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The first ship for Captain Y'Shirad bears the name USS Walton in honor of Sir William Walton, a 20th century classical music composer.

The Akira Class has long been known for it's impressive ability to withstand heavy fire in battle. The ship is well armed with a number of torpedo tubes, and has very capable phaser and shield power. Long a workhorse on the edges of the Federation, the class was called in great numbers back near-Earth space to take part in the Dominion War, and later, to defend against Borg attacks. Although scheduled to be decomission since 2373, the Akira has been put into heavy rotation and a number of ships are planned in this class. The versatility and power of the vessel is a testament to the need for her.

The Walton has been put on special commission to assist in heavy colonist evacuation or ferry in times of crisis.

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