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September 2015

Session Start: Sun Sep 13 13:06:38 2015
Session Ident: #starbase118
�03[13:06] * Now talking in #starbase118
�03[13:06] * Topic is 'UFOP: SB118 - We are a Star Trek role-playing game at�'
�03[13:06] * Set by FltAdmlWolf! on Sun Aug 02 17:21:09 2015
�03[13:06] * LtCmdr_Blair ( has joined #starbase118
[13:06] <Vie> Hey Anora
�01[13:06] <Anora> Hey Vie!
[13:06] <RAdmiral_Toni> Anora!
[13:06] <@Nugra> Lupo - Military deployment to Afghanistan. :)
[13:06] <@Renos> Hi all
�01[13:06] <Anora> Admiral!
[13:07] <Vie> I almost just said Hey Blair Witch.. ...yup, I'm tired.
[13:07] <@Leo_HP> Greetings new arrivals
[13:07] <@Renos> How are you Anora and Cookie?
[13:07] <LtCmdr_Blair> Afternoon everyone!
[13:07] <Brell2334> hey hey anora, welcome
�06[13:07] * Anora tacklehugs the furrball and then Admiral
[13:07] <@Nugra> lol
[13:07] <RAdmiral_Toni> lol
�03[13:07] * Ceilidh (kiwiirc@23.91.mnl.gzo) has joined #starbase118
�01[13:07] <Anora> Congrats again btw Nugra
[13:07] <Brell2334> you to valdivia, hey
[13:07] <skyfire> Riverview!
�01[13:07] <Anora> I'm good Renos, yourself?
[13:07] <Cookie> Im good thanks Captain Renos
[13:07] <Ceilidh> Hello Skyfire!
[13:07] <@Nugra> Thank you, Anora. :)
�03[13:07] * FltAdmlWolf changes topic to 'Welcome to the monthly fleet wide chat! Tell us something funny that happened on your ship in the past month! || UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG -�'
[13:07] <skyfire> :: hugs riverview ::
[13:07] <@Renos> I'm doing well thanks
[13:07] <TylerKellyMobile> Hey  Ceilidh!
[13:07] <@Renos> Just cooking dinner
[13:07] <@Leo_HP> Hi all
[13:08] <Ceilidh> Hey Tyler! Thanks for the hug skyfire
[13:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> heya ALL!
[13:08] <Ceilidh> how's it going?
[13:08] <Eerie> what is for dinner?
[13:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> whoah, capslock >.<
�03[13:08] * Hannibal ( has joined #starbase118
[13:08] <Eerie> hello Parker
[13:08] <TylerKellyMobile> Looking forward to writing with you Ceilidh
[13:08] <Vie> Hey Hannibal
[13:08] <Brell2334> Hannibal!
[13:08] <RAdmiral_Toni> Hey Hannibal!
[13:08] <Hannibal> Good afternoon all!!!!!!
�01[13:08] <Anora> Hey Hannibal
[13:08] <Toni_Lupo> Hello Parker.
[13:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> afternoon!
[13:09] <Ceilidh> Hello Sal!
[13:09] <skyfire> Ceilidh: Every day's a good day for hugs.
[13:09] <@Leo_HP> Alas I have to leave you all (got a meal to go to). have fun!
[13:09] <Hannibal> Hugs are good......
�03[13:09] * Mikey_TheoWhittaker (kiwiirc@2.217.hhm.vj) has joined #starbase118
[13:09] <Ceilidh> true! after 2 days of non stop rain here, hugs are nice
[13:09] <skyfire> I agree.
[13:09] <@Renos> Later Leo, take care and enjoy dinner
[13:09] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> good evening all! :D
[13:09] <Valdivia> Hello everyone!
[13:09] <@Leo_HP> Thanks
[13:09] <Toni_Lupo> I agree Sky - free hugs everyone.
[13:09] <RAdmiral_Toni> bye Leo
�01[13:09] <Anora> Take care Leo!
[13:09] <TylerKellyMobile> Yo mikey what's up
[13:09] <Toni_Lupo> Bye Leo
[13:09] <@Leo_HP> bye all :D
[13:10] <Hannibal> TAke care Leo!!!!!!
[13:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> take care!
[13:10] <@Nugra> bye!
[13:10] <skyfire> Bye, leo!
[13:10] <skyfire> Mikey!
[13:10] <Eerie> bye leo
[13:10] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> hey tyler, im good!
[13:10] <skyfire> :: hugs Mikey ::
�02[13:10] * @Leo_HP ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:10] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Skyfire! :: hugs back ::
[13:10] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Later!
[13:10] <Hannibal> ...bear hugs the room........
[13:10] <skyfire> Mikey: I miss ya guys already
[13:10] <Cookie> lol
[13:10] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> awww we miss you to!
[13:11] <@Nugra> Hey, Hannibal. :)
[13:11] <@Sal_Taybrim> What ships do we have representing today?
[13:11] <@Nugra> Columbia is here. :)
[13:11] <Cookie> USS Darwin-A
[13:11] <Hannibal> HEllo Captain Nugra!!!!!!!
[13:11] <Toni_Lupo> Avandar
[13:11] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> ive just finished customising a t-shirt for my first day back at university tomoor :)
[13:11] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Columbia
[13:11] <Hannibal> USS Thunder-A!!!!!
[13:11] <skyfire> Gorkon
[13:11] <Ceilidh> Hello Nugra!
[13:11] <LtCmdr_Blair> Apollo is here
[13:11] <@Nugra> Hello Ceilidh!
[13:11] <Brell2334> Darwin - Quite a few of us in the room actually
[13:11] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Hey Nugra!
[13:11] <TylerKellyMobile>  I didn't even get to snuggle your Beagle skyfire. And nobthats not a euphemism...
[13:11] <Valdivia> I'd say Darwin but I see we are already represented!
�06[13:11] * @Nugra waves
[13:11] <Cookie> hey Brell
�06[13:11] * Anora is nearly crushed to death by Hannibal's bear hug
[13:12] <Vie> The Embassy itself... ..once we figure out how to fit engines to a building - with grounds.
[13:12] <RAdmiral_Toni> Embassy/Thunder/Bronwyn LOL
[13:12] <Hannibal> Poor Anora.....
[13:12] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'd like to see a flying Embassy >.>
[13:12] <@Sal_Taybrim> But I bet the turning would be beastly!
[13:12] <TylerKellyMobile> Could be done.
�01[13:12] <Anora> We've blown it up, we might as well make it fly someday
[13:12] <skyfire> Tyler: I'm sorry about that...
�01[13:12] <Anora> Maybe the Laudean fielding led to the discovery of world engines?
[13:12] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Theo shall investigate the possibility of a flying embassy....
