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Dramatis Personae

The following is the beginnings of an attempt to catalogue the various players in the ongoing story of the Starbase; the non-player characters and ships that have acted as both adversaries and allies in her past. Players should feel free to update/amend page whenever necessary.

Missions are colour-coded by commanding officer:

Sal Taybrim
Leo Handley-Page
William Rogers
Kalianna Nicholotti
Andrus Jaxx


This table only contains MSNPCs (mission-specific NPCs). For recurring player-controlled NPCs please see Ops PNPC list. Due to the size the table is bound to grow to, please try to keep bios as short as possible whilst still being useful.

One Last Gasp: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Storm Bomba Antosian Captain of Ops Sal Taybrim Captain Bomba was temporary captain of Starbase 118 when Captain Taybrim was under investigation. It was believed he was better suited for the role...
Izirae Talyx Rodulan Ishani Kasun Izirae was one of Chennel’s minions, who had been able to hide away from Starfleet on a junk Dreadnaught, “Skullmasher”. She was out to make a get away and to get out from under shadows to make a name of her own. She kidnapped several officers and sold them into slavery before coming face to face with Starfleet’s finest.
Pitee Ferengi Rustyy Hael Pitee, a sick dog looking woman, was once an underling of Chennel before becoming one of Izirae Talyx’s minions. She was weak under the scrutiny of Starfleet
Omari Damarkus Orion Slave trader/ Overlord of Dominicus dilithium mines Sal Taybrim Omari was a slave trader and a pimp. He ran the dilithium mines on Dominicus VI. He bought Cmdr Flynn, Maxwell and Zel from Izirae at a really good price.
Turo-Varr Orion Theo Whittaker Turo-Varr is an underling of Izirae.
Edge of Glory: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Chennel Bolian Deceased Theo Whittaker Chennel is a notorious murderer, pirate and power within the Orion Syndicate who lost her life in a gamble to control the quadrant
Bartholomew Martantathru Human Under investigation Rustyy Hael Bartholomew Martantathru is an arrogant civilian scientist who allowed Chennel to have access to StarBase 118 Ops
Lora Jerosa Bajoran Captain Sal Taybrim Captain Lora Jerosa is the commanding officer of the USS Avalon-A, and provided assistance in retaking StarBase 118 Ops
Amanda Chapman Human Lt. Commander Sal Taybrim Lt Commander Chapman is an intel operative connected to Raskor I. She spearheaded the investigation into Renzon and Chennel, and provided intel to Captain Taybrim and Major Tatash.
Terminal Velocity: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Renzon Romulan incarcerated Sal Taybrim Renzon is a high member of the Orion Syndicate. Was the race manager for a underground raceway known for supplying tampered goods
Crescendo Denobulan Antero Flynn MC Crescendo was the master of Ceremonies for the raceway Tri-Star Jenatris Racing Confederation, a voice box for the crowd for Renzon
Wannis Cardassian Incarcerated Rustyy Hael Wannis was parts dealer, said to have the best and finest. Though in reality delivered questionable parts to those the Syndicate didn’t want to win
Redezvous at Raskor: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Allan Kinney Human Dishonorably discharged Sal Taybrim Former Commodore Allan Kinney was the sector commander for the Trinity Sector. He was removed from duty and stripped of rank following the discovery of his ties to the Orion Syndicate
Dreva Nan Angoian Augment Deceased Sal Taybrim Dreva Nan was an Orion Syndicate assassin sent to silence Commodore Kinney and the crew of StarBase 118 Ops
Dig Two Graves: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
The Show Must Go On: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Lady Shadonna Nuvian Performing Diva Mirra Ezo Lady Shadonna is a galactic superstar and diva, currently performing in the Trinity Sector
Basil Hobbes Human On Tour Antero Flynn Basil Hobbes is Lady Shadonna's tour manager and often her babysitter.
Yillara Khante Orion Deceased Sal Taybrim Yillara Khante was the vain and cruel security chief of the Orions who kidnapped Lady Shadonna.
Ogu-Saan Orion Incarcerated Trellis Vondaryan Ogu-Saan was the vicious Captain of the FMS Kravyet
Duchess Teacup targ In Rehab General NPC Duchess is Lady Shadonna's overly spoiled teacup targ with a taste for red wine.
Way Down Below: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Janker Pelian incarcerated Sal Taybrim Janker is the deposed Tilanna Crime Boss, who moved to SB118 to start a new criminal empire but ran afoul of Starfleet
Oma-Saan Orion Incarcerated Trellis Vondaryan Oma-Saan was the proprietor of Harkin's Den, a criminal establishment in SB118's 'Dungeon' level
Lurtz Khobeerian Entrepreneur Tatash Madame Lurtz is a wealthy entrepreneur that is developing the Nuova Eleganza level of SB118

