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USS Veritas
Sky Blake

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Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake is current the First Officer of the USS Veritas. Prior to this, she acted as the ship's Strategic Operations officer. She is of Brekkian and Betazoid heritage, born in the Brekkian town of Kekorna, Seritona. She is the widow of Lieutenant Sabor, and mother of two children (Faith and Ayeden Blake).


Blake is a Brekkian/Betazoid hybrid, standing at 5'10 with shoulder-length blonde hair. Identifying features include emerald green eyes and a two-inch long scar on her lower back. She's proficient in the Brekkian language of Seritonian (her home tongue) and is also surprisingly fluent in at least two Ornaran and Vulcan dialects. When working independently within the Shoals, Blake is often equipped with a Type 2 Mark VIII NL Aquila, and will note how the loss of life proves nothing in the grand scheme of things when prompted to.

Records of Blake's personal history have been removed from the Starfleet personnel database upon request of her mother, but her service record and medical reports remain intact. Blake was required to undergo a full review upon her return to service. She reports that her two children are alive and well, though has requested that any further acknowledgement of them in Starfleet records be removed. Her spouse, Sabor, however, was reportedly killed during domestic terrorism attacks on Brekka four months after their son's birth - Blake still struggles with his death.

Compared to reports of her character and temperament from the late 2380s, Blake is a surprisingly cool-headed thinker, unwilling to take unnecessary risks. Though she may often disagree with others, verbalize worst case scenarios, and question her superiors, she does not do so guns blazing, but in a constructive manner and refusing to raise her voice. Those who had known her during her early career have noted that she acts almost like a completely different person, and is more calm, collected and responsive to the criticism or suggestion of others - in fact, she often finds herself relying on others counsel. When Captain Roshanara Rahman becomes out of reach within the first two weeks of being assigned as the captain of the Veritas, Blake confesses to Raj Blueheart that she feels uncertain about her capability in her new position, due to her initial safety nets now gone and her knowledge about the new crew lacking.


Professional history
Medical records

Prior to her return to active service aboard the USS Veritas, Blake was found residing on the Ornaran homeworld, working with law enforcement to rid her area of residence of further crime incited by black market drug trade. She was located in a bar winding down from a days work by Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng, and was assigned to the Veritas as the ship's Strategic Operations Officer for the ongoing Operation Safe Harbor.

On stardate 239307.21, Blake was lended to Peaceforce Five, posted to the USS Syracuse, after reports of suspicious activity involving Voreic Industries in the Menthar Corridor - given her intimate knowledge of a key player within the organization, it was believed her knowledge would be of benefit. The first week of her stay proved uneventful, but the Syracuse, assigned as a support vessel to the USS Invicta, was caught up in conflicts surrounding Adovan territory, one involving Titus Vassily. After the incident, she ignored all requests to assist a small taskforce formed by Starfleet Intelligence in examining all records pertaining to Vassily, claiming an irritation of Starfleet's inattention to the Federation's local problems.

She remained on Astrofori One during the Syracuse's shore leave, and along with Commander Zhou, assists the Syracuse and Invicta crews in refurbishing the USS Venture. On it's way home from a parade, the Venture is thrown into the mid-2200s, coming up against the Doomsday machine - during this period, Blake acts as the Venture's First Officer.

Safely returned to their home time of 2393, she was placed on a six month leave of absence to spend time with her family, of whom she'd been estranged from with little contact for over two years. During this time, Blake relocated her children's residence to Bintac.

Five months into her leave of absence, she returned to the Shoals and headed directly for Shadow's Edge to assist the small research settlement of Cakapunnual with ending hostile raids on their resources, working closely with colonial marshal Tydo. Shortly before being recalled to the Veritas, Blake took possession of a two hundred year old EM-33 plasma pistol, of which had been smuggled into the settlement illegally, with the intention of locating it's origin within the Shoals. When patrolling the main colony with Lieutenant Elena Sands, news of Rosa Carrero's death broke. Blake immediately contacted the Veritas back to retrieve its crew members, before it was recalled to Star Station Esperance for a new captain. During this time, Blake arranged a memorial service for Carrero.

Upon return to Esperance, Zhou was reassigned to the planet, while Blake was given the role of the Veritas First Officer, one of the few bridge crew officers not to be reassigned when Captain Roshanara Rahman took command. During this time, Blake aleviated tension with her ex-crewmates (namely that of Elis) and worked with Counselor Raissa Moonsong and Chief Engineer Luna Walker during the transition.

When tasked with finding evidence and potentially provide a list of suspects, Blake was involved in a minor confrontation with Tydo upon her teams entrance into the Governor's residence. With Walker, Kessa T'Dara, and Carter Greyson, they found wiped security logs, cut power lines - evidence Blake initially thought the Coalition Marshals of Shadow's Edge had tampered with. T'Dara is injured when exposed to an electrical current, and the team reconvenes on the Veritas. When Sky is unable to contact Captain Rahman and her team on the surface, she pulls the crew back to the ship, concerned for the captain's wellbeing.


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