[13:12] <Hannibal> LOL@ Anora....
[13:12] <Toni_Lupo> Blown it up? Why?
[13:13] <Vie> We could just get Zaphod Beeblebrox to publicly anounce his presence...
[13:13] <RAdmiral_Toni> hehe we could managed it with our diplomatic facilities on the Thunder, Sal
[13:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> "Why dis you requisition such big engines for Duronis" "...don't ask..."
[13:13] <Vie> A nice flight to the Frogstar.
�01[13:13] <Anora> The Klingons didn't like the way it looked?
�02[13:13] * Richard ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:13] <RAdmiral_Toni> We
[13:13] <Hannibal> WE had an invasion a few years ago...pretty well trashed the place....Klingons, Orions....they had issues....
[13:13] <skyfire> Theo: did you know that the nickname of the Apollo is the "Flying Desk?"
�03[13:13] * Alucard_Vess ( has joined #starbase118
[13:13] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> I did not know that!
[13:13] <Brell2334> it's been blown up a few times now so who knows
[13:13] <Toni_Lupo> Wait, talking about old Embassy or is it something new?
[13:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> So, any good tales from the last month?  What's been going on with your ships?
[13:14] <RAdmiral_Toni> We're on the fringes and we need good back up
�01[13:14] <Anora> This was the current embassy
[13:14] <skyfire> Vess!
�01[13:14] <Anora> The old one was also trashed though
[13:14] <Alucard_Vess> hey
[13:14] <Hannibal> Commander Vess!!!!!!
�01[13:14] <Anora> Hey Vess!
[13:14] <@Nugra> Hey Vess! Long time no chat!
[13:14] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Sal, a pirate queen has been harassing columbia as a 'dog' from the fourth dimension!
[13:14] <RAdmiral_Toni> Andrew~
[13:14] <Eerie> Vess!
[13:14] <Vie> New Embassy, after Hannibal's second Stag night we had to build an all new one and quarantine the first one.
[13:14] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hi Vess!
[13:14] <@Nugra> O.o
[13:14] <Hannibal> LOL!
�01[13:14] <Anora> lol vie
[13:14] <Alucard_Vess> second stag night?
[13:15] <skyfire> Sal: Disturbing trend in Cadfael's career. Every posting except for the Darwin, he's been involved in an explosion.
[13:15] <Alucard_Vess> wasn't the firwst one raunchy enough?
[13:15] <Toni_Lupo> We stopped the war, saved few lives, lost Wilde and Siris and are going to help a planet to hatch.
[13:15] <Brell2334> Welcome Vess
[13:15] <Brell2334> Let's see biggest thing in my character lives from the last mission was unexpected mid mission labor
[13:15] <RAdmiral_Toni> true Vie
[13:15] <Ceilidh> how long does this chat go for?
[13:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> People like explosions?
[13:15] <Valdivia> Well... we closed a Prometheus Rift and had a few disagreements with Sicarius
�01[13:15] <Anora> Officially, an hour. Unofficially, till everyone leaves
[13:15] <Ceilidh> asking as there is a break in rain and my two doods neeed a good walk
[13:15] <Hannibal> Chat room is always open....
[13:15] <Alucard_Vess> speaking of Cadfael, I saw a DVD of the show at the bookstore yesterday ;)
[13:15] <Ceilidh> sweet. see everyone in about 30 min
[13:15] <skyfire> Sal: Cadfael doesn't like explosions.
[13:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ceilidh: You can stay as long as you like.  It usually lasts about 90 minutes before people head out
[13:16] <Valdivia> and our diplomatic officer had twins, as Brell was saying
[13:16] <Hannibal> Hannibal LOVES explosions....
[13:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hannibal should meet Cadfael...  >.>
[13:16] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> I am going to miss writing for the Pirate Queen. She has been such a blast!
[13:16] <Vie> Vess - it's worth picking up that show.
[13:16] <@Renos> Hi Valdivia
[13:16] <TylerKellyMobile> Tyler uses explosions for everything.
�02[13:16] * Ceilidh (kiwiirc@23.91.mnl.gzo) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:16] <Toni_Lupo> Brell, you're a father and you still didn't call Toni? That's sloppy.
[13:16] <skyfire> Sal: That'd be a bad idea. Cadfael would find ways to lock up Hannibal's arsenal.
[13:17] <TylerKellyMobile> They just happen around me. Sometimes because I cause them.
[13:17] <Valdivia> Hi Renos
[13:17] <Hannibal> Hannibal would be...displeased.......
[13:17] <Brell2334> The invitations to the naming ceremony have not been sent yet toni ;P
[13:17] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> including Theo's environmental suit eh Tyler?
�01[13:17] <Anora> One must never displease Hannibal, he makes the Klingons look like puppies
[13:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> I sense conflict brewing.  Good thing space is big.  >.>
[13:18] <Toni_Lupo> Just displeased? Hannibal? You're getting too gentle.
[13:18] <skyfire> Hannibal: Cadfael's had both ears replaced by the EARS implants, and he hates things that go boom.
[13:18] <Vie> You can displease Hannibal if you have an adequate sheild to hide behind.
[13:18] <Cookie> My charecter Ensign Cook fell flat on his face trying to take a knee with a survival pack on his back and carrying his medkit what can be said he is a doctor!
[13:18] <RAdmiral_Toni> Gotta run.. sorry all... company is at the door now
[13:18] <Vie> Sadly, nobody has found out how large of a sheild that is...
[13:18] <TylerKellyMobile> Yeah I think Theo was "accessory to explosion" on that one.
[13:18] <@Nugra> Have a good day, Admiral!
[13:18] <Vie> See you alter Admiral
�02[13:18] * RAdmiral_Toni ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:18] <Hannibal> TAke care, Admiral!!!!
[13:18] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Thanks for that!
[13:18] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Bye Admiral
[13:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> Cook: ouch!  sounds like a crazy time
[13:19] <@Renos> There are a lot of cool things going on with the Darwin. Doctor Cook is pretty funny.
[13:19] <Hannibal> An entire quadrant is not enough shielding....
[13:19] <@Renos> His arms are going like windmills in sickbay as he tries his hand at 'first contact' with their Ash'lie guest
[13:20] <Brell2334> That was funny
[13:20] <@Sal_Taybrim> windmills?
[13:20] <Toni_Lupo> Interesting, can you link a sim? Sounds fun.
[13:20] <Cookie> yes erm well this alien species dosnt k
[13:20] <Vie> "We are communicating by semaphore... ..I think."
[13:20] <@Nugra> lol
[13:20] <Cookie> *understand sign language hahah
[13:20] <@Renos>!topic/sb118-darwin/ZsfdQure_K4
[13:20] <TylerKellyMobile> Our betazoid doctor intercepted Nugra's primitive thoughts and was over come with the urge to bathe in the blood of her enemies.
