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“The price of peace is eternal vigilance.”

The USS Ranger-A is a Nebula Class starship, a replacement for the original USS Ranger and assigned to Commander James Terra after Admiral Brian Kelly retired. The original Ranger was presumed destroyed after running afoul of a Crystaline Entity on stardate 237403.11.

Both original and Alpha line Nebula Class ships served as an Escort, but were front line war ships usually involved with military applications and covert operations serving as a frontline vessel and crew. This usually ended up with the ship's location classified more often that not, as it has a long history of having served behind enemy lines in the pursuit of defense and preserving the lives of StarFleet and Federation citizens.

The Nebula class vessel was intended as a more numerous counterpart to the Galaxy class project. Although much smaller, the Nebula class can support the performance of almost 90% of the missions of a Galaxy class vessel. This is due to the flexibility of the interchangeable 'mission pod' on the Nebula class vessel. The Ranger-A is fitted with a modified weapons/tactical pod as standard.

After Commander Terra's reassignment, who received a promotion a few months later, command passed to Commander Sascha Ice, having recently returned to the Fleet, and following Ice's recall to SB118, RAdmiral Brian Kelly returned to command the Ranger before StarFleet forced him into administration. Captain Cheyenne Skye, daughter of famous shipping tycoon Milton Skye, took command after a short recall, continuing the ship's profile. On its last mission, members from the Mirror Universe sabotaged the Ranger after a failed attempt to hijack the ship, which caused a complete systems failure.

The Ranger was able to warp back to Starbase 118 Ops through the use of a shuttlecraft battery, thanks to the ingenuity of its Engineering staff, but completely shut down on re-entry and ended up on a collision course before the USS Hammond initiated a tractor beam to slow the ship and tow it safely into dry dock. The Ranger was to begin a massive internal overhaul to recover its core systems, but as with it's counterpart, the USS Phoenix-B, problems ensued in the recovery of the core and has sat decommissioned in drydock since its unfortunate circumstances in November of 2378.

In February of 2388, the Ranger's primary computer system was transported out of the ship, requisitioned by Ensign Michael Kelly under a petition to retrieve and/or repair the troublesome primary core system.

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