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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thunder-A

The mission of the Medical Department is to ensure that Starfleet personnel get the care they need for their physical and mental health. Medical Division personnel are also often deeply involved with research projects of their own and work closely with their colleagues in the Science Department.

Embassy Facilities

The medical facilities are housed in a seperate Medical Center on the Embassy grounds. The first floor of the Medical Center houses the CMO's office, a conference room, three surgical suites, a lab, two private recovery rooms, and many biobeds. The second floor of the Medical Center has four more recovery rooms, a gym and health centre, and a physical therapy area. The second floor is also where you'll find the Chief Counsellor's Office, four smaller therapy rooms, and two rooms dedicated to sleep and psychological testing.

Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)

The Embassy Medical Unit is equipped with one EMH named Bobby (affectionately called, Doctor Bobby), that supplements the medical staff during times of emergency, and also serves with the relief team. Bobby is capable of diagnosing and performing treatments by tapping into the over 2,000 medical references in its data bank.

USS Thunder-A Facilities



Sickbay is a refuge not only for the Ship's Doctor but the ill on board. Here, the Doctor and the multiple Medical staff can treat any ailment a crew member seems to be suffering from. It is also equipped to deal with the treatment of unknown illnesses or analysing unknown species. The typical ICU on board are the four biobeds aligned on one side of the wall. These are designated to those who are recieving treatment. There are monitors above the biobeds which explain in detail the illness and the lifesigns of the patient, typically called biofunction monitors.

Other treatment facilities available in a Akira Class sickbay include physical therapy rooms, OB/GYN and nursery areas, and an emergency bio support unit. A surgical suite is used for extensive surgeries and autopsies. A stasis unit is also available, used to temporarily place patients in suspended animation for later treatment. A morgue facility is also part of sickbay.

CMO's Office

CMO's Office

The Chief Medical Officer can usually be found hiding in the office. It is a place for relaxation and to work in privacy, to conduct meetings with patients or to simply get some alone time. The Office is located on Deck 8 close to Sickbay, as someone is needed to be present constantly in case of emergency.

Counselling Suite

Counselling Suite

Being a Ship's Counselor has its good days and its bad days. Like any job, it comes with hazards of the workplace but they usually rest within the minds of the crew. The Counselor's main duties are to ensure the morale of the Crew is kept high and no crew member is left to languish behind the rest.

The Office is fitted with comfortable seating for one-on-one sessions but the Counselors also have a designated area for therapy group sessions. The Chief Counselling Officer has his or her own personal office space to decorate appropriately and conduct meetings with patients or members of the crew. The Counselling Ante-Room has a small waiting area and a desk for the Counselling Yeoman who greets patients and schedules sessions for the Counselors.


Some Starfleet personnel can find solace from the aggravations of day-to-day life in exercising their bodies. The Security department encourages constant use of this facility; tournaments and competitions are held regularly in this room.

The gymnasium is located on deck 16. This weight room has full body building and exercise apparatuses available for your disposal; any kind of exercise can be performed here, be it Terran, Klingon, Vulcan (it isn't logical to let your body atrophy), Bajoran, Trill, or others.

There is also a wrestling mat in the gymnasium, which can be used for wrestling, martial arts, kick-boxing, or any other sort of hand-to-hand fighting. There are holo-diodes along the walls and ceiling which generate a holographic opponent (if you can't find someone to challenge), trained in the combat field of your choice. The computer stores your personal attack and defense patterns as it gains experience on your style of fighting, and adapts to defeat you. All personnel on the Akira Class must go through a full physical fitness and hand-to-hand combat test every six months.

There are also racks of hand-to-hand combat weapons, for use in training. Ancient weapon proficiencies for Starfleet personnel are recommended by Akira Class's security division; phasers may not always be available for use in contingencies. Terran, Klingon, Betazoid, Vulcan, Bajoran, and other non-energy weapons are available for training.


Embassy Medical Crew Manifest
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Lt. Commander
Boris Hendon
Chief Medical Officer


Embassy Medical Staff NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Denji Ryan El-Aurian male Counsellor Brayden Jorey
Wilbur Devonshire Human male Doctor/Counselor Toni Turner