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The crew of Starbase 104 consists purely of NPCs, that can be played by any player. No ownership is taken by a single player.

Note: This is a work in progress. More information about these individuals and additional personnel will be added in time as they are used in sims.

Crew of Starbase 104

Position Rank Name Sex Species
Commanding Officer Captain Inejiro Miyabe Male Human (Japanese)
First Officer Commander Sorik Male Vulcan
Chief Strategic OPS/Second Officer Lt.Cmdr Wera Female Bolian
OPS Officer Ensign Lior Klein Male Human
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Kojat Male Melthusian
Chief Counselor Lieutenant JG Syclare Seluhj Female Haliian
Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr Telaom Female Onash
Engineering Officer Chief Petty Officer Eiahr Male Petarian
Engineering Officer Ensign Keppel Male NA
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant JG Oh'aky Female Human/Kaelon
Chief of Security LtCmdr Jorak Lyno Male Suliban
Security Officer Ensign Jenny Jordan Female Human
Chief of Tactical Lieutenant Handra Grelka Female Cardassian
Chief of Operations Lieutenant Uylk’i Female Ellora
Marine Commandant Major Ar’ok Male Moropa

Command Division

Sorik - First Officer

Commander Sorik is serving as First Officer on Starbase 104. He joined the crew about 3 months ago.

Security Division

Jenny Jordan - Security Officer

Jenny is a blonde-haired human woman, wearing reflective Sunglasses (and possible a big white hat at times). She wears a special Comm badge - instead of the standard Starfleet insignia shape, it looks like a five-pointed star with the insignia engraved on its face. She shows signs of not being very regulation following.