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Crew of Amity Outpost


Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust

Ceciri Ariadust (ce-si-ri), a Starfleet Lieutenant, is a 38 year old Cygnian helm officer assigned as operations officer on Amity Outpost and the helm officer on the USS Independence-B. Born on the northern continent of Cygnet XIV, Ceciri has been many things in her life so far - a merchantwoman, an engineer, a helm officer, an assistant on a terraforming project, but is currently a terraforming specialist.


  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
  • Weight: 73.2kg (162 lb)
  • Hair: Blond, long and loose
  • Eyes: Pale blue, catlike (slotted)
  • Build: Developed; Ceciri works out with several long sword equivalent and has an accommodating exercise and warm up routine. With recent events in her past, she has also filled out a bit more. Although, like most Cygnetians, her figure is still slim and vaguely suggestive of a cat in movement.
  • Psionic Abilities: See notes below.
  • Languages: Klingon, Standard, Cygnian, Trill, Trader's Tongue, Vulcan.
  • Description: Quiet and reserved, Ceciri often is very business like when on duty. When off duty, she will often go and work on her sword practice, or phaser practice, or just walk the decks, stopping occasionally to talk to people knows. She wears rather simple vests and pants, and can be sometimes found in her room tinkering with a holotable she built, or going over reports.
  • Skin Tone: Pale pink (Pale Terran)
  • Distinguishing Features: Cat like ears, which are somewhat unusual in Cygnians.
  • Poses: Very much relaxed off work. On shift, she's almost always at-ease.
  • Voices: Neutral, slightly high, with a small lilt on certain consonants.


  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Follower of the Threefold Path, a Cygnian religion
  • Likes: Logistics, holoprogramming, sword fighting
  • Dislikes: Cart'hen III, Pirates, Clan politics
  • Ambitions and Goals: To captain a ship
  • Achievements in Life: Entering Starfleet
  • Disappointments in Life: Deaths in the family (from pirates, self induced), etc.
  • Temperament: Calm, with some inquisitiveness hidden behind her mien. Prefers to work quietly, and assemble a picture in her mind so she is aware of the larger picture when executing. A little prone to isolation and not interaction when prodded, but that's largely due to several of her friends leaving her without a word. Remains professional at all times.


Ceciri first met Phos onboard the USS Constitution-B, shortly before Ceciri transferred to the USS Doyle-A and Phos attended a major conference. The two had been growing a friendship up, and Ceciri holds the dubious honor of being told first about her family situation. Of course, Phos soon transferred to a scientific post and Ceciri hasn't really seen her since...

ARIADUST: ::smiling softly.:: Glad I could be of help. I’d be a poor friend if I didn’t even try, right?

:: Sometimes, Ceciri actually felt she wasn’t useless at this knowing people thing. Sometimes. ::

PHOS: ::Aigle laughed, taking a long sip of her drink.:: And try you certainly did! ::smiling:: You know, I really feel like I’ve lifted a weight off my shoulders… So. Fancy another drink? On me? - "Sometimes you want to go where everybody's glad you came" - SD 239206.12

Fairioni, Ceciri's mother has always disliked Starfleet, and was opposed to Ceciri joining in the first place. However, as she does care for Ceciri on some level, she had wrote Ceciri a few letters encouraging her to at the least - if she was going to join Starfleet - to be a credit to her name, and someone respect worthy. Prior to Ceciri's leaving to join Starfleet, she was Captain of a merchant vessel, but Ceciri heard from her aunt that she had left the firm and shortly after found employment with some new organization, one that kept her traveling. Shortly after Graduation, Ceciri began to get more regular letters with trackbacks that took it all over the borderland regions of the Federation. More oddly, they were often specific to what Ceciri was doing, even though Ceciri is very sure she had no monitoring from her.

As of 239206, Ceciri has noticed the letters becoming more spaced out[1], and more warning, a move that unsettles her for some reason before she found out her mother had broken into a top security biohazard lab. As a result, both her mother and her have been exiled from the clan, and her mother all the way from Cygnet XIV. [2]
As of 239303, after some counseling sessions, and the fact her mother will face life in prison, the two are estranged entirely, especially as she tried a very dangerous procedure on her.[3][4]. Their complicated relationship came to an end, as Fairioni committed [5]suicide in prison, perhapse at the behest of someone..

