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Sentinels of the Black

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Sentinels of the Black
Organization Name: Sentinels of the Black (Short: Sentinels)
Organization Type: Religious Cult
Founded: 2355
Present Leader: High Arkon Maul Mirak
Headquarters:: Not Known

Sentinels of the Black are a pseudo-religious doomsday cult who believe the world would be coming to an end in a horrific way. Their membership has grown in recent years with the scavenging from the remains of the futuristic ship Victory, before the Federation was able to secure it. They believe that the only way the galaxy can be cleansed is to let in The Holy Flames so that a new world can spring from the destruction.

Recent History

Founded in 2355 by Maul Mirak, The sentinels have been on and off the radar of Starfleet for quite some time. For the majority of their existence they have been no more than preaching a doctrine, but starting in 2391, they have become much more militant. Their membership is unknown, but Starfleet Intelligence does not believe they are more than a few hundred members in size.