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2394 Annual Awards Ceremony - 239406.23

PART 1 & PART 2 of the main sims for the 2394 Annual Awards Ceremony.

General Awards

B-Plot Award
Tyr Waltas
Khan Award
Brayden Jorey
Laudean Commendation
Nebula Bar
Neelix Award
Oddas Aria
Pathfinder Award
Russ Bar
Hannibal Parker
Q Award
Irina Pavlova
Scotty Cross
Toni Turner
Sheathed Sword
Hunter Stelin
Genesis Award
Rode Mitchell

Duty Post Awards

Irina Pavlova
Natasha Yar Pin - Security[1]. Presented by Toni Turner: "Lt. Commander Irina Pavlova has made the transition from marine to security which made for a great plot and some great writing/storytelling. She has managed to not only do a great job of roleplaying the Embassy's Chief of Security but highlighting some of the differences between the Starfleet Security and the Marine Corps. Irina often goes above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of her crewmates, even at risk to her own safety. In spite of all her quirks, she shows her dedication to crew and ship and has saved both on numerous occasion. It is with great pleasure to present her with The Natasha Yar Pin of distinction for her dedication as Chief of Security."
Sisko Tactical Cross - Tactical[1]. Presented by Toni Turner: " Lt. Commander Savan was the Embassy's Tactical Officer and then Chief Tactical Officer for the year since our last awards ceremony. He has been a stellar simmer, ship staff member, and ran a major mission for the Embassy. He did a great job as the Tactical Officer, especially considering how easy it could have been to step on the toes of Intelligence, Marines, Security, stratops, and so on. He never did, but instead collaborated or cooperated with them.
Oddas Aria
Phoenix Award - Engineering[1]. Presented by Toni Turner: " Before she became a First Officer, Lt. Commander Oddas Aria was a crackerjack Engineer, and her skills were most apparent when she and Science Officer Lt. Commander T'Lea came up with a plan to bring the heavily damaged USS Thunder-A tied to the Sovereign Class USS Discovery using the slipstream drive. No starship has ever been towed in slipstream as far as I know, and it was an absolutely brilliant plan flawlessly executed. It was so brilliant, and an article was written about it.
Hannibal Parker
Semper Fidelis Award - Marines[1]. Presented by Toni Turner: " Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker is the quintessential archetype of the gruff, dominant, and boisterous marine officer and has been for around 5 years. One might see such a representation as 'typical' for a marine officer - it is, but wonderfully so! Moreover, Parker makes sure to balance this strong character with compassion, paternal instincts, and humor.

Special Awards

Oddas Aria
Rising Star Award - Presented by Toni Turner[2]: "Since she came on board, first as an engineer, and now, a First Officer, Lt. Commander Oddas Aria has been a joy to watch as she first had to deal with busted starships as Chief Engineer, and now, has jumped in with both feet as First Officer, feeling her way through the process of now being the second in command and not in charge of Engineering. Her sims are a joy to read as we watch her go through the occasionally painful process of filling the Second Chair. Not only that, but she has fully taken up the reins OOC as well, keeping in touch with members who have not simmed in awhile, making sure there is at least one sim per week submitted to the Top Sims, contest. For these reasons, I am absolutely delighted to present the Rising Star Award to Lt. Commander Oddas Aria. Congratulations!"
Boothby Award - Presented by Toni Turner[2]: " Although I am no longer affiliated with the Academy, I have heard from other members and graduates how well Oddas is showing his dedication to guiding our new members to their full potential, by setting an excellent example. He not only shows his dedication in the Academy but has brought what he has learned to the Embassy crew. And you really can't ask for better than that. As one Academy graduate related: "I was very intimidated by the setup and posting frequency. I was lost, confused and felt like giving it up. The feedback and support I received from Oddas Aria helped me overcome all of that, for which I am grateful and now I absolutely love simming!" This came from one of Oddas Aria's fellow trainers: "an excellent trainer who is one of our most regular volunteers. Some trainers volunteer but only ever offer to run a mock cadet but Oddas Aria is normally willing to be placed in any role we need. He is a reliable, enthusiastic trainer and his continued help makes it easier to ensure we are able to run classes each week for new cadets." For his dedication to guiding our new members into our fleet, I happily award her with the Boothby Award. Congratulations!"
Trailblazer Award - Presented by Toni Turner[2]: "Lt. Commander Oddas Aria, for her work with the fleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau and the Journal of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, without a doubt embodies the qualifications for the Trailblazer Award. Her work with the Journal drew attention from many members of the fleet and helped to spawn the Journal of Starfleet Medicine and the Starfleet Journal of Arts & Sciences. These journals have given members a new way to engage with Star Trek based material and bring the IC experiences and research into the fleet's wiki. It is ideas like this that make Oddas Aria a great recipient of the Trailblazer Award. Congratulations! Job well done! "

Staff Awards

Toni Turner
Sarek Star - Presented by Quinn Reynolds[3]: "The Sarek Star is presented to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff. As you can imagine, that's not always the easiest of tasks in an online community, where words can so easily lose their intended context when you cannot see or hear the person speaking them. Communicating effectively in this kind of environment doesn't always come easily, and the winner of this award is a person who can consistently and skillfully do so. The nominations for Ann (Rear Admiral Toni Turner), were multiple and glowing, each speaking of highly of her skill at navigating difficult situations within and without her ship. Her ability to keep a clear head, and act in a fair and impartial manner while mediating issues close to her heart were often spoken of by those who have worked alongside her. Having been privileged to serve with Toni on the Captains and Executive Councils, I can wholeheartedly agree with their assessments! She is a welcome presence in any debate, delivering her considered insights with tact and care. Congratulations, Toni!"


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