Training Tutorial 3

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Cadet Orientation

Tutorial 3: Your character

Before you can be posted to a ship, you need to make a final decision about your character name, gender, and species, and then create a character biography, which you'll submit to your training group. You're free to change your character from what you chose on the application, if you think you'd be comfortable with something else.

The best place to start is on our "Your Character" tutorial, which details our group rules about characters, provides examples of common mistakes that people make when creating their characters, and provides resources and links to pages that will help you pick a species, a character name, and more.

Below, we'll discuss the proper format for a biography ("bio"). But before we do, remember that your biography should not be too long or detailed. You just want to give your crew-mates enough information to get a simple picture of your character to start with -- but you want to give yourself plenty of room to grow and develop the character through the story, without setting too much “in stone” before you’ve even begun.

Your bio should be in the format below. Please copy this information into an e-mail, fill it out, and send it to your training group within 48 hours. Your training officer will pass it on to your new captain for you.


  • Full name:
  • Date of birth (Age):
  • Species:
  • Gender:
  • Hair color:
  • Eye color:
  • Height:


  • Parents:
  • Siblings:
  • Spouse:
  • Children:


  • ...

You may want to include some brief personal history of the character, including where they were born and reared, or anything else necessary to our understanding of you. You could include any important experiences in your character's life which you feel we should know about, as well as a brief professional history. This could include information about your character's Academy days, like the degree they achieved or any extracurricular activities. (Want to know more about what your character would have studied at the Academy? Check out the Starfleet Academy Curriculum article:


  • Extra Credit! Between the end of shore-leave and the start of a mission, many vessels hold staff meetings ("briefings"). This chance to ask questions IC and establish as many background facts as possible should not be overlooked! Learn more about how to contribute to staff meetings in our tutorial on "Giving Briefings an Interesting Edge":
  • Also, for prompts to help you think about fleshing out your character, take a look at the following list of questions:
  • You can always find this tutorial on our website:

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