Triumphant Staff Roster

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Rank Character Name Current Post
Captain Rhys Bejain Commanding Officer
LCmd Samuel Nigel Perkins First Officer
LCmd Johnathan Ivanov Kirov Helm/Conn/Ops
Ens Michelle Briggs Helm/Conn/Ops
Lt Merigold Kitiganzibi Chief Tactical Officer
Ens John Hunter Tactical Officer
Lt(jg) Kassa Quay Security Officer
Lt(jg) Thompson Kirby Security Officer
Ens Galvin Prox Medical Officer
Lt(jg) Nemitor Atimen Chief Engineering Officer
Ens Quinn Reynolds Engineering Officer
Cmd T'Lara Cha'Stelin Chief Science Officer
Ens Tildaen Ethelwin Science Officer

Updated as of April 10, 2007. This list only consists of playable characters. NPC's can be found in the appropriate link to the right.