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Starfleet Security

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The Starfleet Security agency is responsible for ship and personnel security aboard all Starfleet vessels and installations, as well as select United Federation of Planets outposts, vessels, and facilities. It is the role of the Security Officer to protect the vessel/facility as well as its crew in addition to maintaining and enforcing Starfleet Security regulations, procedures and policies. In addition, this agency is responsible for security clearances of all Starfleet and Federation personnel.

Starfleet Security, in close cooperation with Starfleet Intelligence, is responsible for counter-intelligence operations.

In conjunction with Federation Security, the agency is also responsible for the security of the Federation President, as well as members of the Federation Council and visiting alien dignitaries.

Jurisdictional Limits

The jurisdiction of Starfleet Security extends only to Starfleet vessels, stations and facilities and the Starfleet personnel stationed therein. As a branch of a naval organization, Starfleet Security does not have any significant jurisdiction over civilians. In situations where a civilian commits a crime within a Starfleet facility, Starfleet Security has authority to detain the accused until such time as they can be remanded to the appropriate civilian authorities.

Jurisdictional authority should not be interpreted as being limited to the vessel on which an officer serves. Though a visiting officer must always report to the department head, a security officer serving aboard the USS Victory has as much jurisdictional authority for arrest and detention aboard Deep Space 17 as she does aboard her own ship.

Starfleet Security has absolutely no jurisdiction on non-Starfleet colonies or installations, regardless of their status as Federation members.

Jurisdictional Exception

The above jurisdictional limits can be suspended in exceptional cases only if inaction would result in failure to uphold the Starfleet Security primary mandate of ensuring the safety of ship and crew.

Sub-sections of Starfleet Security

  • Office of the Director: Consisting of the Starfleet Security Counsel and Board of Directors, this is the top tier of Starfleet Security. All Security related Decisions come through this Office. Commander, Starfleet Security, stationed on Earth, in San Francisco, runs division from Headquarters. Assistant Commander, Starfleet Security, acts as the eyes and ears of the Security Commander in the field.
  • Administrative Services Division: Security Issues are channeled through Administrative Services on their way to the Office of the Director. Responsibilities of this division include determining which wing of Starfleet Security is best for handling a given situation, and channeling important information directly to the Head of Starfleet Security.
  • Criminal Investigative Division: As Starfleet's primary criminal investigative organization, CID is responsible for conducting criminal investigations in which Starfleet is, or may be, a party of interest. CID investigators conduct criminal investigations that range from death to fraud, on and off Starfleet starships and installations, and when appropriate, with local law enforcement and Federation investigative agencies. CID supports Starfleet through the deployment of highly trained investigators and support personnel who specialize in criminal information collection and analysis and a variety of other services normally associated with law enforcement activities.
  • Criminal Justice Division: Works in conjunction with the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's office to prosecute those accused under the jurisdiction of Starfleet Security.
  • Internal Affairs Division: Investigates incidents involving and accusations against Starfleet Security officers, including inappropriate behavior and corruption.
  • Public Services Division : Acts as "Public Relations" Division for Starfleet Security, providing information and coordinating press conference and interviews for news networks and publications.
  • Forensics Division : Works with Starfleet Medical investigate criminal activity from a scientific, medical, and legal standpoint. This division also frequently works alongside Federation Security.

Related Entities

Starfleet Intelligence

  • Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence are two very intertwined entities. The mandate of both organizations includes maintaining the safety and security of Starfleet, its ships, facilities and installations as well as its personnel. Starfleet Security officers are frequently involved in Starfleet Intelligence operations.

Starfleet Marines

  • Starfleet Security and Starfleet Marines often work together in various capacities. In some instances, Starfleet Marines may even be placed under the command of a Starfleet Security officer and may be required to supplement the security forces of a Starfleet vessel or installation.

Federation Security

  • A civilian law enforcement agency, Federation Security provides very similar services to non-Starfleet Federation vessels and facilities that Starfleet Security provides to naval vessels and facilities.

Local/Regional Law Enforcement

  • Though interaction between Starfleet Security and regional law enforcement agencies is not a regular occurrence, it does happen. In all but the most exceptional of cases, civilian authority is deemed to hold precedence over Starfleet Security. This is, of course, assuming the incident in question occurred in the jurisdiction of the civilian authority.

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