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Featured Bio Contest

This Month's Winner

USS Veritas
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In 2014, the Featured Bio Contest Team made several changes to the contest. Nominated biographical wiki articles were now all eligible to become the Featured Bio of StarBase 118 and the minimum selection criteria was changed to become the judging criteria: an ideal standard but not necessarily a requirement. The Featured Nominee was now the second place nominee in the final vote count by the Featured Bio Contest Team.

List of Featured Articles from 2014

Brek1.jpg Brek
December 2014

Brek started his professional career as a bookkeeper for the Fenix Corps Mining Operation, then entered Starfleet Academy as a science cadet. The Ferengi's performance suffered, and he decided to change it to diplomacy. As a diplomat, he used to work alongside aide Ensign Jean Baptiste Dakarai.

He started his diplomatic career working on the formation of the Thracian Alliance, and to this day, remains dedicated to the Thracian/Romulan cause. Over the course of his career, he has held the positions of Vice Counselor, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Second Officer, and now serves aboard the USS Columbia as First Officer to Commander Benjamin Livingston.

Featured Nominee: Debra Cross

Sal2.jpg Sal Taybrim
November 2014

Popular and charismatic as a child and the son of a politician, it would only seem natural that Sal Taybrim, a Betazoid, eventually went on to become a diplomatic officer, but it was actually his interest in counseling that brought him to Starfleet. After an accident while attempting to mindlink with an alien computer, Sal spent the next year in recovery to regain his telepathy and learn again how to control it. During this time, he came into contact with Starfleet officers and particularly counselors who inspired him to apply to Starfleet Academy.

After graduation, he went on to serve as counselor aboard the USS Excalibur-A before moving to science aboard the USS Darwin-A. Now aboard the USS Columbia, Sal took up the position of Chief Diplomatic Officer upon his promotion to Lt. Commander. A man of eclectic tastes, his interests include minigolf and trying out spicy foods.

Featured Nominee: Rune Jolara

TarsiiAsmara.jpg Tarsii Asmara
October 2014

The son of an enhanced Angosian war veteran and a psychotherapist, science officer Tarsii Asmara was born with genetic instabilities and overly aggressive behavior that nearly threatened his life. Fortunately, when he was seven, it was discovered that the implantation of a special chip into his brain would allow Tarsii to suppress his aggression and restore the physiochemical balance of his body.

The treatment was successful but wasn't without its side effects, two of which were the loss of all body hair and accelerated aging. Because of this, when he graduated from Starfleet Academy, he appeared to be nearly double his actual age of 24 at the time.

Featured Nominee: Sundassa

EvanDelano-LtJG-Gold.jpg Evan Delano
September 2014

Lieutenant Evan Delano is the strategic operations officer of the USS Garuda. Lieutenant Delano's prowess in martial arts has awarded him first place at two Starfleet Academy martial arts tournaments and second place at two more. His career has previously seen him stationed aboard the USS Tiger-A with a reassignment to the Garuda after a medical LOA.

From his early days growing up in Albany, New York, he entered Starfleet Academy over the objections of his parents. First he started out as an engineering student, then decided it wasn't for him and went forth to major in security with minors in helm and operations. He has served as an HCO officer, security officer, and a security chief prior to taking up the post of strategic operations.

Featured Nominee: Nicole Fullmer

Turner.jpg Toni Turner
August 2014

Fleet Captain Toni Turner is currently the Commanding Officer of the Embassy on Duronis II and the USS Thunder-A. Fleet Captain Turner has enjoyed an illustrious career with Starbase 118 beginning with her first assignment as Counselor at the Embassy. Since her first assignment, Fleet Captain Turner has served aboard a number of vessels in the fleet including, the USS Challenger, the USS Peregrin, the USS Geronimo, the USS Resolution, the USS Constitution-B, and the USS Ronin.

From her days as a little girl in Georgia, USA learning outdoor survival skills, to serving as a counselor, the Chief Medical Officer, and ultimately the Commanding Officer, Fleet Captain Turner has had a varied career. During her first assignment at the Embassy on Duronis II, Fleet Captain Turner developed a deep love for the Laudean people and the planet itself. Upon her transfer to the USS Challenger, Turner made it her goal to one day return to Duronis II which became the defining goal for her career.

Featured Nominees: Ethan Brice and Rendal Rennyn

Jaxxdress.jpg Andrus Jaxx
July 2014

Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx is a high ranking Betazoid officer of great renown having commanded the USS Victory, StarBase 118 Ops, the USS Apollo, and its successor the Odyssey class USS Apollo-A. A great many officers have served and thrived under his leadership, but he started out just the same as any officer and first served as a counsellor aboard the USS Challenger in 2384. He worked through the ranks and did a spell as a strategic operation officer as he took his first steps into command as second officer aboard that ship. From there, he was first officer aboard the USS Resolution before moving back into the role of strategic operations officer aboard the USS Eagle. In 2387 he was transferred to the USS Victory as first officer and would later become its commanding officer.

Outside of work, fitness is important to Jaxx, who loves to work out. He can often be found in the holodeck playing sports such as racquetball, fencing, skiing or sparring and is notably one of few Betazoids who can use a Bat’leth. He is an avid swimmer and spends as much time in the water as is reasonably possible.

He likes socialising with and getting to know his crew and will scrub in and help even the lowliest of crewmen, often much to their surprise! He is an excellent judge of character and is able to quickly assess new officers and decide whether he will like them or not. There are very few people on his bad side but thankfully they generally have the sense to keep out of his way.

