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The Maquis Reborn is a terrorist organization who views itself as a militia and a resurrection of the original Maquis, who were wiped out by Cardassian and Dominion forces in the 2370s just before the start of the Dominion War. Judging Starfleet and the Federation to have betrayed its citizens, the Maquis Reborn are led by Nikael Kalre, a Dominion War veteran himself who lost his family in the attack on Ohmallera, Betazed, by a hijacked USS Constitution-B in 2388.


The beginnings of the Maquis Reborn were formed in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Ohmallera by Kalre, who gathered resources and recruited members who held similar views of distrust and resentment towards Starfleet and the Federation at large.

The Maquis Reborn became known to the public at large when the group launched their first strike against Starfleet in 2391. Kalre and his compatriots took control of Deep Space 10, an ancient alien space station that was jointly operated by the Federation and the Cardassian Union in the Menthar Corridor. They locked the station into a quarantine protocol, trapping its residents, and killed the Cardassian co-commanding officer Gul Tolas Dajhul in a dramatic bombing of the station's medical center. In his first message to the Federation, Kalre demanded the release of all remaining Maquis prisoners from Federation penitentiaries in six hours or he would destroy DSX.

In early 2392, a detachment of Maquis Reborn soldiers, led by Kav-Nhoo and Haren Det held a number of officers from the USS Constitution-B hostage while they were visiting a colleague in the Sickbay of Deep Space 285 in the Avalon Sector. Meanwhile, their colleague, Avine de Massard infiltrated the Constitution and proceeded to sow havoc on the vessel, before escaping with some data. After escaping to the station it was revealed that Dr. de Massard was the only true member of the Maquis on the team, the rest were hired guns who had other plans for her data, easily bought over, or in "Haren Det's" case, something else entirely. However, later investigations by Starfleet Intelligence cleared the Maquis Reborn of the crime - it was a syndicate using them as cover.

Later in 2392, on the fourth anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera, the Federation News Service published an open letter by Kalre outlining the Maquis Reborn's reasons for their conflict against Starfleet and the Federation government: "To My Beloved: Heart Of Ohmallera."

In late 2392, the Maquis Reborn struck again, this time on Astrofori One, assassinating a Cardassian diplomat and sabotaging a holodeck program, trapping the crew of the USS Gorkon. The Maquis Reborn also attacked the Cardassian Embassy on the station, taking hostages and infecting them with a life-threatening virus. Although the Gorkon crew were able to rescue and treat the hostages, the assassins escaped capture.

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