Once More With Feeling: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Chennel Bolian Pirate Queen Theo Whittaker Chennel is a pirate queen and member of the Orion Syndicate
Madeline Whittaker Human Starfleet Captain Theo Whittaker Madeline Whittaker is Theo Whittaker's headstrong mother
Oma-Saan Orion Incarcerated Trellis Vondaryan Oma-Saan was the proprietor of Harkin's Den, a criminal establishment in SB118's 'Dungeon' level
All Time High: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Gilora Jemet Cardassian Police Inspector Theo Whittaker Gilora Jemet was a longtime Police Inspector on the Anjunaar police force and the main investigator for Boris Malinov's murder
Ambassador Dempok Klingon Commander of the IKS S’Tarahk Tatash Dempok is a Klingon Ambassador and envoy of the Klingon Empire. There is a cordial, allied relationship between Dempok and the crew of SB118Ops
Daahjan Tiburonian Incarcerated Theo Whittaker Daahjan was Jemet's partner, and an officer corrupted by the Jenatris Confederation. He assassinated Boris Malinov and was captured by Starfleet authorities
Al'Akir Efrosian Governor of Tilanna V Tatash Al'Akir is the Governor of Tilanna V. He petitioned for membership in the Klingon Empire and maintains cordial relations with both the Federation and the Klingon empire
Janker Pelian Crime Lord Sal Taybrim Janker is thee alias of the main criminal manager of the efforts of the Jenatris Confederation on Tilanna V
Srin Dakkeem Zakdorn Minor Criminal Trellis Vondaryan Srin Dakkeem is a minor criminal member of the Jenatris Confederation. He escaped the cleansing of Anjunaar, allowing him to gain prestige in the criminal organization alongside Janker.
Tribbles and Strife: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Anseidora Dorfmann Human/Elasyian Respected Tribble Breeder Sal Taybrim Anseidora Dorfmann is a galaxy renowned tribble breeder and considered an authority in the field of tribble breeding and judging.
Boris Malinov Human Deceased Theo Whittaker Boris Malinov was a well known tribble breeder, who created a strain of weaponized tribbles unleashed on StarBase 118. He was found murdered on the streets of Anjunaar city on Tilanna V a few weeks later
Aliyah Sereen Bajoran Accountant Tatash Aliyah Sereen is an accountant who used to work for Madame Lurtz and not has an independent practice on StarBase 118
Fresk Sondarlon Denobulan Biologist Sal Taybrim Fresk Sondarlon is an alcoholic biologist with an unpleasant personality and checkered past. He is a specialist on animal biology, including tribbles and has the distinction of being a Denobulan with a personality so vile that two of his wives filed for divorce.
Madame Lurtz Khobeerian Trader and Merchant Tatash Madame Lurtz is a self-professed mercantile queen. Dripping with extravagance, she adores attention and money. While she had a curiously vast array of connections and wares no evidence could be found to connect her to any criminal activity in the area
Dish Served Cold: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Commodore Allan Kinney Human Starfleet headquarters - Trinity Sector Sal Taybrim Commodore Kinney is stationed on Raskor I in the trinity sector, and is one of the overseeing flag officers for the area. He is not fond of the change in COs onboard Starbase 118.
Haz Arrhimen Antaran Starfleet Traitor Baylen Anders Haz Arrhimen was the Captain of the USS Stormcrow. He tried to destroy the USS Albion and crew while launching bio weapons onto Romulan Space.
Tara Whittings Human Dishonorably Discharged Sal Taybrim Lieutenant Tara Whittings created the bioweapon used against the Valdis colony. She was having a romantic relationship with Haz Arrhimen. She is now serving time in a Federation rehabilitation facility.
Torian Rhivu Romulan Governor of the Valdis Colony Sal Taybrim Torian Rhuvu is the Governor of the Valdis colony. He accepted aid from the Federation to prevent the Stormcrow's bioweapon from destroying the colony.
Never Mix Your Drinks: Mission
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Zel Rohan Bajoran / Cardassian Accepted into Starfleet Sal Taybrim A mysterious stowaway with a colorful past...
Gij Arrhimen Antaran Deceased General NPC Gij Arrhimen was the Captain of the SS Annabelle's Lament. He was lauded as an excellent freighter captain who ran a tight ship. His death and the loss of his ship have raised many questions in the mind of Starfleet, and an inquiry has been prompted by his older brother Starfleet Captain Haz Arrhimen.
Drin Jerol Flaxian Presumed deceased General MSNPC The first officer of the SS Annabelle's Lament, who may have escaped the freighter's destruction...?
Nacien Rixx Rodulan Unknown Sal Taybrim The shadowy head of the criminal group the Jenatris Confederation
Seth Ralston Human In psychiatric care Sal Taybrim The Jenatris Confederation assassin sent to kill Zel Rohan. He suffered severe brain damage while trying to escape
