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“The quest for truth is a noble one.”

Captain Nemo

The USS Atlantis is an Intrepid class starship who takes her name from a mythological island on Earth that spawned an incredibly advanced culture in primitive times. The mythology states that the island was lost to the sea in a great cataclysm, and people for millennia after attempted to prove this island and culture even existed. Mostly, Atlantis represented what things could be like, and caused other cultures to strive for greatness too.

USS Atlantis

One of Starfleet's most advanced designs to date, the Intrepid-class light explorer comes equipped with a host of technology designed to help it perform its mission, and to give it the effectiveness of ships much larger and less maneuverable than it. These include multi-spectral shields, bio-neural gel packs and circuitry and a variable geometry warp propulsion system.

The Intrepid can attain extremely high speeds not only because of its advanced warp core, but due to its variable geometry warp nacelles, which allow the ship to adjust its warp field for maximum efficiency. The vessel's streamlined shape also allows it to project an unusually efficient warp field. Since the class' primary mission profiles involve exploration and scientific experimentation, it possesses an extensive complement of laboratories and scientific facilities.

Atlantis' captain's yacht is an "Aeroshuttle" named Tiger Shark by the crew. Patterned in part after the Danube-class runabout, it is larger and more maneuverable than a typical yacht, and capable of hosting a wide range of mission platforms.

Although not intended as a front-line combat vessel, Atlantis has powerful tactical systems. These include multiple Type-X phaser arrays and four high-yield torpedo launchers.

Most intriguingly of all, the Intrepid class has atmospheric and planet fall capability - making it the largest Starfleet vessel with those abilities. When it lands, four large articulated "legs" emerge from the ventral side of the engineering hull to support it.

After a long period of decommission, the USS Atlantis was relaunched on Stardate 239102.01 under the command of Raj Blueheart. The Atlantis is assigned to Task Force 124 as the group's Flag Ship. This Task Force and the USS Atlantis are tasked to explore the Par'tha Expanse. The Atlantis is headquartered out of Deep Space 26. The current First Officer is Lieutenant Commander Tracey Townson.

The Atlantis is charting the Par'tha Expanse, discovering many secrets from it and hoping to establish peaceful relationships with the inhabitants of this little-known and unpredictable region.

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