Typhon Shield Device

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The Typhon Shield Device (TSD) works by collecting Typhon and Anti-Typhon particles through a vessel's bussard collectors and then subjecting them to a process of forced annihilation (colliding particles with their respective anti-particles).

The TSD uses the annihilation energy produced to modify the shield harmonics of the vessel to produce a controlled anomaly with the same properties as normal space-time. Since two anomalies cannot occupy the same space and time, the ship remains in its controlled anomaly and is protected from the anomalies created by the natural annihilation of Typhon and Anti-Typhon particles.

The spacial and temporal anomalies of the Typhon Expanse are unique, in that, they are created when a mass of particles collected over a period of time contain equal parts Typhon and Anti-Typhon particles. Therefore, the Typhonic Shield Device will only work in the the Typhon Expanse and will not protect a ship from other anomalies created by other events.