1.7
Mathematics Introduction to Calculus C+ 1.0 2.3
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG101 General Electronics B 1.0 3.0
MATH101 Concepts A 1.0 4.0
PILOT100 Land Vehicles A 1.0 4.0
ENG311 Starship Engineering 1.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG201 Impulse Systems A 1.0 4.0
ENG211 Introduction to Material Engineering A- 1.0 3.7
TAC301 Strategy of Battle 1 B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG121 Colossal Failures in Engineering A+ 1.0
Year 2
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG231 Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces B- 1.0 2.7
PHYS101 Concepts B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG331 Operations and Command Functions B 1.0 3.0
MATH270 Linear Algebra B- 1.0 2.7
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG203 Advanced Warp Systems A- 1.0 3.7
ENG212 Mechanics B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG213 Electromagnetics and Applications B 1.0 3.0
ENG311 Starship Engineering B+ 1.0 3.3
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG531 Systems Architecture B+ 1.0 3.3
SURV110 Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training C- 1.0 1.7
PHYS225 Classical Mechanics A- 1.0 3.7
ENG312 Subspace Mechanics C+ 1.0 2.3
Year 3
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG233 Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG301 Transwarp Theories D 1.0 1.0
ENG234 Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems B+ 1.0 3.3
MED101 First Aid and Field Medicine B 1.0 3.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG530 System Design A 1.0 4.0
PHYS201 General Physics 1 B 1.0 3.0
SURV101 Starship Emergencies C+ 1.0 2.3
ENG332 Life Support Systems B+ 1.0 3.3
PILOT101 Runabouts and Shuttles A+ 1.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG232 Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks A 1.0 4.0
TAC101 Combat, Unarmed C 1.0 2.0
ENG430 Medical Systems and Equipment A- 1.0 3.7
ENG425 Artificial Intelligence C 1.0 2.0
HIST200 Starfleet History C 1.0 2.0
Year 4
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG323 Application of Creative Design in Holodecks C 1.0 2.0
PHYS300 Quantum Mechanics B 1.0 3.0
TAC110 Combat, Small Weapons B 1.0 3.0
ENG511 Sustainable Energy C+ 1.0 2.3
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG431 Shield Systems A- 1.0 3.7
ENG432 Weapons Systems B 1.0 3.0
ADMIN300 Deployment B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG433 Security Systems B- 1.0 2.7
XEN101 General D+ 1.0 1.3
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ADMIN110 Chain of Command and General Protocol C 1.0 2.0
HIST101 Birth of the Federation C+ 1.0 2.3
LANG101 Federation Standard C+ 1.0 2.3
LAW101 Federation, General C- 1.0 1.7


Rustyy has quite the path of broken parts trailing behind him. From his first ship the USS Apollo-A. It was a breeze until his first mission chasing after three convicts. All with thoroughly frightening background. The damage didn’t start until the crew located the convicts suttle which had a dangerous virus that affected a significant amount of software. The shuttle had one of the three convicts on board, a skilled woman with too much knowledge of Starfleet vessels. Rustyy played a game of cat and mouse, repairing the damaged systems all the while trying to keep the ship from separating. Which he was unsuccessful at doing. Lucky for Rustyy, the ship was the only priority he had, unlike the rest of the crew who had to joggle recapturing the maniac on board and capturing the other two.

Shortly after all the craziness, the Apollo docked and shore leave was on everyone’s mind. But the fun never had a chance to start. Rustyy, like the rest of the Sr. staff was directed to the holodeck for some kind of training. Being as fashionable as he was, Rustyy arrived late and was locked out of the room. But the nosy engineer, using the internal sensors and visuals was able to see what his co-workers were up too. And it was nothing pretty, unless running in a dessert was pretty… Rustyy - gingerly - broke into the controls and created big rain drops to pour on his fellow crewmen. But by mistake, also caused the environmental ship controls to also rain everywhere on the ship. Of course he wouldn’t fess up to it.

Rustyy was transferred to the USS Constitution-B shortly after. Again things went smoothly until a distress call was picked up and the Conny went into action. All seemed normal, unless completely gutted engines were normal, with the crew they were assisting. Rustyy crawled around inside the Jeffrey tubes, hunting down the source of the problem. Which he found to be Borg parts draining the main systems. In an attempt to stop from further damage Rustyy electrocuted himself while on the horn with his new Commanding officer. Once Rustyy returned to the ship, only slightly fried hair, he was welcomed by the threat of Borg nanites running ramped through his precious engines. It took days to repair and shore leave is never long enough.

Rustyy while on Earth in 1914

Oh the menotomy of scanning space. Nothing of interest to Rustyy, so he spent most of his time tinkering with the engines and trying to keep his sleep schedule somewhat normal. Which was hard with being an Alaskan native. After oversleeping once again, from a to late of a night, Rustyy was woken up by being unceremoniously tossed to the floor from his bed. He did what he could to fix and manage the systems but they would need some type of fuel to kick start the engines back up. 1914 had some of the most stuffy clothes and Rustyy was forced to wear them so he could travel to Earth and gather missing parts and things needed for the ship. 1914 also was rather unsanitary, more so around their docks. Rustyy after avoiding getting shot, tripped and fell into the most horrendous water… And drank it. Shortly after, he was found by most likely pirates and was able to obtain a ship filled to the brim with gunpowder and fireworks. Who says the little things don’t make boys happy?

