Starfleet Sciences & Technologies

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Starfleet Sciences & Technologies

Starfleet Sciences & Technologies
Organization Name: Starfleet Sciences & Technology (SST)
Organization Type: Hazardous Response & Recovery
Founded: June 10, 2343
Present Leader: Vice Admiral John Sterrett
Headquarters: Starbase 2

About the Organization

Starfleet Sciences & Technologies was created in 2343 in response to a request from the Federation Council to create a special unit of Starfleet that handled hazardous response and recovery. As technology continued to progress and contact was made with more powerful technology and alien species, the Federation wanted a specialized unit that could be deployed with specific ships designed to handle those situations.

The theory was that a specialized ship would have a better chance of succeeding where a standard Starfleet vessel would be at risk. Formed in 2343 under Fleet Captain Harold Saxon, the five ship squadron participated in numerous hazardous cleanups of warp core breaches and recoveries of alien technology from relics in space. It was not until the Battle of Wolf 359, however, that the SST proved its worth.

SST successful recovered quite a few pieces of Borg technology and also secured twelve Starfleet vessels that could be rebuilt and repaired instead of condemned. If there is a major incident, the SST is usually given jurisdiction and response.


The present SST functions with nine dedicated recovery vessels retrofitted with less weaponry but more shielding and specialized equipment than others of their class.

SST Dedicated Taskforce

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