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Graphics Contest

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The Graphics contest has been hosted for the first time in November/December 2014. In this contest we recognize the amazingly talented artists we have among our membership. Everyone can enter, no matter if beginner or expert.

To include everyone, we differ between two categories:

  • People creation of characters, aliens, merging of people with backgrounds, scenes etc.
  • World-building creation of planets, landscapes, ships, galaxy scenes, technology etc.

Each category has its own winner and Runner up!

  • The winner and runner up will receive a badge for her/his forum signature/Wiki page
  • The winner will be announced in the news on the website
  • We will build a gallery page of all entries with special featuring of the winners
  • And the winner will also receive an IC surprise, which we don't want to spoil.


Graphic Contest Winner
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Graphic Contest Runner Up
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Graphic Contest Judge
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Special Badges

Halloween Contest 2015

Winners and Entries

Winter 2014

Spring 2015

All entries have been in the people category, so both winners and runner ups are in that category.

Summer 2015

All entries have been in the people category, so both winners and runner ups are in that category.

Autumn 2015

All entries have been in the people category, so both winners and runner ups are in that category.

Halloween 2015

Winter 2015


A panel of judges rates the entries for every round, keeping the following list in mind:

  • Creativity and originality: Is the picture original and creative?
  • Does the picture meet the theme? In this case "Wintertime and Holidays in Trek-Land"
  • Is the picture blended nicely? Do the parts of the image look like they belong together or do they look like they are pasted together from single snippets?
  • Overall quality of the image

The entries of each category will be rated with a ranking system. Ordering the entries from 1 to (number of entries), with 1 as the finest and on down. Meaning if we have 5 entries in a category, you will give the ranking from 1 to 5, every entry receives 1 number, starting with 1 as the best in your opinion. The entry with the lowest number will be the category winner.


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