Mission: The Gathering Storm
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Renzon tr'Lareth Romulan Deceased 239206.20 Sal Taybrim The commander of the ChR Asphodel, Renzon was a violent member of the Resiliency and had connections to the terrorist group Ralaraam Ocala. He was killed in an altercation for control of the ChR Asphodel by his security officer Kereth
Kereth Trell'nan Romulan Security Officer Officer ChR Asphodel Sal Taybrim Kereth Trell'nan is a Romulan patriot who believes that was with the Federation hurts all involved. The former first officer of the ChR Last Chance waste freighter, he was sent on a mission by Vril tr'Lleodah to find out what happened to a shipment of stolen communications satellites. Kereth tracked said satellites to the Jenatris cloud and found the ChR Asphodel has put them there under the direction of Lloran Rhansu (Ry'Van LAstred). Kereth organized the mutiny against commander Renzon, and now follows kr'Theron back into Romulan space
kr'Theon Romulan Commanding officer ChR Asphodel Sal Taybrim kr'Theon is an older Romulan who served in the Romulan military before the Hobus Star explosion. Careful and guarded he served as the Asphodel's weapons and operations officer before finally taking command upon Renzon's death. kr'Theon ended the violence between the Asphodel and the USS Albion and took his ship back to Romulan territory
Barel Romulan Science officer ChR Asphodel General NPC Barel is a very young and pacifistic Romulan scientist who was caught up in the Resiliency. Barel's family was killed after the Hobus Star explosion leaving Barel a drifter. He is extremely intelligent but naive, and was lucky to survive the Asphodel's insurrection. In the aftermath Kereth decided to look out for the kid.
Vranis Romulan Helm officer ChR Asphodel General NPC Vranis is a cool, controlled woman with a near-Vulcan personality. She is a skilled pilot.
Jevelm Romulan Security officer ChR Asphodel General NPC Jevelm is a young security officer under Kereth. He followed his uncle tr'Llovian to take a position on the Asphodel. When tr'Llovian was killed by Renzon Jevelm easily joined with the insurgents.
Mission: The Crash of the Cerberas
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Renzon tr'Lareth Romulan Unknown Sal Taybrim The leader of the Romulan Resiliency forces attacking the Starbase, Renzon used his cloaked Rigellian Striker to monitor the situation, only revealing himself when he believed he could easily destroy the runabout Aramis, commanded by Sal Taybrim. His attack on the Aramis failed however, and Renzon left as quickly as he'd appeared. His current whereabouts are unknown, the ship had taken damage, but was far from destroyed when it disappeared.
Ry'van Alstred Romulan Deceased: 239203.30 Sal Taybrim Posing as an Arkarian merchant, "Ry'van" (real name Rhansu Lloran) infiltrated Starbase 118 and orchestrated the theft of data from the base's computer core, killing several Starfleet officers and injuring many more in the process. Lloran was apprehended after a last stand in a turbolift shaft, attempting to suffocate everyone on the entire deck - himself included - after hacking the fire suppression systems. He was killed while awaiting trial.
T'Val Romulan Unknown Sabina Tiam Due to the ion storm raging around the Starbase, long-range communication was difficult. T'Val's role therefore was to operate a communications relay she carried about her person whilst aboard a civilian transport ship Dawnbreaker. The Dawnbreaker was awaiting docking near the station, which allowed T'Val to relay messages from the Romulan leader, Renzon, to his troops. When the going got tough however, T'Val turned her back on her compatriots and abandoned her communications equipment in the toilet aboard the vessel. Once the Dawnbreaker had docked, she slipped away into the hustle and bustle of the station. It is believed that she then left the Starbase at the first opportunity.
Mission: Elementally, My Dear Rogers
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Mission: Cash on Delivery
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Mission: The Odyssey Project
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Mission: A Matter of Honor
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Mission: The Mask of Sanity
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Mission: Heavy Metal
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Commander Kital Creena Romulan Active Eliaan Deron Chief Military Advisor to the Thracian Alliance, Kital Creena came to the Starbase in the wake of the computer virus that knocked out all powered flight in the vicinity. Having not been nearby at the time of the attack, Creena's ship the Vauthil was unaffected, and able to assist in the salvation of the sector. Repayment for the Federation's assistance in the Thracia 2 incident years earlier, perhaps.
Senator Vreeya Romulan Active Katy Orman Vreeya bio here.