[13:20] <Hannibal> We've got a budding insurgency building on Duronis....
�03[13:20] * Solok ( has joined #starbase118
[13:21] <@Nugra> THAT was a fun moment to sim. :D
[13:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Solok!
[13:21] <@Nugra> Nugra hunting his own away team. :D
[13:21] <skyfire> :: waves hello. ::
[13:21] <Solok> Hello
[13:21] <Alucard_Vess> That happens to everyone who gets near Nugra...
[13:21] <TylerKellyMobile> Also Nugra ATE my face.
[13:21] <@Renos> Hi Solok
[13:21] <@Nugra> LOL
[13:21] <Hannibal> Nugra wants to bathe in Hannibals' blood......
[13:21] <TylerKellyMobile> well clawed it.
[13:21] <Cookie> thank you captain......(blushing)
[13:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> Did you get a new one?
[13:21] <Vie> Your face was tasty...
[13:21] <@Nugra> Just making it look better, Tyler.
[13:21] <Stennes> Good to see you Solok
[13:22] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> LOL Nugra!!!
[13:22] <Brell2334> The dangers of working with Gronzilla
[13:22] <Hannibal> @Nugra....clawing the faces of your own shipmates?
[13:22] <Brell2334> Gornzilla*
[13:22] <Solok> Thanks Stennes. Even though I don't know you. =)
[13:22] <@Nugra> Yep.
[13:22] <Solok> Oh, wait
�03[13:22] * Solok is now known as Solok_Dara
[13:22] <skyfire> Brell: You've missed the FaceClaw adventures on the Columbia.
[13:22] <TylerKellyMobile> Sal_Taybrim: it actually just got a fashionable claw Mark.
[13:22] <@Nugra> Hannibal - The alien spirit on the planet tapped in to his primal side and unleashed him on the planet.
[13:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ahhh, that sounds a little better
[13:23] <Alucard_Vess> Alien spirit... Vodka?
[13:23] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Claw marks are in this season
[13:23] <Hannibal> That could not be good.......
[13:23] <@Nugra> Bourbon, Mister vess. :)
[13:23] <@Nugra> It wasn't.
[13:23] <TylerKellyMobile> Yep, I made a pic. Let me link it.
[13:23] <Vie> Gorn Gone Wild?
[13:23] <skyfire> Theo: Skyfire hasn't told anyone on the Gorkon about his telepathy problem yet
[13:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hahaha.  "I got mauled so well I made a picture of it!"  ;-)
[13:23] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Skyfire: I see :)
�03[13:23] * Cookie is now known as [Graeme_Cook]
[13:23] <Hannibal> ouch......
[13:24] <Hawkeye> To be fair, Skyfire hasn't yet talked to anyone from the normal command crew.
[13:24] <Eerie> oh our FO has a secret?
�03[13:24] * Jalana ( has joined #starbase118
�03[13:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jalana
[13:24] <skyfire> Hawkeye: Um....well, by virtue of the comm channel, he's said hello to the captain.
[13:25] <Alucard_Vess> All FO's have secrets
[13:25] <Eerie> :)
[13:25] <Hawkeye> He's not exactly been duplicitous about it. It would have been awkward to bring it up then.
[13:25] <Alucard_Vess> I did, still do
�03[13:25] * Vetri ( has joined #starbase118
[13:25] <@Quinn_Reynolds> In which she said "Hi, bring us home, oh btw we have diseases".
[13:25] <Eerie> hello Vetri
[13:25] <Vetri> Heya
[13:25] <Hawkeye> "Hey, so I know you're on a ship-of-doom being hunted by fellow crew while the ship falls apart, but did you know my telepathy is weird?"
[13:25] <@Nugra> LOL
[13:25] <skyfire> Righto. I got a plan!
[13:25] <Brell2334> Welcome Vetri
[13:25] <Hannibal> Vetri!!!!!!!!
[13:25] <@Renos> Hi Vetri
[13:25] <@Nugra> Hey, Cap
[13:26] <[Graeme_Cook]> hi Vetri
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> welcome Captain!
[13:26] <skyfire> With so many captains in here, are we hitting critical mass?
[13:26] <Eerie> 4 at least
[13:26] <@Jalana> Hello everyone
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> yes
[13:26] <Alucard_Vess> :: Taps the Danger Dial:: Nope, still in the green
[13:26] <TylerKellyMobile> Ok this is the aftermath of my Nugra encounter:
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> Soon the chat will implode.
[13:26] <Vie> Just critical Mess.  The theoretical point at which the mess of any given starship is unable to contain the rankpips.
�03[13:26] * [Graeme_Cook] is now known as Graeme_Cook
[13:26] <Graeme_Cook> thats better
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ouch.  Looks like Kelly will end up with a very sexy scar
[13:26] <Eerie>
[13:27] <Alucard_Vess> 2.5
[13:27] <Alucard_Vess> lol
[13:27] <Eerie> :)
[13:27] <Hannibal> That's on heck of a momento.....
[13:27] <TylerKellyMobile> Sal_Taybrim: that's the plan at least.
[13:27] <Eerie> good movie momento
[13:27] <@Renos> brb checking on dinner
�06[13:27] * @Nugra wonders how many people now have PTSD thanks to Nugra.
[13:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> everyone.  Nugra is a walking PTSD infection.  >.>
[13:28] <TylerKellyMobile> lol
[13:28] <Hawkeye> Aw, Gorkonites have to get PTSD the old fashioned way
[13:28] <@Nugra> lol
[13:28] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> i'll be a minute or so, just about to send a simm
[13:28] <@Sundassa> not everyone
[13:28] <Hannibal> Poor Nugra...trying to take Hannibals' title.......
[13:28] <Alucard_Vess> five.  The answer is five
[13:29] <Eerie> whats a captain plus or minus  lol
[13:29] <Graeme_Cook> I thought three was the magic number? ;)
[13:29] <@Nugra> Hannibal - I doubt you can beat witnessing Nugra chewing on a dead pirate. :P
[13:29] <TylerKellyMobile> Sundassa: did your offspring survive the academy?
[13:29] <skyfire> Hawkeye: If your name is Chythar, you have PTSD already caused by Azin.
[13:29] <@Sundassa> I think so
[13:29] <Hannibal> No...can't match that.......
[13:29] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> ...... aaaaaaaaaaaaand done.
[13:29] <Hawkeye> How did you know his name was Chythar Hawkeye?!
[13:30] <Toni_Lupo> Nice sim.
[13:30] <Alucard_Vess> after this mission, everyone on the Gorkon will have PTSD...
