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Prometheus Incident

In early 2392, Prometheus Station has gone silent and Starfleet has dispatched the nearest vessels to investigate. The Prometheus Station is an extensive facility with one starbase, two outposts based on the planets of the system, and one starship on patrol. None of them are responding.

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Headlines and Mission Developments


Data Flashes

Relevant Logs

Mission NPC Biographies

Bio pages for NPCs involved with the blockbuster event:


Fleet Involvement

This should have pictures and links to the ships in the fleet. A short synopsis should be beside their name, but if they click on the ship, they can get more detailed information. These pages would also be there to edit by the ship crew to have more detailed information of what the crew did for this FWPA.

Phase One

With the silence of Prometheus Station, Task Force Silver is assembled and dispatched to the Piktar System to find out what has happened. Around the galaxy, strange events have begun to appear causing concern among the Federation and other powers.

USS Atlantis-logo.png Columbialogo.png USS Constitution-logo.png
USS Atlantis USS Columbia USS Constitution-B
UFOPgrayseal-square.png USS ExcaliburA logo.png GarudaLargeLogo.png
USS Darwin-A USS Excalibur-A USS Garuda
GeminiLogo.png Thunderlogo.png Victorylogo.png
USS Gemini USS Thunder-A USS Victory

Phase Two

With the primary investigation of Task Force Silver complete, the galaxy is still under threat of uncontrolled appearances of anomalies and singular events. Starfleet and other galactic powers rush to the aid of their worlds as these threats steadily grow more common, larger, and lethal.

Thunderlogo.png Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
USS Thunder-A Starbase 118 Ops

Phase Three

Operation:Knife point has begun. The Skalur Expanse is the target of a large Starfleet Operation to move in, secure the expanse, and deploy the Jentar Array so that, once activated, the galaxy can be healed of their subspace ruptures. The problem though, is the expanse is not empty and has enemies that would love to see the operation fail.

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