Notable Factions and Groups

Non-canon factions and groups (or canon factions that have undergone noteworthy changes from their canon appearances) are listed here. Their alignment should indicate whether they are, in general, friendly or not to the Federation. A group will be listed as either 'Active', 'Inactive' or 'Weakened', indicating the likelihood of their cropping up again in stories. Groups listed as Inactive are assumed to have been utterly destroyed with no hope of rebuilding - or simply disbanded, having achieved their aims.

Never Mix Your Drinks: Mission
Name Alignment Status Prominent Members
The Jenatris Confederation Criminal Organization Active Nacien Rixx, Chennel, Janker, Oma-Saan
The Jenatris Confederation is a alias for the infamous Orion Syndicate. After the Federation attacked the Syndicate, the more conservative members retreated behind the mask of legitimate business. They formed new alliances under different names while still keeping the same internal power structure. Drugs, slave trading, black market goods, weapons dealing, latinum laundering and more, the Jenatris Confederation has its sticky fingers into every criminal venture imaginable.
Mission: The Crash of the Cerberas
Name Alignment Status Prominent Members
The Resiliency Anti-Federation Weakened Renzon tr'Lareth, Ry'van Alstred, T'Val.
A group of Romulan essentialists determined to orchestrate the rebirth of the Romulan Star Empire, by whatever means necessary. Most recently attacked the Starbase by ramming a ship into it, intending to capitalize on the chaos that followed by stealing data from the Starbase's computer, however the hacker - Alstred - was apprehended before he could escape, and Renzon's attack was fought off.
Mission: Heavy Metal
Name Alignment Status Prominent Members
Reikara Anti-Federation Weakened Sahmson
A Romulan terrorist organisation who plotted to take over several Federation-protected colonies near Starbase 118. Sahmson, a Reikara operative undercover as a Starfleet security Lieutenant, succeeded in hacking the Starbase's computer systems and spreading a virus to all the surrounding ships, cutting their power completely. Sahmson was eventually apprehended, and with the help of the Thracian Alliance and the hastily assembled defence fleet, the Federation managed to save over 80% of the colonists on the targeted worlds. Reikara fled back to the shadows once more.
The Thracian Alliance Federation-Friendly Active Senator Vreeya, Commander Creena
In 2388 the situation on Thracia 2 reached boiling point. After the discovery of a valuable natural resource, Pergium, tension escalated between the Klingons and Romulans, both of whom wanted the opportunity to mine it. Doing so however would've wiped out the native inhabitants of the planet. The Thracian Alliance was formed with the intention of protecting Thracia 2, and the minerals it contained. The Federation stepped in to assist the alliance in saving the planet's population, and the Alliance would later repay the favour after an attempted attack on the station.

