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((USS Gorkon, Deck 5: Gymnasium))

::Meeting and greeting crew and remembering names had been quite the mental
workout for Chen, and he had found himself feeling like swinging by the gym
for a physical one once everyone on the ship was accounted for. Greir had
needed to comm some people on Astrofori One so that he could start to make
preparations for their eventual arrival in their new home. He’d been quite
happy for Chen to duck out for a short while, although seeing that they
were going to need to put their quarters together a little later on led
Chen to making the decision to keep his workout relatively light. The real
one would begin when it came time to move furniture.::

::Dressed in a red tank top and black track pants, the chan stopped for a
moment inside the gym doors, taking everything in. The Darwin and
Vigilants’ gyms paled in comparison to this one. Chen was going to be
spending a good amount of time down here - while his promotion to the ranks
of the red collars meant the likelihood of him being assigned on a
Starfleet Intelligence field operation were greatly diminished, it was now
his responsibility to lead away teams. He was going to make sure he was
prepared for that in just the same way as he had for his field work.::

::That would start today with a session on the treadmills. A little aerobic
exercise, which suited the Andorian metabolism better than intensive
sessions with weights. On his way to get started, he passed another member
of the crew on the weights bench - with many other people unpacking, the
gym was very quiet and, other than the two of them, the gym seemed to be
empty. Seeing that the guy didn’t have a spotter, Chen headed round to the
top of the bench to fill the role if it was needed.::

Chen: Hi. Everything OK?

::There didn’t really seem to be a lot of movement… was this guy stuck?::

Haase: Um…::struggling and breathing heavily::...oh, yeah. Just fine.
::Adam made a grunting noise, and lifted the bar about four inches above
his chest before it came down to rest again.:: Well, maybe I could use a
little help.

::Chen reached forward and grabbed the bar of the weight with both hands,
hauling it up and back onto the stand at the head of the bench. Andorians
were stronger than humans so it didn’t feel very heavy to him, but
whoever-this-was seemed to have been exercising with it a fair amount. Chen
figured he must have worn his arms out.::

Chen: Pushing yourself too hard?

Haase: ::Adam stood up, massaging his arms.:: Well, in my opinion one can
never work too hard. But my muscles gave out before I did. ::He smiled::

::Adam was used to doing this kind of lifting. Almost every other day he
would come in here to exercise. But following the advice of one of his
other colleagues, he had decided to double his workout, which inevitably
left him stranded on the bench. As an engineer who went on away missions
only now and then, he wanted to make sure that he sized up with the
tactical officers.::

::Chen knew what it was like to get the workout bug. He’d overdone it
himself a good few times, usually with interval training when he was
pushing himself to get fit in the academy. The feeling had never been

Chen: Sounds like a stern reprimand is in order for them. ::He chuckled.::
If they start to hurt then you might want to try alternating ice and heat
packs. You want to make sure you’re able to lift a mug of coffee in the

Haase: Thanks for the advice. ::Adam looked quizzically at the man for a
moment.:: Have I seen you somewhere before?

::It was at that point Adam remembered. He was being assisted by the new
first officer. Immediately, Adam came to attention. Not only because he
wanted to follow procedure, but because he always liked to create a good
first impression. But the FO didn’t need to know that.::

Haase: I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t recognize you.

::Adam figured that he would probably give him a talking to about “off
duty” procedure, but it didn’t matter. Adam preferred to remain respectful
just the same - at least until they got to know one another better, if they
ever did.::

::Chen really didn’t have much of a choice but to forgive the guy, being as
he had absolutely no clue what his name was. He wasn’t sure even if they’d
already met. His memory for names and faces was usually good. However,
after looking through the personnel database and seeing over 600 of both,
he’d found himself more than just a little bit overloaded.::

Chen: It’s fine, we’ve only been aboard for a few hours. I’ll have to admit
to having had a little too much to take in today, too. I remember seeing
your face at least, but you were…?

