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UFOP Constitution

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Article I: Mission Statement

  1. The UFOP RPG was established Stardate 237106.01 (AD1994) for the sole purpose of organizing a non-profit role playing collective, simulating characters, plots and story lines based upon the Star Trek Universe created by Paramount Entertainment. The UFOP has reached a sufficient size by the date of this document and experienced such needs as herein discussed that this CONSTITUTION has become necessary for the continued efficient, fair and expedient administration of the group consistent with the above stated purpose.
  2. The UFOP shall always remain a not for profit role playing organization, regardless of venue or membership, and regardless of what changes have been amended to this CONSTITUTION consistent with the procedures related herein. If at any point in the future the UFOP shall become otherwise than a non-profit organization or otherwise than a role-playing organization first and foremost, it shall have ceased to resemble the organization for which this document is intended and this document shall be considered abolished.

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