[13:30] <skyfire> :: shrug ::
[13:30] <@Quinn_Reynolds> :D
[13:30] <Vie> The ship itself will have Nam flashbacks.
[13:30] <Hannibal> Ripping out the heart of an enemy is about it for Hannibal......
[13:30] <Alucard_Vess> even the babies...
[13:30] <Hawkeye> The Captain won't feel so alone, then.
[13:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> "Join Starfleet... have horrible experiences... get free paid stays in a nuthouse!"
[13:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> I mean ::cough:: "Join Starfleet!  See the galaxy!"
[13:30] <Hannibal> LOL!
[13:30] <@Nugra> lol
[13:30] <@Quinn_Reynolds> We've collectively been... blown up, drowned, gassed, shot at, beaten up... have I missed anything?
[13:30] <Vie> Also Horga.
[13:31] <Alucard_Vess> come for the free Borg attacks, stay for the padded room
[13:31] <skyfire> Quinn: Infected.
[13:31] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Of course!
[13:31] <TylerKellyMobile> Hannibal: Tyler dispatched a pirate with a bone saw to protect himself and another ensign 
[13:31] <Eerie> no so far....I am sure there is more this miss
[13:31] <Graeme_Cook> lol Sal_Taybrim
[13:31] <Toni_Lupo> Hello Alex.
[13:31] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Brain-melting parasites.
[13:31] <Hannibal> Wow! I like that bone saw thing......
[13:31] <skyfire> :: nod nod :: Quinn: I got a plan.
[13:31] <Alucard_Vess> Sharpe and Haase almost got their butts burned off...
[13:31] <Vetri> I am here, BTW. Just dividing attention between this and other stuff :)
[13:32] <TylerKellyMobile> It was like a spinning powered bonesaw
[13:32] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Distress calls. Usually more distressing for the people who answer them.
[13:32] <Vie> Now having Borderlands 2 flashbacks...
[13:32] <Vie> Doctor Zed!
[13:32] <Vetri> :: sings:: Pop goes the bandit!
[13:32] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> ugh, I have to go! This sucks!
[13:32] <Hawkeye> Eh, I think the crew that was there first has taken their own trauma by now, too.
[13:32] <Vie> Vetri would make an excelent tiny tina...
[13:32] <Hawkeye> So far we haven't had a single crewmember torn to pieces by a mob.
[13:33] <@Quinn_Reynolds> The ones that aren't dead, at least.
[13:33] <Mikey_TheoWhittaker> Bye everyone :(
[13:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> You think there's some sort of alien group out there rubbing their hands together going "Now what can we throw at these hapless Starfleet officers?"
[13:33] <Vetri> I'm not sure how to take that...
�02[13:33] * Mikey_TheoWhittaker (kiwiirc@2.217.hhm.vj) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:33] <TylerKellyMobile> Yeah it was like that except more like "Spurt! Goes the pirate"
�02[13:33] * Stennes ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:33] <Vie> Tiny Tina would approve.
[13:33] <Brell2334> Sicarius seemed to be that group for many in the last few missions
[13:33] <skyfire> Hawkeye: Easy peasy. Gorkon away teams = main sickbay. Survivors from the Thrassis = cargo bay triage wards.
[13:33] <TylerKellyMobile> Sal_Taybrim: there is. Us.
[13:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> HAHA
[13:34] <Alucard_Vess> When you think of it, we're kind of messed up
[13:34] <Hannibal> Anyone here good at posting to the FNS?
[13:34] <skyfire> Vess: we're all messed up in our own way.
[13:34] <Hawkeye> Bearing in mind that the Thrassis survivors will mostly attempt to tear each other apart and also our ship?
[13:34] <TylerKellyMobile> Alucard_Vess: I've accepted that. 
[13:34] <Hawkeye> I don't think we'll want to keep them near each other.
�03[13:34] * [AFK]AlanaLarson ( has joined #starbase118
�03[13:34] * [AFK]AlanaLarson is now known as Alana_Larson
[13:34] <Alucard_Vess> that's the first step
[13:34] <Hawkeye> They WILL attempt to escape.
[13:34] <skyfire> Hawkeye: I'm working on a plan for that too.
[13:35] <Hawkeye> If it's flooding the Jefferies tubes, that one has been thought of already.
[13:35] <Alucard_Vess> anesthazine gas, nuf said
[13:35] <@Quinn_Reynolds> :D
[13:35] <Alana_Larson> Anesthizine is always fun
[13:35] <skyfire> I said I was working on it, mkay?
[13:35] <Vie> When in doubt, drug your foes.  It works for Solid Snake!
[13:35] <Hannibal> Hannibal hates waking up from that stuff....grrrrrr.....
[13:35] <Toni_Lupo> Anesthezine for everyone, now let's party instead of fight.
[13:35] <skyfire> Larson! I wanna talk to youz.
[13:35] <Alana_Larson> Okay
[13:36] <Vetri> Many people fear doing that, skyfire
[13:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> Yes, but hiding in boxes also works for Solid Snake >.>
[13:36] <skyfire> Vetri: fear gassing our enemies? 
[13:36] <Alucard_Vess> Alucard is a doctor, anesthazine is his answer for everything...
[13:36] <Vetri> talking to Larson
[13:36] <Vetri> I advocated mass gassign in my academy training :P
[13:36] <Hawkeye> Which explains why Gorkon has such a high death rate.
�03[13:36] * Tito_ ( has joined #starbase118
[13:36] <Hawkeye> <.<
[13:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> NO ONE DIED.
[13:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> YET.
[13:36] <TylerKellyMobile> Hannibal: if you and I ever got placed on the same ship, no one would be safe.
[13:36] <Vetri> try harder
[13:36] <skyfire> Tito! Hi!
[13:36] <Hawkeye> "He's bleeding out!" "Quick, anesthazine!"
[13:37] <Vie> Now you've gone and cursed it Quinn
[13:37] <Alucard_Vess> "Transporter psycosis?  Anesthazine!
[13:37] <Tito_> Good afternoon all
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> hello Tito!
[13:37] <Hannibal> YOu got that right,......
[13:37] <Vetri> What about if the patient is unconscious, Vess?
[13:37] <Toni_Lupo> hello Tito
[13:37] <Hannibal> Afternoon Tito!!!!!
[13:37] <TylerKellyMobile> Yo mister not-silveira
[13:37] <Vie> "Doctor is bored and patient is loud? Anesthazine!"
[13:37] <Vetri> hi tito
[13:37] <Alucard_Vess> They just get more unconscious ;)
[13:37] <Alana_Larson> Anesthizine makes Alana go crazy
[13:37] <Hawkeye> More unconscious == dead?
[13:37] <Alucard_Vess> It's that or he beats them up...
