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Deployable Operations Group Star Base
Triton Class Engineering Station

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Unity One, Federation Deployable Operations Group (DOG) Star Base


Located deep in the Ithassa Region of space in the Aurona Sector.

A dangerous area of the Ithassa Region with several nebulae and uniformly poor communications and sensors. It is filled with magnetic shoals, gravitational rifts, thoron radiation and gas jets.

The station is in orbit of a Gambian planet. The planet was once very much like Mars, but with 60 years of development and testing on the planet it was reclassified as a Class M planet and the engineering station in orbit became the Federation's "Deployable Operations Group Station."

The station, already having a larger and stronger hull, was a good choice for the new high priority command station. The magnetic shoals, gravitational rifts and thoron radiation in heavy amounts made transporters useless in this part of space, so the security of staff being beamed out was not a worry to Starfleet.

The station is currently commanded by Captain Thomas Keen Rathbone.

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