Selene Faranfey.png
Ceciri has looked up to Selene as a mentor for a while now, admiring the woman's professionalism and defense of her crew - although she suspects by now that some pain drives her onward. Regardless, when Ceciri wants some help from someone who has seen more in life, she is more likely to ask Selene - especially after she helped Ceciri out when the issue with her mother exploded .
N/A Ksharian k'Larian s'Ariadust, Ceciri's father was a mechanic who was a steady and calm worker. In sharp contrast to Fairioni, Ksharian was known as a quiet woman who steadily carried on. Ksharian balanced out Fairioni's tendency for grand gestures and ventures, and was considered a good partner, especially as she was very stoic. Ceciri often thought that her untimely death in a mining accident when she was 13 made her mother worse.
N/A Dearaoni s'Ariadust, Ceciri's only blood aunt, is a captain of a interstellar freighter franchise that primarily serves the rim of the Federation. Having adopted Ceciri as her daughter after her own daughter died in a pirate attack and her mother's death, the two are working on a closer relationship, impeded slightly by the fact that they are often in separate quadrants of the galaxy and the fact that Ceciri's exposure to many different cultures has made her more cosmopolitan.
N/A Resachi, Ceciri's sister, is a captain in the Cygnetian Self Defense Force, and served briefly in the Shoals before being reassigned elsewhere. Ceciri didn't know she even had a sibling until she was told in the Shoals. The two have a close relationship, albeit separated by duty and distance.
Tri'lea Polgonz is her arranged spouse, but the two have been finding common ground, especially as they learned each others history. They exchanged a kiss, after learning about the origin of Ceciri's name, and seeing where she grew up.[6]

Spouse: Engaged!

Personal History

Life prior to Starfleet

Ceciri as a Freighter Pilot

Ceciri was born to a relatively simple family. Her mother was a politician, a cousin to the mainline Ariadust political dynasty, and her father was a miner. While her mother had hopes that her daughter would join her and strengthen her branch of the Ariadust dynasty, Ceciri showed a marked aptitude for engineering and mechanical repair. While her mother tried to push her more towards activities that would lead to success as a politician, her father subtly encouraged Ceciri's interest as she had seen from the mines how a good mechanic and engineer was valued.

From an early age, her mother's anti-Starfleet sentiments had caused her to take a blow with the events of Wolf 359 and Starfleet's subsequent response. While her mother had dampened her criticisms, many in the Cygnian government remembered that she had been advocating for lower spending for Federation defense. Consequently, she lost a lot of political power, and she irrationally blamed Starfleet for that even further. With the Dominion War (starting in 2373), her mother surprisingly advocated for more focus to be spent on Federation defense, as well as a general upgrade to Cygnian defenses in an attempt to revive her political fortunes by seizing the war effort. During the upgrade plans, the surprise invasion and occupation of Betazed caused a panic within the Cygnian government, and her mother attempted to capitalize on it to revive her fortunes and advocate reducing manpower and resources sent to Starfleet. Unfortunately for her, her cousin Sharioni Ariadust deftly outmaneuvered her and turned it around, believing strongly that the problem was they sent too few personnel to Starfleet - even at the height of the Dominion War, the portion going offworld was still near .005%. In addition, now that the mainline government was heavily into emergency upgrades of their defense network and creating a mini starbase for the system, she was suddenly disgraced.

The death of Ceciri's father on SD 237510.01 shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Bajor left and her mother had no choice but to join their aunt's shipping venture. At the time, the entire venture was one ship that usually ran cargo, but would often also transport single passengers depending on need. This venture often ran around the Serellan Sector and to Starbase 118, but often ran to spinward directions and the outer colonies. Often operating outside the Federation coreworlds, Ceciri found her Engineering instincts tested and she became rapidly adept at the practicals of maintaining a cargo ship and starship repair. From 2375 to 2387, she gained more responsibility and became a relief pilot as well, having a few close calls, including one at Cart'hen III, where she narrowly escaped death or worse only thanks to someone who threw a disruptor at her.

