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StarBase 118 Member Resources

Are you ready to move up and be promoted? Perhaps even command your own ship within our fleet? This guide will get you started!

Please keep in mind, as you read through this area, that all ships have specific guidelines for promotion – what we're providing here is a starting point that acts as a baseline for promotion. In other words, following the guidance provided herein should make you eligible for promotion. But completing the suggestions provided here does not guarantee you'll be promoted at your ship’s next promotion ceremony. Ultimately, your Commanding Officer will determine if you're prepared for promotion on the basis of their long experience, often in conversation with the ship’s staff.

The importance of your captain

If you want to move up to command, we can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to your Captain and let them know this. You won’t be “bothering” them by asking; in fact, they’ll be happy to know that another person on their crew wants to develop their skills!

Example template
Hi Captain! I'm really interested in promotion and am looking for your guidance on how I can work toward the next rank, and eventually [toward being a first officer / command of my own ship / etc.]. Can you provide any feedback on what I can do to move in that direction? Thank you!
Please do not ask for a promotion, nor pester or beg your CO about when you will be promoted.
  • Promotions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Individual timelines can vary greatly from person-to-person as people learn and improve their skills at different paces.
  • All Commanding Officers expect potential promotion recipients to consistently demonstrate the skills required for both the rank desired and the ranks previously earned on a long-term basis. How long you've been a member of the group, or how long you've held your current rank, are not factors influencing promotion.
  • If you feel unfairly passed over for promotion, ask your Captain or First Officer what you can do to work toward your next rank. Figure out how to implement your captain's recommendations and make a plan with a clear set of personal targets.

Member Promotion Guides

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