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This chronicles the missions of the USS Constitution-B from 2392 onwards, under the command of Jalana Rajel.

For earlier missions, see Constitution Mission Archive 2378-2387 and Constitution Mission Archive 2388 to 2391. For missions under Captain Shelther Faranster please see Constitution Mission Archive pre-Rajel.

USS Constitution-B Mission Archive Database

Blind Spot.png
Blind Spot
  • Stardate 239406.09 -
    • Coming Soon
  • Stardate 239402.10 - 239404.25
    • The Constitution crew is informed that they are moving to a new region of duty for at least a year. Starfleet wants them to leave right away to host peace talks between Hinji and Linara. Both species share the same star-system. For a while that went all well, but the small planets each species are on get crowded, so both species want to expand and colonise the last inhabitable planet in the system. Both believe they have 'claim' and are now on the brink of war. The leaders request Starfleet's help. Can they stop events unfolding to a war of worlds or are they too late?

What lies below.png
What lies below
  • Stardate 239308.07 - 239311.04
    • A Dokkaran group of the planet Kelan have to leave their home due to the poisoning of the soil putting them all in danger. They ask Starfleet for help to find a new home. Dagorin VI sounds like the perfect planet, but why would signals from a supposedly crushed terrorist group come from the uninhabited system? And what do the Dokkaran know about the reasons of the poisoning of Kelan? And why would anyone track their ships? What lies behind their re-settlement and are they alone on their new home?

Conny-Cloak and dagger.png
Cloak and Dagger
  • Stardate 239304.25 - 239307.01
    • After enjoying shore leave at Starbase 11 the Constitution Crew leaves for a routine supply run. Before they are under way, however, a vessel hails them requesting sanctuary. The passenger is afraid for her life, after she witnesses a conversation that reveals that the recent death of a government official was not an accident or of natural causes. As she wants to leave the planet to find help, she misses her flight and the ship she was supposed to board explodes. Taking an alternative route, she finds the Constitution and does not only reveal the situation, but also that her people are Suliban. Will the crew help? And if so, what will they find out? Who is behind the murder of Junor and the alleged attempt to kill Akana?

  • Stardate 239301.05 - 239304.08
    • The USS Constitution receives a distress call that is barely audible apart from the words "They are coming". The call is originated in the Bretaka Nebula from the USS Unity, a deep research ship that is well a known part of history for disappearing over 100 years ago. What happened to the ship? Why have they called out now? What are they doing so far from their Mission area? And who are 'they'?

  • Stardate 239209.21 - 239212.01
    • During routine patrols in the Talos Sector, the Constitution gets shaken through violently as they are pulled into a surprisingly appearing singularity. Upon scans and research they find out that they landed close to Earth, on June 27th 1914. The temporal rift has closed itself and the ship has been damaged during transfer. Will the crew be able to return to their own time?

Constitution Medina Ascending.png
Medina Ascending
  • Stardate 239206.23 - 239208.24
    • On their way to Starbase 11 - the Constitution's new home base - the crew receives a distress call from a freighter. Upon arrival they learn from the Captain of the SS Medica Ascending, that they have been attacked, boarded and robbed of their cargo by unknown aliens. During their efforts to help the Conny crew researches the attack to find the culprits. But things don't add up. Can they find out what really happened?

NPC Listing   ·   USS Constitution-B Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Jalana Rajel
Maxwell Traenor
Lara Grayson.jpg
Helm Officer
Lara Grayson
Chelin Ch'Gabor 1.png
Chief of Science
Chelin Ch'Gabor
Science Officer
Wyn Foster.jpg
Shar'Wyn Foster
Jerome Milsap.png
Jerome Milsap
Prudence Blackwell.png
Com/OPS Officer
Prudence Blackwell
Atan T'Seva.png
Act. Chief Sec/Tac
Atan T'Seva
Msn. Sec. Specialist
Sinda Essen
Dag Sindri.png
Dag Sindri
Damian Wynter.png
Damian Wynter
Choi Ji-hu
Solaris McLaren.png
Chief of Intel
Solaris McLaren
Intel Officer
Tracey Townson
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