[13:37] <@Quinn_Reynolds> He's just very... sleepy.
[13:37] <Alucard_Vess> yes
[13:38] <TylerKellyMobile> Permanently unconscious
[13:38] <@Quinn_Reynolds> :: Closes morgue drawer.:: Very sleepy.
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> "you are not unconscious enough!"
[13:38] <Hawkeye> "Well, he was unconscious, so I anesthetized him. Then he went into a coma, so I anesthetized him some more. Then he died, so I anesthetized him again -- and now he's fine."
[13:38] <Hannibal> LOL!
[13:38] <Vie> "Define, Fine..."
[13:38] <Hawkeye> "Honestly, I'm as surprised as you are."
[13:38] <Alucard_Vess> Nurse: "He's dead!"  "No, he's just holding his breath."
[13:38] <Brell2334> Lyldra just had one of the easiest deliveries ever thanks to the transporter - No gassing required
[13:38] <Graeme_Cook> hahaha
[13:38] <Toni_Lupo> Fine... yeah.
[13:39] <Vetri> "Don;t worry. If by some miracle you survive this procedure, you'll be fine."
[13:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> "But his heart's not beating!"  "Well, he's... holding that, too."
[13:39] <Alucard_Vess> "Through the hole in his chest."
[13:39] <skyfire> :: uh-oez.
[13:39] <Alucard_Vess> Alucard actually had to do that once.  The patient died but that wasn't his fault
[13:40] <Vie> Then there's the science department, always depolarising things.
[13:40] <Hawkeye> Hawkeye's Science specialty is repolarizing things.
[13:40] <Vie> Or reversing the polarity, or inverting it, or just hitting it with a large hammer when nobody is looking.
[13:40] <Hawkeye> While grumbling about how they kept getting depolarized.
[13:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> Sal's specialty is sounding calm while things are blowing up.  He gets a lot of practice at this
[13:41] <Vie> Alright, it's the last one exclusively... ..we have no idea what we are doing - we just hit things till they do stuff and technobabble to cover.
[13:41] <skyfire> nobody's tried putting Skyfire in a blue collar yet.
[13:41] <Brell2334> Just dont confuse the polarities by getting too many science officer in one place
[13:41] <Tito_> If I am not mistaken Doc Sky started with a blue collar
[13:41] <skyfire> tito: nope. Blue in academy only.
[13:42] <@Sal_Taybrim> teal, blue, same thing >.>
[13:42] <@Quinn_Reynolds> It's all teal for science on the Gorkon anyway. ;)
[13:42] <skyfire> Teal ever since, until he and Quinn have the "Chen's incapacitated" conversation.
[13:42] <Tito_> Sal's right
[13:42] <Tito_> Same thing at a distance
[13:43] <skyfire> Tito: at a distance, yes.
[13:43] <TylerKellyMobile> So titos coming in as tactical?
[13:43] <Alucard_Vess> It's only blue if your TVs color balance is messed up...
[13:43] <skyfire> Vess: that's true too.
[13:43] <@Sundassa> glad everyone seems to have fun writing their stories :)
�03[13:43] * Mirra_Ezo ( has joined #starbase118
[13:43] <Tito_> Yeup Tyler, not yet replacing Silveira, but probably in time
[13:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> Welcome Mirra!
[13:43] <skyfire> Mirra~
[13:43] <skyfire> !
[13:43] <TylerKellyMobile> Yoooo mirra.
[13:43] <@Nugra> Hello Mirra1
[13:43] <Tito_> Hi Mirra
[13:43] <Mirra_Ezo> Hello ?
[13:44] <Tito_> The are a lot of Columbians today
[13:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::gasp!:: you're taking over!
[13:44] <Graeme_Cook> (Singing) Im Blue Daba de daba di daba de
[13:44] <Alucard_Vess> I thought I smelled coffee
[13:44] <Mirra_Ezo> We tend to do that
[13:44] <Vetri> Does that signify an increase in coffee quality, Tito?
[13:45] <Brell2334> Thats my song cook, since i play so many bolians
[13:45] <Toni_Lupo> Wait, that's Brell's song.
[13:45] <Tito_> I am not sure Vetri, ever since Slveira transfered from Ops to the Excalibur and left behind his coffe machine there was never any good coffee
[13:45] <Brell2334> Sal(Lupo) even used it in character once
[13:45] <Alucard_Vess> It was Chen's song too ;)
[13:45] <Brell2334> lol sal
[13:45] <Tito_> And Tito isn't a coffee drinker
[13:45] <Graeme_Cook> Fair one Brell
[13:46] <Vetri> ...but... coffee!
[13:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> Tito: Sal's got that machine hostage >.>  You need to come visit...
[13:46] <skyfire> Coffee....
[13:46] <TylerKellyMobile> Mirra has a Bolian pirate queen fan.
[13:46] <Vetri> That'll end well...
[13:46] <Mirra_Ezo> You mean he
[13:46] <Tito_> Actually Tito is in Ops waiting for he Columbia
[13:46] <Mirra_Ezo> Nemisis
[13:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> Just ignore the bomb threats >.>
[13:47] <TylerKellyMobile> Lol, same thing.
[13:47] <skyfire> Tito: and don't mind the giant hole on the promenade.
[13:47] <Toni_Lupo> What bomb?
[13:47] <Tito_> I will be right back, I can't change my nick...
�02[13:47] * Tito_ ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:47] <@Renos> Well all that's my dinner ready. It's been wonderful to find out what you've all been up to. Can't wait to do it all again next month. Cya
[13:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> Exactly
[13:48] <Eerie> the couch is calling me. see you all perhaps later
[13:48] <Brell2334> enjoy dinner captain!
[13:48] <Graeme_Cook> speak soon Renos
[13:48] <Mirra_Ezo> Have a good day ?
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace Renos!
�03[13:48] * Tito_fkaSilveira ( has joined #starbase118
[13:48] <@Renos> Thanks! See you Eerie
[13:48] <Graeme_Cook> Bye Eerie
[13:48] <Tito_fkaSilveira> OK now I got it right
[13:48] <Eerie> later James and everyone
�02[13:48] * Eerie ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�14[13:48] * @Renos ( has left #starbase118
[13:49] <Brell2334> BRB I have begging dogs that have been waiting for a walk
[13:49] <Toni_Lupo> Bye mate, take care.
�03[13:49] * Hendon (kiwiirc@90.212.wpp.vom) has joined #starbase118
[13:49] <Hendon> Greetings
[13:49] <Toni_Lupo> Hello doctor Hendon, it's great to see you.
[13:49] <@Nugra> Well, I'm going to sign off here to get my lunch ready. Good talking to you all!
[13:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> So why the new character Sil?
