World of Malfunctions (Victory)

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A World of Malfunctions
238305.28 - 2383.08.10

Mission Synopsis

  • Victory begins experiencing problems in her computer systems. From intercommunication to random singing on the channels.
  • Captain Phoenix orders Hunnicutt and Overmont to scan for possible issues.
  • Xavier Proud figures out it's some sort of cascade failure. He is able to track it to the gel packs. Something has infected them.
  • Not being able to trust scans, they break in to two teams. Alpha Team investigating the gel packs is Lt Cmdr Harden, Lt Proud and Mr. Overmont. Bravo team going to engineering is Lt Hunnicutt, and Lt Cmdr Stone. The rest stay with the captain.
  • Lt Cmdr Diamond's team arrives to the messhall where they find a temporal residue and a lot of electro-magnetic interference. Before they can proceed, Lt Cmdr Diamons' old personality resurfaces.
  • Transporter malfunction shrinks Captain Phoenix to only four inches high.
  • The temporal vortex forming in Gassport Galley on Deck 5 is growing inside and is feeding of the energy drawn through the gelpacks. It has been steadily growing.
  • The bridge is evacuated when the electro-magnetic energy is discharged in to the area.
  • Working together, they are able to turn back the vortex while patching a diversion for the cascade. In the process, the vortex transported them across the sector and on course towards an asteroid field. The navigation systems are brought up in time to stop the ship from running in to them.
  • Both Paul Diamond and Robin Phoenix are put in the medbay until they can find a cure for both their predicaments.

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