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((Chief Engineer’s Office, Atlantis))

:: Gwen had since left the trident and was in her office checking the paperwork on her PADD. Something about a new Engineering transfer that needed her signature. She just sat there thinking about all the last week. It was a lot to process. Either way, there was a knock on her door that shook her out of her silent revelation. ::
::Adam entered the room, noticing the piles of PADDs on the desk.::
HAASE: Is this a bad time?
GARDENER: This week is a bad time, but it doesn’t have anything to do with you. Hi, I’m Lt. Gwen Gardener, Chief Engineer. You must be my new Engineer.
HAASE: Yes, I believe that is correct. :: Smile :: I believe that I am supposed to report to the Captain as well, but I figured that since I will be here most of the time, I might as well make the trip here first.
GARDENER: :: Signing off on her PADD :: Well its a pleasure to meet you, Lt. JG. Welcome to the USS Atlantis. I’ll warn you now though, we may be cursed but we’re still a family.
HAASE: I understand. In fact, I served on a lunar outpost for a year. If anything - I know what cursed is.
GARDENER: Trust me, the Atlantis sees more action in a single mission then the outpost ever did, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet.
HAASE: Well, I’ll try to keep that in mind...if anything spooky happens, I’ll make sure to notify the chief of Xenobiology first. :: Laughs ::
GARDENER: :: Thinks :: Not sure if we still have one, I’d have to check. Oh and warning, our med staff consists of a MARK IV EMH so do us all a favor and try not to get yourself too banged up.
HAASE: I understand. So what happened here? It seems like this ship is barren. No Chief Medical Officer, no Counselor, no Chief of Security. And now I’m here to fill an engineering spot. Why all the empty spaces?
GARDENER: The short version? The Engineer you’re replacing screwed up. He paid for it, and several people left because they weren’t sure what was going on and didn’t know how to handle it, which in my opinion is odd because I ended up the biggest victim, but whatever. I gave up on figuring it out.
HASSE: I see. Well, I find that in these cases, the best thing to do is ask as little questions as necessary, and keep moving forward. In fact, something like this happened when I was 12.
~ Sadness, confusion, anger ~
::Adam could sense the emotions emanating from Lt. Gardener, but he knew that he never wanted to be an invasion of privacy. He closed his thoughts and focused on the conversation at hand::
GARDENER: Oh? I doubt it was anything like this but what happened?
HASSE: Well, when I was 12 I had one of my friends come over to play some soccer. I had never tried the game before, but we used one of those new hover balls. Well, neither of my parents were home, and we got reckless. We began playing and making lunch at the same time. By the time we knew what had happened, the entire kitchen was in flames, and the house burned down. I almost didn’t make it out alive. My friend really screwed up, but I guess I’m as much to blame as he is.
::A tear almost finds its way out of Adam’s eye, but he keeps it in and forces a smile::
HAASE: Is that something like what happened to you, emotion-wise?
GARDENER: :: Blinking. ::
oO Empaths...oi Oo
My case was a bit more brutal, but I see where you’re coming from.
HAASE: I completely understand. It must have been pretty bad for 3 or more officers to leave because of it. But let’s get off of this subject. Too much time in the past can lead to schizophrenia, am I right? :: Laughs ::
GARDENER: Horrible unspeakable evils would be closer, but yeah.
HAASE: Before I leave, I read something here about a dilithium efficiency project started by a certain Thomas Kody Janeway?
GARDENER: :: Blinking and checking her PADD :: So there is...I don’t recall approving this... :: Sighing :: However, it seems like an idea that may have merit, if you wish to look into it and see if you can make it work, by all means go ahead.
HAASE: Well, it just so happens that before I enlisted for the post on the Lunar Outpost, I got my degree in Advanced Warp Propulsion from the Vulcan Science Academy. This sounds like a really fun project - like my dissertation all over again..
GARDENER: :: Smiling :: Well then, enjoy. Again, welcome to the USS Atlantis, one of the most fast paced and cursed ships in the fleet.
HAASE: Is that a welcome or an omen? :: Laughing ::
::Adam looked at the chronometer on the wall::
GARDENER: You know....I’m not actually sure. :: Laughing :: Call it both if you will.
HAASE: Well, it was very good meeting you, Lieutenant. I hope that we can get together some other time, but as for now I am scheduled for some lunch! My stomach is growling so loud you could hear it on Betazed!
GARDENER: :: Smiling :: Enjoy your lunch. I should get back to my paperwork anyway.
HAASE: Well, thank you again. And have fun on your paperwork. Personally, I like thinking of paperwork as little children. Everything has to be tucked nice and cozy into their snug folders. Keep that in mind when you get angry at your PADDs. ::Smiling::
GARDENER: Thanks, will do. :: With a smile. :: Dismissed.
::Adam left the room, still reminiscing from the conversation he just had. Looking down at his stomach, he hoped that it wouldn’t cave in before he got to the Mess Hall - or “Trident” as they called it here.::
oO I always liked Poseidon Oo

::And with that, he took the turbolift - determined to find something edible, and preferably chocolate::
:: Gwen sat there at her desk after Adam left. It was going to be a long mission. ::
A JP by…..
Lt. Guinevere Gardener, AKA: Gwen
Chief Engineer
USS Atlantis
Lt.JG. Adam Haase
Engineering Officer
USS Atlantis