At the time, she had considered just to continue on her current path. While Ceciri had become very grateful for Starfleet during the years where she had to travel back and forth, she was enough of her mother's daughter to be deterred from joining them. However, on SD 238701.12, the ship she was on was ambushed on a trade route just outside of Cardassian Space by pirates. Their cargo was stolen, and in the boarding action, her uncle died, and she, her cousin, and her aunt were grievously wounded.[7]

And then, the pirates suddenly returned to their ship and attempted to escape. The USS Kitakaze had heard the distress call and was close enough to respond in time. Ceciri's next memory is of waking up in the sickbay of the Dakota-class ship. While they were able to save her and her aunt, her cousin was too far gone, and she died in surgery. Soon after, Ceciri resolved to join Starfleet and honor those who had protected her. Her mother was less than happy with this decision, as she blamed Starfleet for the ability of the pirates to attack.

Personal Life During Starfleet

Ceciri's normally quiet nature kept her from making many friendships, although she did consider Udas and Aigle Phos friends she could ask for advice when it came up. However, shortly after the first mission on the Doyle-A, she was called to undergo a rite by the Cygnian Council of Matriarchs, the upper ruling body of Cygnet XIV. During this, she was cut off from her clan and advised her mother had committed a grave crime. She was also subtly threatened that she would need to find out what exactly happened if she wished to retain even that. Thankfully, Selene Faranfey, one of the ships medical officers helped her out with the incident, something Ceciri was immensely grateful for.[2]

While she had planned to serve on the Doyle for a long time, and had also began to work on side projects such as a shield drone, her plans were derailed by the abduction and subsequent reassignment to the station[8].

Service History

Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank From To Position
Cadet 4th 238812.01 238812.12 N/A
Cadet 3rd 238901.02 238912.20 N/A
Cadet 2nd 239001.01 239012.07 N/A
Cadet 1st 239011.14 239112.14 N/A
USS Constitution-B Galaxy-icon1.gif
Ensign 239112.15 239202.01 Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG 239202.01 239202.16 Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG 239202.16 239204.04 HCO
USS Doyle-A Luna-icon.gif
Lieutenant JG 239204.04 239204.09 HCO
Lieutenant 239204.09 239207.04 HCO
Lieutenant Commander 239207.04 239207.13 HCO
Lieutenant Commander 239207.13 239211.17 Chief HCO
Deep Space 285 DS285-icon.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239211.17 239303.28 Engineering Officer
USS Doyle-A Luna-icon.gif
Lieutenant Commander 239303.28 239307.16 R&D Spec.
USS Athena Odyssey-icon1.gif
Lieutenant Commander 239307.16 239308.12 Chief HCO
New Galway Terraforming Project
Lieutenant 239309.01 239612.01 Terraforming Specialist
USS Veritas
Lieutenant 239612.01 239707.04 Helm Officer
Amity Outpost
Lieutenant 239810.19 ongoing Helm Officer/Terraforming Specialist

Professional History

Starfleet Academy

"It wasn't quite what I expected, from what my uncle described it. But, that is to be expected. No two people see things exactly alike, and that is what adds to the mystique." - Ceciri Ariadust
Ceciri Ariadust
Commissioned on 239112.15
Andrus Jaxx Alex Blair
Academy Commandant
Starfleet Academy
Training Officer
Starbase 118 Campus

Soon after her aunt's ship, the NGL Farseer, was severely damaged in the pirate attack, Ceciri took the entrance exams for Starfleet Academy. on after her aunt's ship, the NGL Farseer, was severely damaged in the pirate attack, Ceciri took the entrance exams for Starfleet Academy. Passing reasonably well in most areas, she was admitted as a cadet in the San Francisco, and immediately felt a bit lost. There are very few Cygnians in Starfleet - indeed very few outside the system itself. Couple that with being a bit older than the median age, and she really didn't make a lot of immediate friendships. While she slowly made a few, the fact she took a very demanding schedule means she had very few extra curricular activities. She did make an interesting one with one of her professors in the Astrographics department, as she was often the other one practicing with various bladed weapons and techniques.

But as she stayed in Starfleet Academy, she became more accustomed to life there, and began to force herself to be a bit more outgoing. While she wasn't the very top of her class, she applied herself to her studies, and between that, her practical experience on board a merchant ship and the occasional experiment she'd do, she excelled in her Engineering classes, and found herself drawn to the idea of crafting new technology, systems and components to improve starships. Picking that as her specialization, she graduated with a 3.64 GPA and found herself posted to the USS Constitution-B.

