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Looks like someone added the following text to the SB-TAC section:

The base has an amazing defensive weapons system, and tactical officers are kept busy, but tactical on the base plays a much more comprehensive role than you might find on a starship. Tactical officers must think about the defense of every ship in the Trinity-Serellen Sector. They must weigh the strengths and weaknesses of an enemy, to think like them, to analyze every possible offensive and defensive strategies and subsequent dangers that an enemy, foreign or domestic, may pose. Starship's in this sector are often placed into an assignment based on information provided from and to Starbase 118's Tactical department. We compile data from Starfleet Command, Intelligence, and the Diplomatic Corp to best ascertain what presence Starfleet should adopt in any given area.

This probably needs to be moved to its own page. --Wolf /talk page 16:49, 20 July 2012 (UTC)