Haase: Haase. Adam Haase. Lieutenant, Junior Grade. I’ve been assigned to
work as a senior engineer. ::Adam relaxed a bit...seeing as how this
commander wasn’t about to bite him.:: I’ve just transferred from the USS
Atlantis. Hopefully, I can get some work in with these new engines. I’ve
never had the chance to work with QSSD before. ::Adam smiled::

::Haase! That was it. Chen was disappointed that he hadn’t remembered, but
he doubted he’d forget again now he’d had to be reminded. The fact that the
lieutenant was from the Atlantis meant that he was probably going to have a
similar kind of job on his hands as Chen did. Those from the Victory had
the home field advantage for the time being.::

::Chen smiled back, albeit with his eyes rather than his mouth in his usual

Chen: Good to meet you outside of the flurry of introductions, then, Adam.
I guess getting to work in a Sovereign class engine room will be a little
like heading into a candy store?

Haase: ::Grinning:: Exactly. You can’t imagine the awe and respect I had
for SCE when I walked in for the first time. ::Adam had completely
forgotten his manners. He outstretched his arm, offering his hand.:: Very
nice to meet you as well, Commander. And you’re transferring from the…?

::Chen returned the statutory handshake.::

Chen: Starbase 118. I was chief of intelligence.

Haase: Ah, I see. ::Adam remembered his first visit to Starbase 118.:: You
worked in that tower?

::Chen found the question oddly amusing, partly because he could now see
the Black Tower from the point of view of an officer in a coloured collar.
His antennae turned slightly towards each other as he answered.::

Chen: Yeah, I was in ‘that tower’. It was an interesting few months. I’m
hoping I can draw on my experiences there as first officer here, but then I
guess you never know what will come next on a starship.

Haase: That’s absolutely true. ::Adam grinned:: Who knew that I would be
stuck under a bar, waiting for the gracious assistance of such a kind First
Officer? ::Adam picked up a small, white towel and began to dry the sweat
that ran down his face.::

::At that, Chen broke out into a laugh. It wouldn’t have been the way he
would have chosen to met one of his superiors as it was pretty
embarrassing, but Haase seemed to be rolling with the punches pretty well.::

Chen: Don’t worry, intelligence training comes with strict lessons on the
importance of being able to keep secrets, even under torture. Although if
something breaks in my quarters now then you’ll definitely be getting a
call to repay the favour.

Haase: Of course, sir. ::Adam chuckled:: I’ve just wished myself into
conditional servitude. ::Adam threw the towel to the chair and grabbed a
black, leather bag next to the bench.::

Chen: That you have, Mr. Haase. ::He wandered over to one of the treadmills
and began to set up a program on the console.:: So what are your plans for
the rest of the night? Have you got yourself unpacked yet?

Haase: Oh, yes. I’ve been unpacked for some time. And to be absolutely
honest, I have no idea what the rest of the evening will be like. I’m
debating between having a date with my pillow or the Slipstream Drive
Controls. ::Adam giggled with laughter::

::As long as he didn’t choose the second one when he needed the first and
catapult them somewhere into the Delta Quadrant, Chen thought either was a
sound plan.::

Chen: Then I guess I should leave you to it. Just make sure you take care
of those arms, or you’ll have to find a lower ranking officer to do all
your lifting and carrying tomorrow!

::Adam smiled, and lifted his bag over the shoulder. Giving the FO a mock,
but not disrespectful salute, he exited through the gym doors.::

oO Ugh...why do I always embarrass myself in front of superior officers? Oo

::Adam slapped himself upside the forehead, and continued to his quarters -
where the rest of his evening would soon be decided.

::Shaking his head in amusement, Chen stepped onto the treadmill to start
working up a sweat. Maybe Haase’s luck would pick up from this point
forward. If not, then he was going to have some interesting stories to
write home with.::


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Lt.JG. Adam Haase

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