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Romulan Republic.png
"We must stand together under this new concept of government because only the darkness of our ancestors awaits our failure."
— Galura Mobek
Republic President

Born from the ashes of the Hobus supernova, the Romulan Republic is the strongest of the Romulan factions to establish itself since their homeworld's destruction. Built on the idea of communal cooperation and a republic structure, the Romulan Republic is struggling to prove the galaxy that they are not the same as the Imperials and that Romulans and Remans are free to live as equals on New Romulus.

Though only recognized by the Federation and tentatively by the Klingon Empire, the Republic works hard to eke out a new world and to re-establish the glory of their people in a new light.


  • Major Species: Romulans, Remans
  • Location: Beta Quadrant
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Worlds:
  • Sovereignty:
  • Capital: New Romulus
  • Government: Trade Republic
  • Chief of State: Galura Mobek
  • Head of Government: President
  • Legislature: Republic Congress
  • Military: New Republic Fleet
  • Currency: Liorae
  • Language: Rihan

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