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Re: HTML / CSS Use

I'm 99% sure everyone has access to the HTML of the wiki. The only 'premade' stuff I can think of are templates easily available to all for use. Regarding Flynn's page, it seems that the player has personalized it for themselves void of any regular template I've seen or used myself. You should check that you've got </div> at the end of the page and that the page class and such is up at the top.

On a side note, since I know nothing about Flynn's page, you should hit up his writer here or on the forums and ask for some help if you want to adapt their template - otherwise I'd recommend just borrowing everything on the page and start taking it apart piece by piece till you find how it clicks and works the way you want it to by spamming the "Show Preview" button, which is how I usually conduct my edits. :P My knowledge of the CSS/HTML used on the wiki is limited to what I use in my own pages and the templates Wiki Ops members have hands in. Sorry I'm not much help here. ♣ Deliera 20px Chief of WOtalkforums 20:05, 6 September 2016 (CDT)