Onboard the USS Constitution-B

Sb118 constitution-DS9.jpg

"I will never forget how I first boarded my first ship"

Mission Record: Mists of the MindInvoluntary AdmissionFate of the Thomas Edison

Ceciri first boarded the Constitution on the tail end of a mission[9]. The ship was under medical quarantine and she had to board in an EVA suit. From what she gathered as the ship limped back to Deep Space 285, the ship had been invaded by malevolent energy beings. While she might have looked forward to some downtime to get to know her new shipmates, the senior staff was unexpectedly taken hostage on board the station in an apparent attack by the Maquis Reborn.

As the crew of the Constitution worked to find out more information about what is going on, Ceciri was tricked by a saboteur - and if someone else hadn't caught it, could have severely compromised her ship. As it is, her failure to detect the saboteur cost her a broken arm, and the pain from it while Ceciri worked to help defend the ship. Thankfully, they prevailed, but the terrorists still got away with the data they had mined from the ship, and as it turned out the station as well. Before she could reflect on what this meant, the Prometheus Incident happened, and they were sent to find the Thomas Edison all the way over at DSX. With such an event came changes to the fleet, and with several officers being transferred off, Ceciri found herself being reassigned as the HCO officer of the Constitution. It was.. an interesting change.

As they found the Thomas Edison, they too were trapped in an interphase rift. Ceciri saw herself dead, for example, and working with Seff they designed a method to counter the alternate bubbles, by sending a pulse set to the harmonic inverse of the emitted chronotons. However, they were unable to save the Thomas Edison, now infected with a bioweapon from an alternate universe. Working with the transporter chiefs, she was able to recover the away teams after a few false starts, and they started working on a cure. This ultimately turned out to not be in time, and she was barely able to get the Constitution out of the rift before it closed, taking the Thomas Edison with it. A technical success, but a mission that felt like failure, they returned to DSX.

Onboard the USS Doyle-A


"So far, the Doyle is a good ship. And I enjoy the agility of the Luna class compared to the Galaxy class."

Mission Record: Hostile Space SiezeChains of the SisterhoodSpecter of the PastAnd Every Hand Held A Blade

Transferred soon after their return to DSX, Ceciri became the HCO officer of the USS Doyle-A as well as promoted[10]. They were sent out on sea trials, but soon it became obvious to Ceciri and anyone else on the bridge that something more was going on, especially when one of the terrorists on Deep Space 285 turned out to be an agent of Starfleet Intelligence! Worse off, they were headed to Cart'hen III, a place Ceciri wanted to never return to again. And if to add insult to injury, they were hit by a stray shot when the emerged from the QSD. The mission was technically a success, although she did accidentally allow a virus that took out many of the ships systems temporarily. However, the most rattling thing for Ceciri was largely the multiple rapid coincidences that strongly suggest the Doyle was being watched closely. Death is part of the job, many claim, but usually not very close monitoring from Starfleet.

To make matters worse, she later found out that both Michelle Lizner, the Intelligence operative, and the informant were killed by the Maquis Reborn. There seemed to be no closure, and no achievement here, but at least one of the targets was captured. While her personal life was upended by what had happened, she was promoted to Lt. Commander, a move that surprised her. But just then, a news announcement[11] came on, and the Doyle was sent off again. While Ceciri normally manned the bridge, upon arrival, it was very clear that there was a lot of going on. As one of the few shuttle pilots, she was selected to go on the away team to the Matriarch. She was shocked to see the Captain going with her. That said, it was a more dangerous away mission than they anticipated - at the time, it was just a ship with a dampening field, but once on board, it became obvious to all it was a slaver ship. While she tried to keep the party mostly safe, she felt guilty a marine was hurt protecting her, although this faded away when both her and Faranster were injured when a console in front of them exploded, showering them both with shrapnel. Rapidly recovering, Ceciri did her normal activities on shore leave. Although, she got an unsettling peace of news that she passed on to station command. It seems her mother's plan would soon come to fruition, and she hoped that with the warning they could stop any attack from happening.

