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Vital Statistics
Name: Toaxx
Rank: Petty Officer, 1st Class
Position: Ships Systems Technician
Assignment: USS Eagle
Species: Bolian
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye color: Gray blue
Hair color: Bald
Build: Average
Skin tone: Light navy blue
Place of birth: Bolarus IX

He is about 5'10" with light navy blue skin and gray blue eyes. Bald like all most all Bolians he has a 3 inch patch of discolored grayish skin on the rear left top of his head from an explosion years before.

Toaxx works exactly as he was taught, which was by the book. However he has learned that when the book doesn't work it's time to get a little creative. An older Bolian, he seems to have a problem with taking orders from a younger person. A quiet but gruff individual he works his people hard but looks after them as well. On his time off he enjoys playing Bumo, a Bolian board game that he has tought to Sovock. Now that he has been transfered to the USS Constitution-B he is attempting to teach it to his new room mate Kavis-Abro.


  • 236904.28 - age 17 - Enlisted in Starfleet
  • 237007.14 - age 18 - Graduated and transfered to SB73
  • 237611.02 - age 24 - Transfered to USS Starshine
  • 237703.11 - age 25 - Transfered to SB45 for additional training
  • 237808.17 - age 26 - Promoted to Petty Officer
  • 238005.30 - age 28 - Transfered to USS Penguin
  • 238212.21 - age 30 - Transfered to USS Triumphant
  • 238409.01 - age 32 - Transfered to the USS Constitution-B
  • 238501.07 - age 33 - Transfered to the USS Eagle