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“Momento Mori, Momento Vivi.”

Moment of death, Moment of life.

The USS Isannah has had a long and distinguished career, since it first launched from Starbase 118. Fleet Captain Sven Tray was the first permanent captain of the Isannah, and served in that capacity for some time. When Fleet Captain Sven was re-assigned from Sector 118, the ship was kept in storage at the starbase. The Isannah was far from forgotten, however, and it was only a few months before she was returned to active service.

USS Isannah

On Stardate 237503.10 Captain Maela Jolon took command of the USS Isannah, and the career of one of the fleet's most dedicated and long-serving vessels was once more underway. After the tragic death of Captain Jolon on Stardate 237609.27, the ship's first officer, Colin McHendry took command for a short period. McHendry did not want permanent command and so Ka'el Laang was promoted to captain of the Isannah on Stardate 237611.30. Laang was soon given command of the USS Magellan and the Isannah crew was transferred to that vessel. Again the Isannah was not long inactive as the up and coming command officer, Alucard, was then given command of the vessel as part of his command training. Alucard passed his training and took command of the vessel for several months. Alucard then left Starfleet and so once again the Isannah was given to a new command officer, Captain Jesa Callen. When Captain Callen resigned from Starfleet, the vessel was once again drydocked, later to be commissioned for a short while under Commander Christopher Hutton. Upon his promotion to Captain, he and his crew were reassigned to the USS Steadfast.

The Nebula Class vessel was intended as a more numerous counterpart to the Galaxy Class Project. Although much smaller, the Nebula class can support the performance of almost 90% of the missions of a Galaxy class vessel. This is due to the flexibility of the interchangeable 'mission pod' on the Nebula class vessel.

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