Ships and Locations

The ships listed here are mission-specific NPC ships only, that were used in sims and had a part to play in the story. For player-controlled support vessels see Ops Auxiliary Crafts list and the Ops Support Ship history. Locations would encompass any planets or stations visited by the Ops crew where a mission took place - ignore locations used purely for shoreleave.

Mission: The Show Must Go On
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
FMS Kravyet D'Kora Class Marauder Impounded Captain Ogu-Saan
The FMS Kravyet was the Orion Marauder that intercepted Lady Shadonna's private shuttle taking the diva, her manager and 5 Starfleet officers prisoner
IRS Rhai'hlanelh K'manatran (The Defiant Outcast) Romulan Civilian Shuttle Owned by Arden Cain Owned by Arden Cain, Commanded by Trellis Vondaryan for the mission
The IRS Rhai'hlanelh K'manatran, more often called the Defiant Outcast is a Romulan civilian shuttle owned by Arden Cain, and used for this mission to be able to approach the FMS Kravyat peacefully in order to get into boarding distance.
Mission: Once More With Feeling
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
USS Armstrong-A Constitution Refit Historical Holoprogram Sal Taybrim
The USS Armstrong-A was a historically important ship in the Federation-Klingon conflict of the 2320's. Now it is the subject ship of a popular melodramatic holoprogram series entitled "Tales of the Borderzones" by Forsythe Historical Holonovel Productions
Mission: All Time High
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
Tilanna V Inhabited Planet Under Klingon sovereignty Governor Al'Akir
Tilanna V was a corrupt independent world plagued by crime. StarBase 118 sent aid to help investigate the murder of Boris Malinov and the spread of the dangerous street drug All Time High. To continue the clean up efforts, Governor Al'Akir petitioned the Klingon Empire for admittance, and the Klingons agreed.
IKS S’Tarahk Vor'cha class Cruiser Active Ambassador Dempok
The IKS S'Tarahk met with the USS Aegis in orbit around Tilanna V, where Ambassador Dempok and Commander Sal Taybrim had a conference about the criminal elements hiding on the planet that were plaguing the sector. Both commanders formed an agreement and the start of an alliance.
MFT Maximum Thrusters Large Cargo Transport Active support vessel of StarBase 118 Ops
Chosen out of impound by Antero Flynn to pilot the away team to the surface of Tilanna V, MFT Maximum Thrusters, affectionately known as 'Sweet Maxine' served the team well. Due to the usefulness of undercover vessels in their investigations into criminal activity the senior staff of StarBase 118 decided to retain the vessel.
Mission: Dish Served Cold
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
USS Stormcrow Cheyenne Class Cruiser Destroyed Haz Arrhimen
The USS Stormcrow was hijacked by Captain Arrhimen during shore leave at DS85, and taken to the Valdis Colony to commit an act of war with the Romulans. Arrhimen fought a vicious battle with the USS Albion resulting in the Stormcrow's destruction.
USS Tribal Aegian Class Fast Frigate Active Lt Commander James Thorn
The USS Tribal attempted to intercept the USS Stormcrow before the Stormcrow entered Romulan space. The Tribal was badly damaged in the firefight and left for dead. The USS Albion sent aid to the downed ship and the Tribal was towed to StarBase 118 for repairs.
USS Avalon Cutlass Class Carrier Active Captain L'Trena