Featured Nominee: Nia Calderan

Kaitlyn Off Duty.png Kaitlyn Falcon
June 2014

Lieutenant Commander Kaitlyn Falcon is the Chief of Helm/Communications and Ops aboard the USS Darwin NCC 99312. She and her non-identical twin sister Rebecca were born on the USS Freedom at the end of the Dominion War. Kaitlyn has lived most of her life aboard starships.

She left the USS Nova to work for her brother on his freighter the SS Nova, giving her experience of life on Starfleet and Civilian spacecraft. She learned to fly a bulky freighter, patch up damaged systems and shoot pirates with a modified phaser. The experienced would later be described as allowing her to see parts of the Federation that weren’t on tour.

Eventually she left and joined Starfleet Academy and when she graduated was assigned to the USS Vigilant. From there she worked through the ranks and was transferred later in the year to the newly launched USS Darwin-A. Rhino, a beautiful ginger and white Syrian hamster is her pet companion.

Kaitlyn’s interest in piloting is such that she keeps a large number of holodeck simulations to keep her skills sharp and will fly any craft, air or space from as many different cultures as she can find. Other hobbies and talents include playing the piano and rock climbing, which was something her mother had enjoyed.

Eerie1.jpg Eerie
May 2014

Lieutenant Commander Eerie is the chief of security and tactical aboard the USS Vigilant NCC-75515-A. The Brikar officer began his career as a tactical officer and has served previously on the USS Aurora, the USS Avandar where he first moved into the role of department chief, and the original USS Vigilant. He is an ambitious officer who has set his sights on working towards becoming a commander and then moving on to be a commanding officer someday.

One of Eerie’s most difficult missions to date was the ‘Eden’ mission where the USS Avandar crashed on an alien world and the crew spent 10 years trying to pick up the pieces. During that time the Bolian he’d been dating died in childbirth, leaving him to raise a child alone. Crewman Debarres was among those who helped him, and it brought the two of them closer together in friendship. One of his friends turned rogue and started acting against the survivors along with a few other rebels who broke away. When it later turned out that everything they’d experienced had not been real, those actions continued to scar the relationship. When that friend died on a later mission it became one of Eerie’s regrets that he hadn’t been a better, more forgiving friend and managed to mend their friendship.

A later mission on the USS Vigilant would see Eerie face another illusion, this time created by an alien species as part of a social experiment. During the ‘Ravensville’ experience, he led the life of a Police Captain and was known as Mark ‘Eerie’ Swift. He sometimes finds himself using the odd strange remark, or exhibiting ‘un-Brikar like’ behaviour learned in that situation.

Featured Nominee: Raj Blueheart

Richards new.jpg Alexander Richards
April 2014

Chief Science Officer Alexander Richards of the USS Gemini was born in Tycho City, Lunar Colony. Whilst studying the sciences at Oxford University, Alexander had a paper published on applied warp mechanics past, present and beyond. He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2387, after which he took up his first duty post in the Operations Division on the USS Independence-A in 2388 as the Chief Communications Officer. He later served on the USS Tiger-A, USS Mercury, USS Drake, and Starbase 118 Ops before being assigned to the USS Gemini.

While investigating a strange occurrence on Deep Space 10 during his time aboard the Mercury, Alexander triggered the base's ancient defense systems and was paralyzed from the waist down. He is now in a wheelchair, but he has not let this get in the way of his career. Alexander feels his biggest achievement in life so far is becoming a father to his son John Richards. He always wants to set an example for him and be the best role model that he can be.

Featured Nominee: Dade Adarnis

Quinn Reynolds.jpg Quinn Reynolds
March 2014

Captain Quinn Reynolds is Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Garuda. Her long, rich history in the fleet has seen her serve on a myriad number of ships including occupying the centre chairs of both the USS Eagle and the USS Drake. A tormented Martian genius, she has been involved in a number of classified, high risk missions that led to her posting to the Menthar Corridor, an area near Breen, Tholian, and Cardassian space.

Tolerant, flexible, yet socially awkward, Quinn often spends off-duty time working on a thesis or academic project, or playing the piano. She appreciates the relationship between music and mathematics and finds the logical nature of technology reassuring. In some respects, that makes life aboard a starship ideal, although she is also a gardening enthusiast and keeps a sizable garden at her home in the Columbia Hills settlement on Mars.

Featured Nominee: Alexander Richards

Ltjgskyfire.jpg Chythar Skyfire
February 2014

Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire is a medical officer aboard the USS Excalibur-A. He is passionate about science and languages. Although he serves as a Starfleet officer, he has mixed feelings towards the organisation as he feels it robbed him of time with his mother, who died while on assignment with them. Since joining the fleet in 2390, he has also served aboard StarBase 118 Ops.

In his spare time, he can often be found making chainmail or reading in his quarters, although he also enjoys conversations with his crew mates. His best friend, Sal Taybrim, serves aboard the USS Darwin-A. His middle name, Daniel, has earned him the nickname "CD".

Featured Nominee: Eerie

Sav1uniformbackground.jpg Saveron
January 2014

Doctor Saveron is the Chief Medical officer on the USS Garuda. He began his career aboard the USS Ronin under the command of Captain Toni Turner back in 2388. Between then and now, he has seen ships launch, introduced his son to the Laudean people, confronted the Borg and acted as chief medic and advisor to a selection of captains throughout the fleet.

When not in sickbay, he practices Vulcan martial arts, reads and plays music. He is strongly averse to the use of phasers. He is known for keeping a white pet tribble and has a holographic piano! The best advice for anyone visiting his quarters, though, is to wear an EV suit – he likes to keep them at Vulcan humidity, temperature and gravity, so it may not be a comfortable visit otherwise!

Featured Nominee: Andrus Jaxx

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