�14[13:50] * @Nugra ( has left #starbase118
[13:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> Greetings Hendon!
[13:50] <Mirra_Ezo> Bye Nugra!
[13:50] <Mirra_Ezo> Or not.
[13:50] <Graeme_Cook> wow the doctors are out in force tonight!
[13:50] <Vie> They need to be with Nugra on the loose
[13:50] <Graeme_Cook> lol
[13:50] <Vetri> A mess influx of medical staff does not fill me with warm fuzzy confidence
[13:50] <Mirra_Ezo> It's a problem.
[13:51] <Mirra_Ezo> Well don't wear a red shirt and you will be fine.
[13:51] <Vetri> That should have been "mass", but I guess the other works as well
[13:51] <Toni_Lupo> Yeah - and Parker and Tyler bombing.
[13:51] <Mirra_Ezo> Always.
[13:51] <TylerKellyMobile> What? Did someone say explosion k
[13:51] <Hendon> as I may not be round for a while thought I would check this out
[13:51] <Vetri> Bombing or bonding? Just so I know which order it's happenign in...
[13:52] <Graeme_Cook> Doctor my arms missing ...... here take two of these and see me i the morning!
[13:52] <Mirra_Ezo> First one, then the other.
[13:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> Both
�06[13:52] * TylerKellyMobile begins crossing the wires on a replicator
[13:52] <Vie> ...
[13:52] <Vie> EVERYBODY DOWN!
[13:52] <skyfire> Cadfael hates 'splosions.
[13:53] <Tito_fkaSilveira> @ Sal: No special reason, but since I also stopped simming with Tito in another fleet I didn't wanted him to die
[13:53] <Graeme_Cook> lmao
[13:53] <Vie> Did I just make a Navy Lark reference?
[13:53] <Hendon> please I can't take shicks
[13:53] <Hendon> shocks
[13:53] <Vetri> Explosions are all well and good, but I get the feeling Della's about to take out some domestic TV aerials with the ship...
[13:54] <Vie> Leaning out an airlock with a golf club?
[13:54] <Tito_fkaSilveira> Your in a low flight Vetri?
[13:54] <Vetri> Possibly, Viw, but It's been far too long since I last listened to it :)
[13:54] <Vetri> Likely to be very soon, Tio
[13:54] <skyfire> Vetri: I still have the poster for the avandar that I haven't uploaded yet.
[13:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ahh, I see
[13:54] <Hendon> my sickbay is full
[13:54] <Vie> "Left hand down a bit..."  There we go.
[13:55] <Vetri> "Maybe that's not Bikini Atol at all atol at all..."
[13:55] <Hendon> ??
�03[13:56] * Solok_Dara is now known as Solok_afk
[13:56] <Hannibal> Hanibal believes in carpet bombing....
[13:56] <Hannibal> Planet bombing.....
[13:56] <Vetri> Hannibal, you *know* that's not good for the rug..
[13:56] <Alucard_Vess> isn't that what pets do when you leave them home alone too long?
[13:56] <Tito_fkaSilveira> It is Vess
[13:57] <Hannibal> Asteroid bombing...
[13:57] <Hendon> your not blowing up my sickbay Haninbal!
[13:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Sickbay is a no-explosion zone...
[13:57] <Toni_Lupo> No planet bombing, we have a planet hatching, we can't kill the babies.
[13:57] <skyfire> Sal: it's also a Tyler-free zone, at least on the Columbia.
[13:57] <Vetri> Nobody gets to break Hendon's sickbay but Hendon!
[13:57] <Hannibal> LOL! The Sick Bay stays, Doctor...since we seem to send you so many patients.....
[13:57] <Hendon> Unless it's on Duronis II
[13:58] <skyfire> Any security drills Tyler runs get met with an earful by MacLaren.
[13:58] <Mirra_Ezo> Columbia is not a Tyler free zone. At all
[13:58] <TylerKellyMobile> That's discrimination! Explosion causers are people too!
[13:58] <skyfire> Mirra: What I meant was Columbia's sickbay = Drill-Free zone. Any drills tyler feels are necessary = MacLaren losing her temper
[13:58] <Toni_Lupo> Yes, people who should have long talks with their counselors...
[13:58] <skyfire> again.
[13:59] <Hannibal> Hannibal just chases the Sick Bay staff with his Bowie knife...they get the point.....
[13:59] <Mirra_Ezo> Right. Which was AMAZING.
[13:59] <Hendon> unless their angry because the only way the CMO could get them there was to stun them
[13:59] <Hannibal> WEll now stunning is cheating......
[13:59] <Toni_Lupo> No @Hannibal, stunning is not cheating with you!
[13:59] <Tito_fkaSilveira> If you wan Sickbay trouble just wait to see the first time Tito and Doc MacLaren meet
[14:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> take pictures!
�06[14:00] * Mirra_Ezo makes note to be in sickbay with a boxing match bell....
[14:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> or video >.>
[14:00] <Hendon> Hannibals sickbay is due
[14:00] <Hannibal> YOu might be right, Tony.......
[14:00] <Toni_Lupo> Yup, make a vid and upload it to fedTube.
[14:00] <Hendon> sorry medical
[14:01] <Toni_Lupo> MIGHT be right?
[14:01] <Hannibal> He's gonna be busy  killing Laudeans for will have to wait....
[14:01] <TylerKellyMobile> Tito, Tyler had his security teams running drills to practice clearing the ship and maclaren got pissed at then for bothering her patients and chewed Tyler out.
[14:02] <Mirra_Ezo> It was glorious.
[14:02] <skyfire> Tito: It was very glorious.
[14:02] <Toni_Lupo> And THAT is a show for a viral video.Hannibal'y medical.
[14:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> sounds like a rodeo.  or a circus
[14:02] <Mirra_Ezo> Doc rage was awesome
[14:02] <Hannibal> Hannibal don't do physicals.......
[14:03] <Toni_Lupo> Why are you killing Laudeans now?
[14:03] <Tito_fkaSilveira> I read a bit of it, not all, but Jo was always very protective of her sickbay
[14:04] <Mirra_Ezo> It was awesome.
[14:04] <Hannibal> A faction of Laudeans had the audacity to attack the Embassy, then ambushed a beach party, then tried to ram the Thunder in orbit.....
[14:04] <Mirra_Ezo> Skyfire and Mirra were suddenly aware to NOT piss off the doc lol
[14:05] <Toni_Lupo> oooh, so it's fun on Til'ahn right now.
[14:05] <TylerKellyMobile> Tyler was only temporarily deterred.
[14:05] <Mirra_Ezo> And highly amused.
[14:05] <Tito_fkaSilveira> I imagine Tyler
[14:05] <skyfire> Mirra: I kinda pissed her off my first day -- I tried relieving her from duty back when I was an ensign.