After a much deserved shore leave and resettling into current times, which for Rustyy seemed to be more difficult than normal. His heart had been stolen by the past. He snuck on a brand new, well actually old, two-cylinder, diesel, trunk motor which made him very happy. However, over shore leave he very nearly lost it. He and his fellow crewmen were launched head first into heir next mission when a mystery begged to be solved. They found a long lost Starship, the Unity, which had been missing for nearly a century. Many stories about what might have happened to her were told to young cadets, Rustyy being one of them. He sure did love a good ghost story. And in person, the Unity left much to be desired. Though Rustyy spent most of his time chasing his tail trying to fix things on all decks. His childish mind kept him preoccupied, playing unrealistic scenarios through his mind’s eye. It was a more taxing mission in regards to keep the ship together and trying to get the power back. It was like something was sucking it out as soon as they got it. Every step forward took them three back, which was taxing for the chief of engineering who only wanted to play with the older engine model. But at long last, he and his pretty slick staff did the impossible.

After such an unending, gerbil wheel mission, shore leave couldn’t come faster. Rustyy took this chance to call his mama, which also meant talking to all his siblings. Which turned into twenty questions, mostly revolving around why his mama didn’t have grandbabies yet. Which he had no good answer for. But he did find that the next oldest child, Jackson, had successfully joined the cadet ranks within Starfleet. After chatting with his family, he turned to the bottle to have some fun and get a good nights rest. Morning would come too early, though would bring some pleasing news. It was nice to get noticed by the higher ups. Shore leave would also give the curly haired man a chance to bond more in a growing friendship with the CMO, Wyn Foster. They traveled to the holodeck in search of good fun and cheesy games. Spending that kind of time with another living person showed Rustyy just how much he missed it. Between being homesick and not wanting to ruin his newest very real friendship, made his start to deal with feelings he had long learned to subpress.

Shore leave is never long enough, even more so when feelings have been pulled out and now have to be pushed back in like stuffing in a teddy bear. He did his best to pick himself up off the floor when the call came from the FO T’Mar to meet with her. There was a temporary shift in power and someone had decided that he, Rustyy D Hael, would make for a good acting FO .He agreed, under the impression they were just going on a simple run. Fate had different plans, where he would have to not only leave his precious engines, but lead an away team on a diplomatic engagement. Nothing could be more out of his league. And he turned out to not be overly useful, managing to be detained and unable to help when people from the Conny were kidnapped. But he was good at agitating the guards

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239202.17 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineer
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign 239202.17 - 239205.28 USS Apollo-A Engineer
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign 239205.28 - 239206.09 USS Constitution-B Engineer
STO Lieutenant-JG Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant JG 239206.09 - 239212.01 USS Constitution-B Chief Engineer
STO Lieutenant Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant 239212.01 - 239307.18 USS Constitution-B Chief Engineer
STO LtCommander Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239307.18 - 239311.23 USS Constitution-B Chief Engineer
STO LtCommander Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239311.23 - Present Starbase 118 Ops Chief Engineer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Neelix Award 239212.31
USS Constitution
For extra, out of character, simming devotion. This includes, helping fellow officers who are in need of simming aid, running OOC sims, upkeep of wiki pages, etc.
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Silver Palm 239212.31
USS Constitution
Awarded to a simmer who has consistently boosted the morale of his/her crew. The recipient will be known to be able to add that spark to a plot whenever it may be lagging, or may be able to consistently bring enjoyment or a bit of humour to the sim, whilst keeping such sims relevant and realistic.
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 239212.31
USS Constitution
This award is given to members who show great dedication in their behavior, and simming abilities. A candidate for TOSMA I regularly contributes good, solid ideas to the plot and character development. They also take the time to edit and proofread their sims to ensure quality in their writing.
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg
Phoenix Award 239212.31
USS Constitution
Given to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering. By performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence, by managing to make their equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, the officers meriting this award further the mission of their ship by their superior know-how. In short, miracle workers.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239212.31
USS Constitution
Rustyy using local resources of 1914 to power the engines and bring the USS Constitution back home. “I don't think I have heard of a gas and gunpowder powered Starship before.” - Captain Jalana Rajel
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239212.31
USS Constitution
Awarded to Rustyy who showed conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty while in 1914.
Awards ServiceRibbons DepartmentChief.jpg
Department Chief Ribbon 239212.31
USS Constitution
For Rustyy’s Continuous work as Chief Engineer and not blowing up the ship… Yet
Explorer’s Ribbon 239212.31
USS Constitution
In recognition of the USS Constitution first contact with the Kameryan.
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 239212.31
USS Constitution
Protecting the Timeline during 1914, so the future of StarFleet was preserved.
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
Prometheus Ribbon 239212.31
USS Constitution
Participated in Phase III of the Prometheus Incident


Hopper, Penny - Weapons Repair officer
O'Grady, Pepper - Science
Nijil - Field Medic
Snezhana, Masha - Security
Cecil - Retired officer, owner of "Shorty's Sweets"
Ari Shennar - Trauma/Recovering Therapist
Gard, Jack - Engineer
Gard, Tabitha - Civilian

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Sal Taybrim
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Executive Officer
Theo Whittaker
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Antero Flynn
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Mirra Ezo
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T'Sai Reyes
Marine CO
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Science Officer
Thaddeus Peril
Ishani Kasun
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Rustyy Hael
Ziron Antraydin
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Arturo Maxwell
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