Unfortunately, the Doyle was dispatched to Omicron Herculis soon after, which revealed that her mother's plot had succeeded. The plot was both an attack on a colony, and a trap for a Starfleet vessel. Ceciri was abducted by her mother to one of the three hidden birds of prey, who were using a merchant ship as bait to lure in the Doyle and attempt to destroy it. Escaping, Ceciri took a bat'leth to the side, but managed to sabotage the bird of prey, letting her get rescued by the Doyle. However, finding out her mother had been behind this, as well as planned genocide of their people, it was felt by a therapist that she would need more time to deal with it, and subsequently was told she should think about a transfer. With the medical issues arising from her mothers attempt to jump-start her growth and increase her psionic powers, she agreed with the therapist about the transfer. [3][8]

Onboard Deep Space 285


While recovering from the ordeal on Deep Space 285, Ceciri took on a role with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a Project Manager. Helping with the rebuild of Deep Space 285, she also aided in the roll out of holographic emitters to be used in disaster testing. While she needed the time to recover and recenter herself, she couldn't wait to get reassigned to a ship. Finally cleared by Starfleet Medical, she was reassigned back to the USS Doyle-A just in time for them to explore a strange planet in the Briar Patch.

Back onboard the Doyle...

However, this would prove to be a strange and short time, as for a while, the mental powers of a strange entity made her think she was in a town called Reverie Rock. Serving as the town's shopkeeper, Ceciri was unable to escape her dream world until the entire dream ended. With very little time to adjust, she was transferred like the rest of the Doyle crew to the USS Athena.

.. for only a short time. Onto the USS Athena


Ceciri, like most of her crew members, were sent out to the Gamma Quadrant on a mission of some importance. While there, she had a temporary relapse of heart issues due to a bad interaction of her heart medication and telepathic suppressants.

.. and onto the New Galway Teraforming Station and the Shoals


As part of her recuperance, she was sent to the New Galway Terraforming Station, to aid in terraforming New Galway, located in the Zeta Pavlonis system. She was also demoted, and took that in order to stay in Starfleet. Eventually, she was cleared for duty and was assigned to the USS Veritas, where she was assigned as a helm officer. She served during several missions, including apprehending a notorious pirate, where she discovered a woman she thought her cousin was really her sister. She continued to serve even after being replaced as the primary helm officer, but more in a limited duty role.

Finally, in mid 2398, she was cleared for full duty again, but just before the Veritas's crew was dispersed. She was assigned to Amity Outpost, in the Delta Quadrant

To Stars Unknown


Assigned as an operations officer, and as the helm officer to the USS Independence-B, Ceciri took up new responsibilities, before an accident at the race caused her to be assigned to limited duty, before moving to assist her fiancee with her colony.

Personal Information

Personal Logs

Miscellaneous Information

  • Onboard the Constitution-B, Ceciri's quarters were on deck 7.
  • Onboard the Doyle-A, Ceciri's quarters were on deck 2.
  • Ceciri enjoyed being a purser, since it gave her a sense of continuity after she joined Starfleet from when she was a merchant.

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239112.14
Starfleet Academy
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239202.01
USS Constitution-B
Citation awarded by Shelther Faranster
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239202.01
USS Constitution-B
Citation awarded by Shelther Faranster
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 239207.04
USS Doyle-A
Citation awarded by Shelther Faranster
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
Prometheus Ribbon 239207.04
USS Doyle-A
Citation awarded by Shelther Faranster
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 239207.04
USS Doyle-A
Citation awarded by Shelther Faranster
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239209.29
USS Doyle-A
Citation awarded by Selene Faranfey
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg
Prisoner of War Ribbon 239211.30
USS Doyle-A
Citation awarded by Selene Faranfey
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239705.21
USS Veritas
Citation awarded by Roshanara Rahman
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239708.13
USS Veritas
Citation awarded by Roshanara Rahman
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239708.13
USS Veritas
Citation awarded by Roshanara Rahman
Maiden Voyage Ribbon.png
Maiden Voyage Ribbon 239909.07
Amity Outpost
Citation awarded by Rivi Vataix
Pips Promoted Rank Promotor Date Citation
Lieutenant JG Cmdr. Shelther Faranster 239202.01 Citation
Lieutenant Cpt. Shelther Faranster 239204.09 Citation
Lieutenant Commander Cpt. Shelther Faranster 239207.04 Citation

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