[14:05] <Mirra_Ezo> HA! I would have paid to see that.
�02[14:05] * LtCmdr_Blair ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:06] <Tito_fkaSilveira> I was about to mention that little incident Sky
[14:06] <Hannibal> That would have been popcorn worthy....
[14:06] <Tito_fkaSilveira> Interesting enough it was on the Columbia
[14:06] <Hendon> and I have wounded to tend to
[14:06] <TylerKellyMobile> Nothing pisses off a superior officer like trying to relieve them of duty.
[14:06] <skyfire> Mirra: She was recovering from station-eating dragons, and I tried insisting she needed rest. She blew me off, insisting she was fine.
[14:07] <Mirra_Ezo> How'd that end for you? Lol
[14:07] <skyfire> blew me off isn't really the right phrase though, more like strongly ignored it.
[14:07] <Mirra_Ezo> Bagpipe snapped
[14:07] <Hendon> luckly my RL stay in hospital has given me ideas
[14:07] <Toni_Lupo> Doctors are the worst patients, well known fact.
[14:07] <skyfire> Angry Skyfire was angry.
[14:07] <Mirra_Ezo> That sounds rather UNLucky
[14:08] <Hendon> have to be positive
[14:08] <Mirra_Ezo> Apparently I'm up for driving duty...again....Oy.
[14:08] <Toni_Lupo> It's great to see you up and running, Dr. Hendon.
[14:09] <Mirra_Ezo> Off for now. Nice day all!
�02[14:09] * Mirra_Ezo ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:09] <TylerKellyMobile> Bye!
[14:09] <skyfire> bye!
[14:09] <Hendon> bye
[14:09] <Hendon> thanks
[14:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace!!
[14:11] <Hendon> when are you back from Earth Hannibal?
[14:12] <Hannibal> Hannibal should be returning in the next day or so...gotta get a sim out with him and the Admirals....How did you like his meeting with the first Admiral?
[14:12] <Hendon> Cool
[14:13] <Toni_Lupo> I have a pool party with kids in 2 hours and have to finish food and eat before that. It was great chatting with you all and hopefully see you in a month. Take care and have fun.
[14:13] <TylerKellyMobile> Good luck toni
[14:13] <Hendon> take care
[14:13] <Tito_fkaSilveira> By Toni
[14:13] <skyfire> bye!
�02[14:13] * Toni_Lupo ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:13] <Hannibal> I thought I left enough cluse so you would know what Admiral he was meeting....
[14:13] <Hannibal> clues
�14[14:14] * TylerKellyMobile ( has left #starbase118 (Leaving�)
[14:15] <Tito_fkaSilveira> Time to star cooking dinner here
�03[14:15] * TylerKellyMobile ( has joined #starbase118
[14:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm, dinner.  I need to think about that
[14:16] <Tito_fkaSilveira> By all, it was good to return to the chat
[14:16] <Hannibal> I am smelling dinner........
[14:16] <skyfire> bye, tito!
[14:16] <TylerKellyMobile> Btw sal/Jamie congrats on the wedding!
�02[14:16] * Tito_fkaSilveira ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:16] <Hannibal> TAke care, Tito!!!
[14:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> thank you!
[14:16] <Hendon> take care
[14:17] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace Tito!
[14:17] <TylerKellyMobile> I saw the pics you posted, the 50s theme was cool!
[14:17] <@Sal_Taybrim> It was fun - everyone seemed to enjoy it :)
�03[14:19] * Ceilidh ( has joined #starbase118
[14:19] <skyfire> wb
[14:19] <Ceilidh> thnx.
[14:20] <Ceilidh> how'd the chat go?
[14:20] <TylerKellyMobile> Hey Ceilidh, how would you pronounce your name. I've wondered for a while now.
[14:20] <Hendon> i need to take my pills soon
[14:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> Chat went well!  Lots of people headed out to celebrate the waning weeks of summer,  Wb!
[14:21] <Ceilidh> Kay-Lee
[14:22] <Hannibal> Time for me to head out too..dinner is ready and fotball is on....
[14:22] <Brell2334> Back, and happy to be back in the A/C
[14:22] <TylerKellyMobile> Ah thanks, I thought so.
[14:22] <TylerKellyMobile> hot today, isn't  Brell2334 
[14:22] <Brell2334> nice to seey a hannibal
[14:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> w00t!  Happy puppies?
[14:22] <TylerKellyMobile> Is it it*
[14:23] <Brell2334> yep, they got a long walk out of me so they are pleased
[14:23] <Hannibal> Good to see you too Mister Brell....
[14:23] <Vie> I fear I must make my time here a short one today.... ..the alternative is passing out, and that never ends well.
[14:23] <Hannibal> Everyone have fun.....but still need an answer to my question....
[14:23] <Ceilidh> Brell, what breed? I just took our two doods out for their walk
[14:24] <Ceilidh> what was your question Hannibal?
�03[14:24] * Mason_Quinn ( has joined #starbase118
[14:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> greetings Quinn
�03[14:24] * Alana_Larson is now known as [AFK]AlanaLarson
[14:24] <Mason_Quinn> Hello!
[14:24] <Hannibal> I have had a heck of a time trying to post an article for the FNS...need a little help....
[14:25] <Graeme_Cook> Hi Mason_Quinn
[14:25] <Hendon> hello
[14:25] <Brell2334> my dog is a dachshund-spaniel mix, and one Im watching she is some kind of collie mix I think
�02[14:25] * Vie ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 40.0.3/20150826023504]�)
[14:25] <Ceilidh> To get it posted or someone to read over it?
[14:25] <Hannibal> Hello Mason!
[14:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hrm.  I'd think Rich or Skyfire would be the people to talk to
[14:25] <Hannibal> I need to get it posted....
[14:25] <Brell2334> Heya Quinn
[14:26] <Mason_Quinn> = D
[14:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> hoes it going?
[14:28] <Mason_Quinn> Fine, I suppose.
[14:28] <Graeme_Cook> That bad?
[14:29] <Mason_Quinn> Hmm?
[14:29] <@Sal_Taybrim> It's one of those lazy Sundays
[14:29] <Hannibal> I will get in touch with skyfire....
[14:29] <Brell2334> To the wiki hannibal or on the wordpress
[14:30] <Hendon> i need to go and take my pills plus I need to eat. Live long and party
[14:30] <Hannibal> Either one, so it gets on the website.....
[14:30] <Hannibal> TAke care Doctor!! Good to see you here!
�02[14:31] * Hendon (kiwiirc@90.212.wpp.vom) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�02[14:31] * Ceilidh ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:33] <Brell2334> found this hannibal
[14:33] <Brell2334>
[14:33] <Brell2334> but I think that is only for the headlines page
[14:34] <Hannibal> Aaaaahhhhhh.......
