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Veritas Class Extended-Range
Medium Cruiser

Commissioned: 2381

Class Profile by Roshanara Rahman, SCE

The USS Veritas was launched in 2381, the first of her class. An extended-­range medium cruiser, Veritas is designed to support Starfleet’s mandate in the aftermath of the Dominion War, keeping the peace and helping systems across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants rebuild.

Class Introduction

With projections showing Starfleet’s total inventory would be unable to continue at wartime levels, Veritas represents the new generation of Starfleet cruisers designed to provide a combination of defensive and logistical capabilities previously requiring multiple vessels.

USS Veritas in drydock

She employs four nacelles as is typical of deep space extended-­range cruisers such as the earlier Constellation and Cheyenne classes. By cycling between pairs of nacelles for warp operations, Veritas is able to double her warp drive’s MTBF (mean time between failures), reducing her need to return to starbases after operations.

Veritas incorporates upgraded defensive technologies such as ablative hull armor and phaser pulse cannons. While still not equivalent to a Defiant class escort in tactical strength, Veritas is considerably more resilient than previous medium cruisers such as the Steamrunner, Cheyenne, and Miranda classes, the later two of which are expected to be gradually phased out of active deployment in the fleet by the end of the century.

USS Veritas on deep space assignment

Unlike the Defiant class escort, Veritas still offers the full capabilities of a cruiser, including basic laboratory research and engineering workshop capabilities. While not as luxurious as Starfleet’s larger explorers, Veritas is able to provide suitable accommodation for small diplomatic functions as expected during its missions facilitating local affairs at the sector level.

A true workhorse for the fleet, Veritas and her sister ships have become popular with officers since their introduction due to their reliability in the field, ease of maintenance, and logistical and defensive capabilities. The class remains in active production at the Antares Fleet Yards and New Aberdeen Starfleet Yards.

Ship illustrations by Tim Davies. Used with permission.
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