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Using Categories

Categories are an integral part of the cataloging system on the wiki. It is very important that all pages have a category, to help users find what they are looking for. This page will explain the ins and outs of categories.

The Basics

Categories create a semi-hierarchical "tree" of subjects. However, unlike a simple "tree" structure, the "leaves" (articles) of our tree can have one or more branch. That is, all the pages on the wiki can have more than one category, putting them in a number of different subjects. For example, say there is an NPC character that is listed in the Wallace Non-Playing Character Listing. This character begins making regular appearances on the Atlantis, though. It is only logically that you would add this character to the Atlantis NPC category.

How to Add a Category and Sub-categories

Just like in the creation of a link to a new page, you need to have the name of the category you want the page included in. If you don't know what you're looking for, start here and work your way down to the right category.

Once you're in the category you want, just copy the title at the top of the page. For example, take a look here. The text you would use to create the category inclusion is "Category:Wallace NPCs."

Now put the text in brackets, like a link. Like so: [[Category:Wallace NPCs]]. Place this at the VERY BOTTOM of the page.

Once you've saved the page, you'll see the category link at the very bottom of the page. It should be a red link, since it's a new category. Click on the link and you'll be taken to a blank editing page.

Put some introductory text at the top of this page to say what the category covers. Now you'll need to add it into the hierarchy. To do so, simply put the link to the category you wish to make your category a "sub" of. So, if I want to add my category (Deceased NPCs) to the Wallace NPC archive, I would put the following link at the bottom of the category editing page: [[Category:Wallace NPCs]].

Organizing Pages within a Category

You may have seen some pages that are categorized under the * section in their category. Or perhaps you've seen a page, like "Embassy Characters" located in the "C" section on their category.

This feature allows users to organize pages within a category in the proper manner such that it is easier to find the page that one is looking for. To use it, you add a pipe, | , and then the word that you want to categorize the page under.

Let's try one out. If I want "Embassy Characters" to be categorized under the "C" section of the category, I would do the following: [[Category:Embassy|Characters]]. The pipe, and the text following it, shows the wiki that you want that page to go in the "C" section, alphabetized by the word "Characters."

Please keep this in mind when creating category links, as not all pages need to be in the * section. Usually, we only add the corresponding "index"-type page to the * section. For example, in the Embassy category, we would have the "main" Embassy page at *.

No Talk Pages, Please

There's no reason to put categories on talk pages, so please don't add them there.

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