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Sarek Star
Awards Staff SarekStarMedal 2011.jpg
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Type: staff award
Award Level: fleet

Most Recent Recipient
Kali Nicholotti (2015)

The Sarek Star is a staff award given to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff.

Year Rank Portrait Character Author ID Ship
align=center|Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti Apollo-A 2015 [[]]
align=center|Fleet Captain Idril Mar Executive Council 2014 [[]]
align=center|Captain Aron Kells Garuda 2013 [[]]
align=center|Captain William Rogers Drake 2012 [[]]
align=center|Captain Della Vetri Avandar 2011 [[]]
align=center|Captain Rocar Drawoh StarBase 118 Ops 2006 [[]]
align=center|Captain Mal Avatar Executive Council 2005 [[]]
align=center|Captain Theodore Draigon Executive Council 2004 [[]]
align=center|Rear Admiral Hollis Calley Adml. Luke Reider 2002 [[]]
align=center|Command Liason Kren Tekra FltAdml. Tristan Wolf 2000 [[]]
align=center|Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist FltAdml. Tristan Wolf 1996 [[]]


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Picard Award Staff Member of the Year Award Chief's Citation Award
Awards Staff PicardMedal 2011.png
Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearMedal 2011.jpg
Awards Staff ChiefCitation2015.png
Sarek Star James T. Kirk Cross Christopher Pike Pendant
Awards Staff SarekStarMedal 2011.jpg
Awards Staff KirkCrossMedal 2011.jpg
Awards Staff PikePendantMedal 2011.jpg
Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition T'Pau Cluster of Distinction Kathryn Janeway Award
Awards Staff ShuvalisMedal 2011.jpg
T'Pau Cluster of Distinction.png
Awards Staff JanewayMedal 2011.jpg

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