The USS Avalon lent aid to the USS Tribal and USS Albion after war was averted and the USS Stormcrow's crew was apprehended. The Avalon escorted the damaged Albion back to StarBase 118, while towing the USS Tribal.
Valdis I Romulan Colony Active Governor Torian Rhivu
Valdis I was recently colonized by the Romulans. It has a small, struggling colony of civilians - mainly researchers, scientists and agricultural specialists. It holds no strategic value.
Mission: Never Mix Your Drinks
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
Geneva VI Cargobase Civilian Cargobase Active Unknown
Geneva VI is a neutral cargobase in the Trinity sector. It has a wide variety of trade from several major powers and many unaligned species. It is the location where the Federation freighter SS Annabelle's Lament was destroyed less than fifteen minutes of out dock.
Miranda VII Spaceport Civilian Starbase Active Vintam Dalreth
Miranda VII is an unaligned civilian starbase, commercial center and trade route. Known for both profitable and illicit commerce, it is run by suspected crimelord Vintam Dalreth. Miranda VII was formerly under the control of the Orion Syndicate before the Federation started attacking the Syndicate some 10 years prior.
RO 14-Alpha Federation Research Outpost Active Lt. Commander Rila Nanjor
Research Outpost 14-Alpha is one of a string of small Federation owned, Starfleet run outposts along the neutral zone. Many of these were built up from remaining Earth Outposts that acted as watchtowers against the Romulans. They have since been converted into scientific research stations. Outpost 14-Alpha concentrates on terraforming research and the gaseous emissions of the Jenatris cloud.
ISV Valor Independent Space Vessel Active Lt. Commander Kaitlyn Falcon
The ISV Valor was an abandoned independent spacecraft in the StarBase 118 longterm storage hangar. It was commandeered by Lt. Commander Kaitlyn Falcon for the undercover mission to the Miranda VII Spaceport
Mission: The Gathering Storm
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
ChR Asphodel Rigellian Striker Active kr'Theon
The ChR Asphodel attacked the USS Albion in the Jenatris Cloud, catalyzing one of the worst ion storms seen in the area. Onboard commander Renzon was holding starfleet officer Ashley Yael hostage. A Starfleet away team infiltrated the Asphodel, rescued Yael and assisted the crew in taking the ship over from the murderous Renzon. Renzon was killed in the assault on the bridge, and command passed to his operations officer kr'Theon. The Asphodel returned to Romulan space after the storm dissipated.
Mission: The Crash of the Cerberas
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
SS Dawnbreaker Civilian Transport Active Sandra O'Reilly
The SS Dawnbreaker was a transport vessel bringing a contingent of civilians to Starbase 118 on a routine trip. The sudden lack of any communication with the Starbase triggered warning signs at the Starbase's Fly-Ops, however it turned out to be merely a problem with the ships's communications system. One of the Romulan insurgents, T'Val, had been using the ship to relay messages from her leader, Renzon, to the rest of the Romulans. However the captain and crew of the ship itself were cleared of any wrongdoing.
ChR Asphodel Rigellian Striker Active Renzon tr'Lareth
The unnamed Rigellian Striker used by Renzon as a command ship, lurking in the void with her enhanced cloaking device. The ship decloaked and attacked the runabout Aramis, but was unable to destroy her before being forced to turn tail and run. Current whereabouts unknown.

Intelligence Reports