[14:34] <Hannibal> Let me look at it.....
[14:35] <Brell2334> For how to add mission reports and and such that go to the main website that I have never done
[14:36] <Hannibal> That indeed is a good place to start for me.....
[14:36] <Brell2334> cool, and  it also has who runs the FNS listed so if all else fails
[14:37] <Hannibal> I will start there and hopefully get it done....
[14:40] <Hannibal> Now, I must go......enjoyed it everyone!!!!!!
�03[14:40] * KevinBreeman ( has joined #starbase118
[14:40] <Graeme_Cook> bye Hannibal
[14:40] <KevinBreeman> Ahoy
[14:41] <Graeme_Cook> Hi Kevin
�02[14:41] * Hannibal ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:41] <KevinBreeman> How are you all today?
�02[14:41] * TylerKellyMobile ( Quit (Quit: Bye�)
[14:41] <Graeme_Cook> Good thanks! Yourself?
[14:42] <KevinBreeman> Doing rather well
[14:43] <KevinBreeman> Which ship are you on?
�02[14:43] * Valdivia ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> Doing well, how are you?
[14:43] <Graeme_Cook> I'm on the Darwin
[14:43] <KevinBreeman> Oh cool.  Columbia
[14:44] <Graeme_Cook> :D
[14:44] <Mason_Quinn> Oh hello Kevin.
[14:44] <KevinBreeman> hi
�03[14:45] * TylerKelly ( has joined #starbase118
[14:45] <Graeme_Cook> Did anyone read my profile interview on the lower decks?
[14:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> Columbia had a good turnout today
[14:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> I haven't caught up on the lower decks yet, no
[14:46] <TylerKelly> Yeah Sal_Taybrim we're in here a lot.
[14:46] <TylerKelly> Me, Mirra, Nugra and Diego Beyett are usually around.
[14:47] <KevinBreeman> Nope.
[14:47] <TylerKelly> Hey KevinBreeman~  didn't see you sneak in.
[14:48] <KevinBreeman> :D
[14:49] <TylerKelly> KevinBreeman: I'm not sure if you knew this, but I'm the guy who used to write for Colt Daniels back on Ops with you.
[14:50] <Graeme_Cook> Forgot to say i have been accepted to Beta test the new ios game Star Trek Timelines has anyone looked into it?
[14:50] <Mason_Quinn> Oh, that sounds neat.
�02[14:51] * Solok_afk ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:52] <Graeme_Cook>  this is the link to what the games about
�03[14:53] * JamesTKolk ( has joined #starbase118
[14:53] <KevinBreeman> Hi Tyler I think I vaguely remember that now
[14:53] <KevinBreeman> Yeah that's right.  And we used to chat about physics
[14:53] <JamesTKolk> hiya Breeman!
[14:54] <TylerKelly> Yep!
[14:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> heya Kolk!
[14:54] <TylerKelly> Hey JamesTKolk, are you mounting a comeback as well?
[14:54] <JamesTKolk> not right away. I'm planning to start with the wiki
[14:54] <KevinBreeman> Hey how's it goin??
[14:55] <JamesTKolk> It's good. 
[14:56] <KevinBreeman> How're you liking the Columbia, TYler?
[14:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> mmm, wiki
[14:56] <TylerKelly> I'm having a good time. I was actually on it last year and then transferred. I liked it so much I came back! haha.
[14:58] <JamesTKolk> Yeah, she's a good ship
[14:58] <KevinBreeman> lol.  It happens.  I was on loa for a year
[14:59] <Mason_Quinn> Hmm... wish Kael was on. Need to ask about a thing.
[15:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> send him an e-mail?  he usually is asleep now
[15:00] <Mason_Quinn> Well yes, fairly certain about that.
[15:00] <Graeme_Cook> If you have a thing Mason_Quinn please step down to sick bay im sure  ill have an ailment lol
[15:01] <Mason_Quinn> Would have been a bit easier to discuss live, however.
[15:01] <JamesTKolk> you're going to give ailments, not cure them?
[15:02] <Graeme_Cook> i want a mini war with diseases lol
�02[15:03] * TylerKelly ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[15:03] <Mason_Quinn> So, yeah.
�03[15:05] * Guest_96998 ( has joined #starbase118
[15:06] <Mason_Quinn> A guest!
[15:07] <@Jalana> Be our guest, be our guest be ouuuuuuuur gueeeeeeeeest! 
[15:07] <Guest_96998> Nope, just jumped the fun loggin in, 1 sec
�02[15:07] * Guest_96998 ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�03[15:07] * Flynn ( has joined #starbase118
[15:07] <Flynn> There we go
[15:08] <Mason_Quinn> Ah.
[15:08] <Graeme_Cook> lmao
[15:08] <Flynn> Just little old Flynn
[15:08] <@Jalana> lol 
[15:09] <KevinBreeman> A mini war with disseases?
[15:10] <Flynn> Hey Breeman!
�14[15:11] * @Sal_Taybrim ( has left #starbase118
[15:12] <KevinBreeman> hey :)
[15:12] <Flynn> I have been enjoying your sims. :)
[15:13] <KevinBreeman> Oh thanks.  Glad you like it :)
[15:14] <Flynn> I thought about hearing the teenagers on the bridge as well, was worried it would over complicate things though.
[15:15] <KevinBreeman> Oh ahha.  Yeah that was kinda a concern of mine.  But I wanted to pay an homage to an old Twilight Zone episode
[15:16] <Flynn> Well it worked out great :)
[15:16] <KevinBreeman> I had to slip in a bit about how they could only be heard clearly in certain parts of the ship
[15:16] <KevinBreeman> Thanks :)
[15:16] <Flynn> Great concept. Definable not a boring mission!
�02[15:18] * Vetri ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�02[15:19] * Alucard_Vess ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[15:19] <KevinBreeman> What' this hand crafted IRC client I keep hearing about?
[15:19] <KevinBreeman> Are you guys all hackers and make your own chat programs?
�02[15:21] * Flynn ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[15:21] <KevinBreeman> Oh does anybody know how to pronounce Iria?
[15:21] <KevinBreeman> Is it just "Eeeria"
[15:28] <@Quinn_Reynolds> That's how I'd pronounce it
[15:30] <@FltAdmlWolf> I use Textual 5 on Mac.
[15:34] <KevinBreeman> What's that?
[15:34] <@FltAdmlWolf> An IRC client :) 
[15:36] <KevinBreeman> Oh neat.  Is it a hand crafted client?
[15:36] <KevinBreeman> lol
�02[15:38] * JamesTKolk ( Quit (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -�)
�02[15:43] * Disconnected
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