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“Strength, integrity, and perseverance amongst the stars.”

The USS Steadfast-A is a Galaxy class dreadnought (also known as a Galaxy-X). The history of the Steadfast-A continued from the story of the previous USS Steadfast. The original Steadfast lost its entire saucer section in a battle with the Breen. Her stardrive section was repaired, modified, and attached to a new saucer section to make the Steadfast-A.

Shortly after the commissioning of the Steadfast-A, Fleet Captain Christopher Hutton was reassigned to the USS Morningstar. For as yet unknown reasons, Starfleet Command ordered the de-commissioning of the USS Morningstar and the re-assignment of her crew only a few months after Hutton took command. The Steadfast-A was taken out of mothballs, and Fleet Captain Hutton was re-instated to her command. Although she was re-stocked with a younger crew, the Steadfast-A was now back to full service in Starfleet.

Unfortunately, the career of the Steadfast-A would be short-lived as after only a few missions and action in the brief Gorn-Federation war, she was officially de-commissioned as part of a re-structuring initiative by Starfleet.

On 238602.05 the Steadfast-A was recommissioned under the command of Cmdr. Francis deMarc.

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