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After 23 years of service, there are many vessels that have been assigned to support StarBase 118 Ops that are recorded below. For ships that have been or are currently assigned to the area near the station, see the Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet.

Current Support Vessels

USS Narendra.jpg

USS Narendra
Ambassador Class

The USS Narendra is the station's primary support vessel under the command of Captain Sal Taybrim and Lt. Commander Elspeth. Commissioned in 2345, the Narendra previously served in the Dominion War and has undergone two major refits within its lifetime of service.

Norwayclass ship.jpg

USS Aegis
Norway Class

Launched in 2384, the USS Aegis is a secondary support vessel for StarBase 118 Ops, and most notably was utilized in the All Time High mission in 2393. The Aegis previously served as the primary support vessel for the Starbase from 2384 - 2387.

Past Support Vessels


USS Eagle
Intrepid Class

Launched in 2375, the USS Eagle was plagued by recurring technical problems until it received a full overhaul and refit from 2384 - 2385. It served for some time as secondary support vessel for StarBase 118 Ops, aiding with such tasks as evacuating slaves from an Orion Syndicate-run mine in 2394 during the One Last Gasp mission. In late 2395 the ship was reassigned to serve in the Aavaro Wilds.


USS Columbia
Nebula Class

The USS Columbia was the station's primary support vessel under the command of Captain Sal Taybrim and Commander Theo Whittaker from 239309.18 to approximately 239412.10 when it was reassigned to the Andaris Task Force. Along with previously serving as an independent vessel, the USS Columbia served as a support vessel to StarBase 118 Ops from 2383 - 2384 under the command of Captain Mal Avatar.


USS Albion
Excelsior Class

Launched on 238006.29, the USS Albion was rumored to have served as an intelligence ship after the closing of the Black Tower. It became the primary support vessel for Ops in 2392, and was destroyed on 239309.15 in a conflict that defeated Haz Arrhimen.


USS Victory
Intrepid Class

Originally launched in 2379, the USS Victory takes its name from a long line of ships. During its service it has seen numerous Captains in charge starting with Jordan Hurne (2379), Megan Parker (2381), Robin Phoenix (2383), Rocar Drawoh (2387) and Andrus Jaxx (2387) before being assigned to Starbase 118 as its support vessel in 2387. The USS Victory was reassigned under the command of Nugra in 2391.


USS Arrow
Saber Class

Constructed before the second Borg incursion, the first voyage of the USS Arrow was in the middle of that battle. She saw extensive combat during the Dominion War, a conflict still evident on her battle scarred surface. In early 2383 she was assigned as the support vessel for Starbase 118 until the arrival of the Columbia later that year. The USS Arrow now serves as part of the Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet.


USS Phoenix-C
Steamrunner-Wolverine Class

Launched in 2379 under Jessa Anassasi it was the first production vessel of the new Wolverine. It was reassigned to Starbase 118 later in 2379 where it acted as the base's support vessel for some time. The USS Phoenix-C underwent refitting that was completed in 2384, and at one point was part of the Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet.


USS Constitution-B
Galaxy Class

Launched in 2378 under the command of Xan Hebron, the USS Constitution-B is one of the longest serving vessels in the Starbase 118 fleet. In 2379 it was reassigned to be the support vessel for Starbase 118 before being re-launched under Xan Hebron a year later. By 2388 it had returned to the base as a standby vessel, but was reassigned elsewhere in 2391 under Shelther Faranster. It is currently an independent vessel under the command of Jalana Rajel.


USS Xanth
Defiant Class

The USS Xanth served as a support vessel to StarBase 118 Ops from 2375-2376. In 2375, the crew used this vessel to intercept Maquis who were headed towards Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. In the following mission Lt. Commander Aquiss took command of the vessel to track down some data about a deceased crew mate.

Nebula class.jpg

USS Phoenix-B
Nebula Class

The USS Phoenix-B was the first ship to be assigned to Starbase 118. Launched in 2371 under Tristan Wolf it was assigned as the support vessel to Starbase 118 a year later. It served many missions supporting the base until it was decommissioned in 2377, following serious computer issues.