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About the Writer

Cameron is an avid reader, writer, roleplayer, and Star Trek fan who joined Starbase 118 in 2013. He's simmed with the USS Tiger-A, USS Garuda, USS Invicta, and is currently assigned to USS Veritas. In the real world, he is a technical writer currently living with his partner in northeastern Colorado.

Main PC


Commander Evan Delano
Born to a single mother on Earth, Evan had a troubled childhood made worse by unpredictable and sometimes violent mood swings. Under the guidance of a Vulcan mentor, Evan eventually found a functional, but imperfect balance between his aversion to Vulcan ideology, and the necessity of controlling his emotions. That, and a desire to prove himself, was enough to get Evan through the Academy. His first two years in Starfleet earned him a sterling record, and Evan quickly advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and was well respected among his peers until Evan attacked an unarmed prisoner. After pleading guilty at his court martial, Evan eventually requested and was granted an indefinite leave of absence from Starfleet before heading off to the Shoals in pursuit of the Reya-Laialara. In 2394, he returned to Starfleet to join the USS Veritas' mission in the Shoals.



Andrew Davenport
Andrew Davenport is a civilian freelance journalist who was active in the Menthar Corridor from late 2391 until his disappearance in 2392. Prior to this, Davenport spent nearly all of his life in the Sol system.

Koa iolani.jpg

Petty Officer Koa Iolani
Though his lifelong passion has been the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean he grew up surrounded by, Koa enlisted in Starfleet just a few weeks after finishing his secondary education. He plans to eventually return to Earth to pursue his dream of becoming an Oceanologist. He's currently serving aboard USS Veritas.

Lunat Drys.jpg

Chief Petty Officer Lunat Drys
A career enlisted officer who joined Starfleet shortly after the Borg assault on her homeworld, Risa. She currently serves as Captain Roshanara Rahman's yeoman aboard USS Veritas.


Commander Tarla Dean
A long time instructor at Starfleet Academy recently reassigned to Starfleet Tactical. Currently involved in the Diligent-class Development Project.


Training Characters